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I think it’s a law of nature: Weekend equals bad weather. It’s remarkably chilly, the clouds are low, and the water that falls out of them occasionally is cold – believe my in that last point: it started to rain when I was on my way to the election office. Election? Yes the Bavarian parliament (Ger., Eng.) – the access to the trough needs re-adjustment. This time it were five ballot papers, two for the parliament in grey, two for the Bezirkstag (a Bavarian specialty) in blue, and one in yellow with four questions about changes in the Bavarian constitution – incredible, but this lawless state has a constitution. One question was very interesting, regarding the rights of the parliament that should be strengthened. I agreed.
This election could be totally uninteresting, but it takes place just one week before the election of the Bundestag (Ger., Eng.), the national parliament. So all candidates and parties look what will happen, trying to decide whether it will be an indication for the next weekend or not. The only thing I am interested in – there is no realistic chance that the reigning party will be swept out of office in Bavaria – is the performance of the so-called Liberale, the right-wing parties, and the voter participation. This is a problem, the turnout becomes lower and lower from campaign to campaign. We’ll know in the evening.
Commentators and the published opinion seem to believe that the result of next Sunday is already established, Merkel again, together with the so-called Liberale or not. I am not so convinced. Or maybe it’s just my wish. Merkel reminds me every day more of Kohl and the politically stagnation he stands for, it is one damn muddling along. Throw in a bit more than the usual contempt the “professional” “politician” shows for the “simple man in the street”, and it is possible that there is another chancellor after the 22nd of September. But I think people will simply not go to the election, the overall feeling of futility may prevail. Should this really come true, a problem for the democracy as a whole may develop in this society. I am not sure who said it, but the big advantage of a democratically elected government is that you can get rid of it, legally and without bloodshed.

This Sunday Music features Marian McPARTLAND (Ger., Eng.) on piano, the always astounding Joe MORELLO (Ger., Eng.) on drums and the very competent bass player Bill CROW (Ger., Eng.); they tickle toe at the Hickory House (Eng.). It’s just music against the grey – hope you enjoy it, and have a great week.



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  1. Here, instead of separate voting days, major state elections like that would be conducted at the same time as national elections in order to increase voter participation. Voter turn-out is usually very low for local and state elections that do not coincide with national elections.

    If I may quote Mr Connolly.

  2. The conservatives reached fifty percent in Bavaria – it’s a bit like in the “good ol’ days” when they had nearly 60 (really), but what I find more interesting: The FDP is out of the parliament, they barely reach 3 % of the votes. So people are simply fed up with the disgusting cronyism these blokes represent. Out are also the “Piraten”, the “Linke”, and 6 % is for the rest from Nazis to psychedelic beer drinkers. The turn-out went up significantly to nearly 66 % – last time it was only 57 or 58 % of the 9,5 million Franconians (and Bavarians too) who showed up at the polling station – I hope next weekend will continue the good development.

  3. LX’s link made me chuckle.. I still vote though. There are a couple of political parties I’m not familiar with. For example, die Piratenpartei.
    Anyhoo.. Have fun voting! ..if such a thing is even possible.

    ps: nice choice of Sunday music, Mago.

  4. Ah yes, voting – the art of choosing the best out of a bad bunch. Or perhaps that’s just my cynical view on politics these days. They’re a bunch of liars and horse thieves as far as I’m concerned.

    Yes it’s all wet and cold here too.


  5. “Die Piratenpartei” started as an anti-establishment-we-are-the NEW-progressive-web-based-info-digital-avantguarde-movement. Or something. The initially “Heck, we have no clue, but things must change”-attitude wore off pretty fast: “Digitalisierung” at all cost is not a real program. Ad some very nasty infights when they came into public jobs – auch wir wollen zum Trog! They have a handful of intelligent individuals, but a ton of more or less smart assholes. They should have had a damn windfall by Snowdon, NSA etc – but were absolutely unable to actually grab this chance. So it’s a nice social and politological experiment, but nothing else, Foam. And I had fun voting, because I really read through the lists!

    Yes, liars and horse thieves sums it up pretty well, dear Roses That’s why it took a bit longer, I really had to read and search for the few people of whom I think they will be different.
    Is “boo” a gin-based drink?

  6. I occasionally turn up at the polling station just to spoil my ballot paper… I like to have some sort of say, even if I am only saying that I disagree with them all.

  7. It is compulsory to vote if you are over 18 in OZ. If you don’t turn up and get your name ticked off the roll you will get a heafty fine for your “Non Effort”
    The white ballot paper for the Senate candidates in most states was over a metre long this year, Victoria alone had 97 candidates. the paper is divded with an above and below the line option, above the line you pick one party. Below the line you fill out every canidate with a number from 1 to 97.

    The green ballot ticket for the House of Representatives is much smaller with candidates representing electoral seats througout the various states. Each seat has representatives for that geograpical area. This is the House from which Government is formed. it is a straight out number your ticket according to your preferred candidate from 1 to however many names apper on the ballot.

