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Sunday again, a picture perfect sunny late autumn day, fresh air, autumn light and autumn colours. Much too nice to be stained with nonsense à la Wagner.
I just returned from the election booth, of course it’s much too early for predictions; the last poll yesterday predicted a very tiny difference between the reigning coalition and the other parties, in five hours we will know how the sovereign decided.
Until then here is some music by George WINSTON (Ger., Eng.) from his 2002 album Night divides the day (Eng.) – yes, the second line of Break on through. It is his version of Spanish Caravan (Ger., Eng.), playful, a bit melancholic, herbstlich.
This Sunday’s selection was triggered indirectly by Herr von LAX, because he came up with another Doors’ song in his latest post.
I hope we face a bearable week, especially those who had thrown enough at them over the last days, it only can get better.



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  1. Dear Mr Mago, congratulations for having fulfilled your civic duty. I hope the result is the best possible for your country and your compatriots. As Joseph de Maistre wrote in 1811 “Every nation gets the government it deserves”. Coalitions and post-election agreements are a different matter.

    And last but not least, superb music choice! That soft touch of flamenco and Albéniz’s riff at the beginning is simply beautiful. Melancholic… as the song goes, we’ll drink and be jolly and drown melancholy…

  2. The outcome was decided last weekend when the favoured coalition of the CDU+CSU/FDP held a fancy dress wine and cheese party at Peer Steinbrück’s country retreat in Wolfsburg. Surprisingly enough, Sigmar Gabriel and Angela Merkel did the rounds with tiny offerings of bratwurst and Bavarian cheese on sticks. Angela went all out in a gold diamante number, even bursting into song on occasion with such offerings as ‘Ein Bursch Und Ein Maegdlein’, ‘Wohlan Die Zeit Ist Kommen’, and of course that well known old favourite, ‘Es Loescht Das Meer Die Sonne Aus’.

    All was well until Frank-Walter Steinmeier, disguised as Rudi Voller, was discovered hiding mini sausage rolls in the campaign hat. After that the mood changed somewhat, the Green party, all dressed as turnips, opting for no comment of course, but the die was cast along with a hurried vote. Angela, as usual, came out on top, a busty girl, but on this occasion I will blame the poor elastic in her dress, however her singing voice will now be heard by dozens of excited fans as she plays to packed venues all around Belgium and an eclectic mix of other third world countries next June.

    Civic duty and the love of ones country is all very well if you still believe in the old myth of the Americana dream, however it can collide with the more serious side of Sunday drinking and the need to imbibe grain alcohol direct from the silo. There may be a lesson in there somewhere, but I’m buggered if I can find it.

  3. We are in sync this week. I also went all iberian in my latest post. ;)

    Of course, I truly enjoyed your selection. The colors are just barely starting to show over here. We’ll have to wait another couple of weeks.

    Ich wüunsche Dir eine shöne Woche.

  4. HA! Neck-braking speed, Schiff LX.

    Elegance, emotion, controlled power, very touching – thank you, Hipster Yaya.

    The lesson is somewhere in the silo, Chef – we have to dive to the ground I guess …

    Thank you for the good wishes, Jon – you posted something?! Ja, ist denn schon Weihnachten?!

    Re: Elections

    Two things are very satisfying: 1) The turnout of 73 % – the downwards development of the last elections is finally broken. 2) The socalled liberals finally are thrown out of the parliament, after how many hundred years? People were simply fed up with these notorious cronies.

    It’s Merkel again. People want stability, and no bla. Hence FDP out, and losses for the Greens and the Left, but small wins for the social democrats, and major win of votes for Merkel.
    It’s seemingly not the absolute majority in parliament for the conservatives. IF the SPD hadn’t been so stupid to exclude a coalition with “Die Linke” “at all cost”, than there would be a possible tripple alliance: The difference between the conservatives and the rest is only very small, it depends on four or five seats.
    The definite final official result will be announced in some days, the preliminary result sometimes this night. After all the German sovereign is not so stupid as one sometimes is inclined to think.

  5. According to The Guardian, the German people have spoken!

    Well done to you for doing your civic duty. I’m waiting to be returned to this county’s Electoral Roll, so I can vote after my move.

  6. Muchas gracias, the music world needs more songs with the word ‘Caravan’ in the title. My personal favourite ‘Caravan’ song is this one sung by the lovely Barbara Dickson.

  7. It’s easy Roses: If I do not vote I have no right to grouse.

    You constantly surprise me, dear Mitzi – I do not know Ms Dickson, and never have heard this song before. When I do the crumble I will post pictures!

  8. The people spoke and the message was clear: It’s Merkel, Merkel über alles, as expected. You explained it perfectly: People want stability and no blahblah. Actions always speak louder than words. The rest of the world –especially Europe, and the south- is surely following the process very carefully.

  9. The result is a bit double-edged (zweischneidig): Merkel has not the absolute majority. If she wants to be on the very safe site she would need a partner for a coalition. Greens or Social Democrats. But both do not want. SPD, Greens and Die Linke together have the majority, only a few votes. The voters wanted her, so the best would be if she tried to do it all alone. And speculate on the fact that there are always people in the other parties who do not want to follow what the party says. On one site she is terribly strong, it’s the best result for the conservatives for a long time; but she’s also terribly vulnerable in the parliament, a few votes make a difference.
    Southern Europe should not overestimate the German economics. It looks all good, but stands on clay feet, and comes at a price. I think young Spaniards or Greeks are better off when they go to Poland, Denmark, or Tschechien. I think young qualified people have better chances there, but I may be wrong. Heavens what do I know about economics, dear Hipster Yaya?

