Wagner II

WAGNER came from a poor family, his father died early, so did a lot of his brothers and sisters. In 1913 there were only two sisters and one brother left. He was an intelligent child managed somehow to study and become a teacher. From 1894 until 1900 he was “Hilfslehrer” in Wuerttenberg, until a nervous breakdown forced him to quit for some months. In 1901 he was as teacher in Mühlhausen an der Enz (Ger. only), where he met his later wife. They had an affair resulting in daughter Klara and thus were forced to marry. He hated the family of his wife. Children were born, he finally was allowed to work in another place and in 1912 began to work at the school in Degerloch.
WAGNER rides his bicycle to the station and boards a train to Ludwigsburg (Ger., Eng.). He has a snack there and moves on towards his place of birth Eglosheim (Ger. only). He meets the wife of his brother, his nephew shows him the new rabbit hutch. WAGNER hides some of the ammunition. He boards another train and travels to Bietigheim (Ger., Eng.) where he drives around the area, posts some letters – among them one to the landlady in Degerloch (“I am sorry. But there was no other way. Wagner”). He visits the “Krone” in Bietigheim and at 19:00 starts the travel to Mühlhausen. He reaches the village circa 23:00 and hides the bicycle in a field. He replaces his normal hat with a “Autofahrermütze” (possibly something like this, without the glasses) and puts a veil over the lower part of his face.
He sets fire to the place at various locations, grabs his two Mauser pistols (C96, Ger., Eng.) and walks through the village shooting at any person he sees. He tied the two pistols to his wrists, but the cords are much too long, so he gets entangled in them. The two guns have ten rounds each, but he forgets to reload. So a workman and a civil servant have the chance to attack him with a pickaxe and a sabre: His left hand gets smashed, he receives two blows with the sabre into his face, the right hand is badly hurt. They leave him for dead in the street.
At 02:00 a policeman recognises that WAGNER is not dead yet. He says that he wanted to kill all men of the village, and it would be alright to chop off his head now. He is brought in the Bezirkskrankenhaus in Vaihingen, where his left lower arm is amputated.
WAGNER shot at twenty people and two animals, he killed eight men and a little girl.
In his notes the further course of events was outlined: After his work was done (his own words, he speaks of Arbeit), he would stop the train from Mühlacker to Ludwigsburg. Because of the possibility that the engineman would be recalcitrant he had watched how a locomotive was to be operated. He would stop the train near Eglosheim and en passant eradicate his brother’s family, then drive to Ludwigsburg, set fire to the castle (Ger., Eng.)  and finally burn to death “in the bed of the duchess”.

Plans …

He made it into the NYT -pdf here.

4 thoughts on “Wagner II

  1. Truth is always stranger than fiction! Excellent terror tale from reality, Mr Mago. Now I’ll have zombie nightmares… (Grabs binky on her way to bed)

  2. This is what usually happens when a humble Hilfslehrer is refused entrance to the somewhat agrestic teachers staff room during the lunch hour to sample the pig schit would now seem. The whole crux of the matter truly began during an argument with Wagner over a cold school luncheon after a double period of mind-numbingly boring chemistry. Should you drink on the North Sea coast, an Enzian is much more fitting with a hearty snack in the south. Just as a Kirschwasser is always served with ham in the Black Forest and in Berlin a Doppelkorn with knuckle of pork, sauerkraut and mashed peas. The ingestion of food and drink should never be taken lightly, as Herr Wagner was to find out.

    History teaches us that the best fighting warrior stance, as seen at the famous Scottish battle, Blàr Allt a’ Bhonnaich, against the Englanders back in 1314, is always the sideways slash, cover and stab. Even during the heat of battle, the brave Scots paused briefly to partake of garlic bread, cheeseburgers and of course many chilled vessels of ice cold Coca Cola.

    Accoutrements were Spartan, only the aggressive nature of the Scots (instilled by the Germanian/Nordic influence amongst the Picts) saw them overthrow the auld enemy. On this occasion, guns and bicycles played no part in the stramash for at least another 300 years.

    Yet again, all of the above may well just turn out to be little more than spurious hyperbole. I guess we will never know.

  3. Wagner, like the gunman at the Washington Navy Yard earlier this week and so many others, are cowards selecting innocent, unaware, defenseless victims.

    I wish there was some way the news media would agree to not publish their photos and names. Perhaps this would remove the “fame” motive?

  4. I am sorry, Hipster Yaya – no intention to create nightmares: I hope you slept well and undisturbed!

    You got it all right, Chef: “The ingestion of food and drink should never be taken lightly!” Wagner’s disturbed behaviour is surely rooted in a deep contempt for bodily functions, among other things. I can not imagine Wagner as someone who savours or enjoys, food, drink, the accomppagnie of women, in the end -himself.
    I like the idea that the Scots won by garlic bread!

    Maybe, LX – on the other hand it could trigger something like “Ha – jetzt erst recht! I will make it into the news!”

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