Wagner I

If you think about German mass murderers you inevitably see some blokes in uniform before your inner eye*. But I do not want to speak about the professionals of the last incredibly brutal century.
I remember names like Fritze HAARMANN (Ger., Eng.) (1879-1925), Peter KÜRTEN (Ger., Eng.) (1883-1931), Karl DENKE (Ger., Eng.) (1870-1924) or Jürgen BARTSCH (1946-1976) (Ger., Eng.) – especially the latter, because there was always rumour that his death on the op-table was not so much of an accident. I think most Germans my age will never have heard the name Ernst August WAGNER. Or DENKE (Ger., Eng.), who was one of the worst Menschenfresser this earth has ever seen and who makes this Hannibal Lecter-figure look like a intimidated and shy altar boy. BTW I never understood what was oh-so-fear-arousing about the silent lambs, evil is frequently banal and without fanfare. HAARMANN may be known to a wider audience because of the film that came out some years ago; based on the original reports Götz GEORGE (Ger., Eng.) portrayed the “Totmacher” (Ger., Eng.; fillum), a gripping “Kammerspiel” that reminded one of the fact, that Götz GEORGE after all is really an actor – he did so many awful roles in TV that one could easily forget. And yes, he is the son of the old nazi actor Heinrich G. (Ger., Eng.) (who died 1946, when his son was just eight years old).

WAGNER (Ger., Eng.) starts the work of his day early on 4th of September 1913 by killing his wife. He smashes her skull and stabs her with a knife. Then he goes upstairs and butchers his four children, also with the knife. Must have been around five in the morning. He takes off his bloody nightdress and cleans himself.
The evening before he had spent chatting in the garden with the landlady, the widow of a school teacher; WAGNER is a teacher too, even director of the local school in Degerloch (Ger.) – since 1908 a part of Stuttgart. The house is still standing, few people know what has happened here.
WAGNER puts the 35 pennies for the milkman in front of the door; he writes “Excursion to Ludwigsburg” on the slate they have hanging on their appartement door, so nobody will ask or wonder about the unusual silence – they are simply gone. He goes into the cellar and grabs his Rucksack, containing all what he needs for the day, takes his beloved bicycle, the “Elberfelder”, and off he goes – auf zu neuen Ufern. He calls out to a neighbour he sees: “Morgen spricht von mir die ganze Welt!” – “Tomorrow the whole world will talk about me!”
He’s not wrong about it.


* I think this more or less funny man BRAND remarked lately that Hugo Boss produced these uniforms. This is nothing new btw, the company itself sponsored a historical study about its history some years ago. Hugo Boss joined the party in 1932 and was a supporter of the “new system” that secured the survival of his factory, which had serious financial troubles before 1933.  During the war they employed of course “Fremdarbeiter”, people who were forced to work in  the “Reich”. Boss personally took care for some of them, while others in his workforce openly harassed these people. So all in all the picture is non-uniform.

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  1. It is a sad commentary that there so many serial killers and mass murderers in the US.

    Two that immediately come to mind from Texas are mass murderer Charles Whitman who murdered his mother and wife then went on a shooting rampage at the University of Texas campus.

  2. [listed separately to avoid being flagged as spam]

    The other is serial killer Dean Corll who with the assistance of two younger guys lured in young men and boys to torture, sexually assault, and murder.

  3. Whitman was the man on the tower. I remember his name – but had not heard about Corll and compagnie – a pretty disturbing bunch, XL.

    Wait, Norma, Wagner just got up …

  4. Talking about bloody championships, just learned from wikipedia that Harold Shipman, named Dr Death had a 218-victims proven record. Have you ever asked yourself what is in the mind of a serial killer?

    Mass murder uniforms??? (Strokes her absof***ing hip Boss trench coat)

  5. Yes, several times. I think Shipman was high on power, truely believing that he had a kind of higher insight. But I can not understand how such a thing starts, Hipster Yaya.
    TA – military clothing produced by the nazi dressmaker – shame on you! :)
    Relax, political correctness (or what is sailing under this flag) is mostly bullshit.

    Interesting image: Ernst August riding his bike through the Suebian province while the Walkürenritt thunders in the background … I will write part two this afternoon.

  6. If I recall correctly, Hitler had Hugo Boss design his Führer costumes, which led to HB designing the black SS uniforms, and the subsequent larger contracts for the NS.

    PS: Regen heute aus Mexiko sturm. “Nur” 86f/30c!

  7. Sorry, LX, this is not correct. Basically the party organisation(s) did their own design, and the notorious black uniform was designed by Diebitsch and Heck – Diebitsch btw was in charge of the Allach porcellain manufacture and a member of the personal “Stab” of Himmler – he designed other paraphernalia too, died only in the 1980s. Boss was a (more or less) early member and supporter of the party, but Himmler would by no way have allowed a non ss-member to design something that essential like the uniform. Until the early 1930s the ss was nominally a part of the sa and thus wore variations of their uniforms – and these I think date back to the mid 1920s.
    Boss surely made a business and gained financially, after all he became the main producer of these clothes, but he did not design it. Interestingly Hitler himself wore mostly only a very plain kind of uniform, no bling, no fanfare.

    P.S: Link

  8. I am familiar with Herr HAARMANN. I can remember a statement he made claiming that he wanted to gut a child like a fish. Charming fellow, an excellent candidate for castration if ever there was one. I was always of the impression that his homozygosity levels, coupled with his facial and cranial features, indicated that his father was probably also his brother.

    A good example closer to home is of course the House of Habsburg. I blame Rudolph the 1st of Germany personally. Have you ever wondered who was the brother/father of Rudolph II of Austria?

    But then, you already know this… I’m sure.

  9. Hey, it’s just a lower lip … Karl II. (1669-1700) had a heterozygotic coefficent (Inzuchtskoeffizient) of 0,25, what means that 25 % of his genes were identical from mother and father …, they could have been brother and sister basically.
    Anyway – whatever one says, Rudolph II. held the Empire together and kept peace. When his brother Matthias took over things started to slide, developing the stage for the Bohemian War that resulted in the Thirty Years’ War. If they built a time machine that works backwards I will happily volunteer to go back to Prague in 1580 and spent 30 years there … und die Mehlspeis’ … ach

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