Two men board a blimp. When it crashes some hours later they have vanished without a trace. That is the story of L-8 in a nutshell, it happened in August 1942. The current version is brought together here. If you want to know what (very possibly) really happened, go and read what Otto GROSS brought together on his blog – or wait until he publishes a book with the results of his archival research.


I found it very interesting, what Mr PUTIN had to say. Surely just a coincidence that his comment was published on this date?


Sadly the promised documentary about UVB-76 (Ger., Eng.), today called MDZhB (while it shortly was 94ZhT), does not come forward.


At least produced and aired on the Estonian tv  is a documentation about the so called “Ostsee-Anomalie”, any links provided are dead.


I have a cold and definitely waste too much time on the web …

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  1. The central heating is not working yet, dear Princess, and sleep is bad, too light, not coherent, feel like having mush in the head …

    Awh Roses – the first toddy of the year! Just dip a corner of the pinkfluffydressinggown in it and let me suck at it …

  2. Mr Putin normally comes across as a bit of a dullard on most occasions. Something to do with the banausic speech writers he pays with a bag of rice and a garden rake each month no doubt. However, those in Amerikay need to listen very carefully to his somewhat softly-softly approach. The crack between reality, gung-ho-schoolboy hollering, too many re-runs of Hamburger Hill and the rest of the world is growing ever wider. It is not the time to act, it is the time to listen and have a long hard look and see what the rest of the world already knows. The American dream is causing the rest of us a costly nightmare.

  3. Ah hello Chef, long time no see! Vladimir is perfect in his own way. This whole near-East-thing becomes more and more dangerous, it is possible that we face a kind of automatism like in August ’14. So whoever used that damn gas choose the date very good. And America reacted as planned, like what you’d expect from Sheriff number one. But things did not go according to plan – and Putin can establish himself as voice of reason – and, together with the Chinese – as power(s) that can not be ignored. Yes, the hegemon has to ask himself what is really going on. And how long the feed of clay will work.

    You would do this, MJ?! Nah – I’m feeling already better … thank you for the great gesture!

    Yes, Eryl, I even used a hot water bottle!

    Interestingly one of the men who vanished from L-8 was also there when the Hindenburg came down. He received a special letter from Goering (Luftfahrtminister and what not) for his braveness, because he run towards the wreck and saved people! I think in my family nobody saw the Hindenburg Foam. I saw a modern airship last year when I was at the Bodensee, they tour the lake daily, but a ride is pretty expensive.

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