    But none of this is a “First past the post” System. It is preferential and the partys do a lot of deals with each other.. So even if you do get the most votes it doesn’t mean that you will the seat…

    some times like miss sarlet people vote “Informally” either defacing the ballot, not filling it out correctly or by not matrking it at all…

  8. We have the governments we deserve. Or as we say in French: “Tels valets, tels maîtres” which roughly means that the servants are nothing differents then their masters.

    I had never heard Ms McPartland before. What an impressive life, mostly keeping the spotlight away from herself and rather all on the music. Danke.

  9. It is impossible to find a party with that one could totally agree. MsScarlet [Ms Scarlet?!]
    I would like to see more individuals and independent candidates, but as it is, the state fell prey to the parties. There are people who are plain dumb, you meet them and realize that they are not educated or god-forbid intellectual. But they joint a party once, survived the back-room-peddling and are rewarded with a secure place on the list, et voila, “our” man in Munich.

    This sounds as if it’s open to even more horse-trading as we have here, dear Princess!

    Ah, did he make it into the international news, eh?! He barely has a chance. His campaign was ill fated from the start, LX. Steinbrück can only blame himself for whatever will come out of all this: Either he finally runs the SPD aground, or he lifts the sad results of the last elections really to the sky – but seriously, nobody believes this.
    I hope that the Bavarian election boosts the SPD, that the goddam’ effdepists are finally thrown out of the national parliament, that the Greens and far-out Leftists are kicked in the groin where it hurts (especially the Green Party, for personal reasons – they never recovered from the impact of the socalled “Realos”, realists, and finally became nothing but a fat, saturated middle-of-the-road bourgeois party, indistinguishable from the SPD, parts of the CDU and – barf! – the FDP). Steinbrück developed a bit over the campaign, in a way he’s free now. But in ther end it will be Merkel again, and Momma will do – she learned under Kohl, and she was a good disciple.

    As we said at home, Jon: Wie der Herr, so’s G’scherr. Look at the harness of a horse or a cow, how it is kept in order, or not: It shows you what you have to expect from the master. The same goes for the people of a house: If the master allows an unkempt, snotty, arrogant valet, what do you expect … ?
    I too found her life very impressive, incredible list of people she played with!

  10. Said the Great Mark Twain “Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.”

    Pls, don’t take it personally. (Leaves clickety-clacketing to the sound of the music)

  11. Franconians and Bavarians… a motley crew at best. I seem to remember a lost weekend in a Biergarten somewhere in Munich a few years back. I was introduced to some kind of pale frothy liquid by the name of Helles, a potent mix which left me with a bit of an oul head, plus butterfly stitches to my delicate features.

    I seem to recall a discussion involving Franconians, their many strange dialects, and oddly enough the height of telegraph poles in the Schwäbisch Hall Districts. It all got a bit heated and I was pointed back in the direction of Glasgow with a polis warning folded neatly and placed in my dinner jacket pocket. If memory serves I lost money on a horse by the name of Conrad the Red, but then again, it could well have been Daffy Duck…. damn that Helles.

  12. *Gasp* A hipster! *crosses himself*

    Hello and welcome, Hipster YAYA, thank you for your first comment here. I do not feel addressed by Mr. Clemens, don’t worry.
    Do you have a blog or something somewhere?

    Aha ja, Helles … I had some Export this evening. The dark brew is more on the malty and sugary side, has a more “body” – but your head the next morning … Helles may look like dog’s pee, but can be pretty strong. The Bavarians mostly produce “Süßbier”, its an acquired taste I believe. Schwäbisch Hall – in the middle of nowhere, also called the Hohenlohe, part of it is Württembergisch Franken, part of it is Suebia – it is all and everything, but NOT Bavaria – and every village has a brewery of its own … dangerous area.
    Glad to hear that they stitched you back together, Chef, but I can’t fight the feeling that Conrad the Red was a fake. But it’s easy to get lost in a Biergarten, and always in style!

  13. Sehr geehrter Herr Mago, thank you for your warm welcome and fear not…. I’m just a harmless old granny. Unfortunately I have no blog/FB/Twitter, just a Goggle+ thingy I’m still getting used to… aaah social networks…. what a sad loss in the march of progress… but I do like to visit your blog every now and then.

    (Waves goodbye and leaves to meditate)

  14. I have a g+-account too, Hipster Yaya, but seriously, it’s much to much: It rolls down in the middle of the screen like an avalange, no chance to read something. Some business related contacts are nice, and I will put some time in it. But I still have not really managed how to sort these circles. I keep my hands off farcebook and this other nonsense – I’m not interested and interesting.
    Have a nice satori.

  15. We will mostly have elections next year, have begun the process to move my card to Mumbai after all these years… looks like we will have the BJP more powerful at the center, their PM candidate the Chief Minister of my home state who has done a great deal of good but also has the blot of a 2002 pogrom to deal with.

    All politicians are tricksters and hustlers in my humble opinion…

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