Sunday Music

Just came back from a short walk, while I looked for some apples – and found them. Different sorts too. I will later try my hands on what Mitzi calls a Crumble. I’m normally not helpless in a kitchen, but all too often I failed at cakes, sweet desserts, such things; even the cakes mixtures tend to go terribly wrong under my clumsy hands; but I can unwrap a hazelnut-bar.
I received a letter from the man I want to call tomorrow, or on Tuesday; I need to think a bit. I think things look good.
Today’s Sunday Music brings together three Canadian guitarists: Sonny GREENWICH (Ger., Eng.), Lenny BREAU (Ger., Eng.), and Ed BICKERT (Ger., Eng.); together with the Jimmy DALE (Eng.) Orchestra they perform Norwegian Wood. A bit crackling, I know.
I hope you feel good, and go optimistic in the new week – it may be easy and swinging!



12 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Oh dear, that crumble looks delicious and easy to cook! And what a relaxing jazzy cover of The Beatles.

    It’s time to cross our fingers and toes again for you. Good luck, Young man!

  2. Great cover you have found there Mr Maggs. It’s put me in a real cool mood.
    It’s a lovely sunny monday here so I’m off to plant some new inhabitants among the “resurected ruins” so that some colour will return to the garden.

    Make that phonecall… I sounds quite promising…

  3. I’ve also been experimenting with crumbles recently. They’ve not turned out too bad at all.

    My gran used to say the trick with pastry etc was cold hands. Run your hands under cold water before rubbing the butter in with the flour.

  4. Three fellow countryman I had never heard about. Bickert and Greenwich are even Member of the Canadian Order. Thanks. I love crackling music! ;)

    Hope you didn’t trip while swinging. I’m so not good at dancing! But I’m good at baking. Mom taught me to make chocolate cake when I was 10. Pie crust is my weakness: I’m not good at rolling dough.

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