  10. Dear Mr Mago, you’re an educated gentleman and a privileged observer of the political chess game that will soon be happening at the Bundestag.

    Talking about economics –and I have no doubt about your knowledge-, southern Europeans are going through tough times and moving abroad is the last resort in their survival race. Germany appears to be an attractive destination for those who are qualified –better than queuing at the Arbeitsamt for years-. The German Chambers of Commerce are also recruiting qualified professionals in the south.
    The language is a problem though –Deutsch ist kompliziert!- and Deutsch intensive courses are much in demand in these days.

    *Rolls her last cigarette with one hand*

    Good thing Friday is pay day! *sighs*

  11. Do you roll in a filter? Eryl, Ms Qotes, you … Roses stopped …

    No, I did not know that the recruit people. And sure – one has to go where the work is, where one can earn a living.
    I could need a nice payday too – I hope that I can return into the bookmines as soon as possible.
    Sleep well, Hipster Yaya.

  12. No need to say sorry typo LX.

    Fascinating machines! From Crandall to Bennett. I wonder whether the keyboard lay out of the Crandall couldn’t do something for us today? I could use a Lambert 1 (the one with the wheel, like an old telephone) – just for the great space bar! Thank you for the link.

  13. Dear Mr Mago, at my age, having lost all my teeth, long past my gorgeous days and living on a small retirement pension, I can only enjoy simple pleasures. Smoking Virginia blend pipe tobacco is the only bad habit I keep. My grandchildren tell me that I’m killing myself slowly, but I tell them there’s no hurry *laughs loud*

    About the recruitment:

    Ms Merkel announced in june 2011 that Germany would need 100.000 engineers in the next decade. 10.000 every year. That was indeed a huge job offer!

    The German Govt., the Chamber of Commerce and the Bundesagentur für Arbeit (or German corporations directly, -Rücker AG (400), Siemens (1.000), Porsche (300) etc offered abroad positions for engineers- are recruiting professionals. The companies are happy to offer German coursesto those who can’t speak the language -English is always a must-.

    Other demanded professions are doctors, nurses, IT people, and technicians. This is a glimpse of hope for young qualified people who live in countries where the unemployment rate for youngsters is higher than 50%

    A couple of online official webs,

    Anyways… one day less to PAYDAY!

    I really hope you win the lottery or become the president of all the bookmines in Germany, whatever comes first!

    *chuckles and blows a smoke ring in the shape of a heart*

  14. My last comment has been deleted by Mr. WordPress, but gonna try to remember and rewrite it:

    Dear Mr Mago, having lost all my teeth, long past my gorgeous days and living on a small retirement pension, I can only enjoy the small pleasures of life, such as smoking Virginia tobacco and watching the smoke rings vanish. My grandchildren tell me that I’m killing myself slowly, but I reply that there’s no hurry *chuckles*.

    About the recruitment of qualified professionals in southern Europe to work in Germany:

    In june 2010, Frau Merkel declared that 100.000 professionals (basically engineers -22.000 needed for 2013-, doctors, nurses and IT people) would be necessary. The Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and the Bundesagentur für Arbeit have developed this programmes:

    The companies themselves also travel to the south to recruit directly (Opel: 350 engineers; Rücker AG: 400; Siemens; BMW; Sony; Airbus; the list is endless). The companies are glad to pay for the German language courses too, as long as the new employees are fluent in English.

    Aren’t there qualified professionals in Germany? Yes, there are, but not enough to cover the demand basically due to the dramatic birth rate fall and lack of students in some universities since the 70s.

    Youth emigration is now a fact right now in southern Europe, it’s the only glimpse of hope they have for the future.

    Jeez… I’m a mouth on legs… *blushes*

  15. Those old typewriters have style, indeed. When I was young, I broke my nails to hammering away on my old Underwood (absolutely vintage style). They used to call me Miss Hammerfingers…

    *laughs and waves at LX*

  16. Oh pooh.. The musical link does not work for me right now. I shall try tomorrow. I do hope your week continues to be a pleasant one, Herr Mago.
    Hmmm, I’m not surprised bei die Wahl.

  17. Sorry, Hipster Yaya – it’s Akismet, the spamfilter: If in a comment are two links or more it decides to put the comment into the spam-folder. It is not deleted, just put aside. I regularly check the folder and nothing gets lost.

    Ah yes, granny Yaya (how do you call this? EIn weißer Schimmel – Is it an oxymoron?), the only joy that’s left is puffing roll- ups *cough* … Komm, erzähl’mer was – wer’s glaubt !?
    Thank you for the links, I will look at them. I saw articles now and then about people coming from Spain and Greece; there was an awful lot of bureaucracy involved.

    I only realized that “Embedding is disabled” when I had it all ready and published, in fact only when I looked at my post a day later, Foam.
    The week is a bit nervtötend, or better, waiting for an answer is unnerving; I mean next week is the first of October and I need to know if I will work then at a certain project – or not. If not I’m in deep trouble.

  18. You better tell that Akismet guy to behave then, young man! It made me look like a pleonastic, tautologic, oxy-not-moronic granny! LOL

    Smoking… is a guilty pleasure, Herr Mago. Es ist die reine Wahrheit!

    *blows a smoke ring in the shape of a heart*

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