Erstens kommt es anders,

zweitens als man denkt. Things never turn out the way one expects them to do. This morning I was called by a friend who lives in this house too. The carpet had moved and crumpled up, so he had difficulties to move through the living room in his wheelchair. Of course I’d help. You know, one thing leads to another, and in the end the ameublement in his living room was re-arranged. At least he has a lot more space to move with his machine around now, and the carpets finally found their place too. So did the Buddha statuettes, the flowers, and a ton of bric-à-brac; I left when he started to eye the pictures on the walls.
The phone call is due tomorrow. I will have to prepare myself a bit.
The Crumble went astonishing well. I will do another one soon, but with better ingredients; this time I used what I found, like some (old) brown sugar, whole spelt flour, a slap of margarine went in too, cinnamon of course … the apples I collected turned out very nice. I followed MITZI’s instructions and measurements, and found that a bit more fruit and a bit less sugar would be more to my tastes. Maybe some chopped (hazel)nuts would fit in well.




As you see it was not much of a “riser” (der Teig ist nicht sehr stark aufgegangen); the dark spots are the result of a half-hearted idea to mix in some Marmelade, Quittengelee (Ger.) in this case. But I found the apples brought enough moisture, so additional syrupy fluids are not necessary. Next time I’ll use white flour, white sugar only (but less than MITZI suggests), more apples, and maybe I’ll mix in some chopped nuts. It’s a great recipe, even a kitchen deadbeat like me can produce something acceptable following these guidelines. It screamed for Vanilla sauce!

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  1. What a good neighbour you are! Your crumble looks delicious and the marmalade was a nice idea. Made with Fruit “gleaned” from your walk makes it all the better…

  2. HA – these trees are so full, dear Princess! Like in the Bilderbuch. I will take some pictures next time.

    It tasted delicious, Torte LX, is a bit on the “heavy” side, but for a first try it’s not too bad I think. I will have some with coffee tomorrow for breakfast.
    The pie crust reminded me of what my grandmother (father’s side) always did. Coming from Silesia she always was proud of her Streusselkuchen, and rightly so, it was delicious thing; tasted always a bit of butter, she may have put in a ton of it. Freshly made it was worth a crime. The only thing I did not like was that she very often combined it with Mohn (Mohn macht dumm!) (see this and this), but for my father it was an instant trip back into childhood (Ger., Eng.).

  3. Cooking is a great deal of chemistry. A little bit more of this, a little bit less of that until you reach perfection! The late Mr Yaya (may he rest in peace and may my days be full of joy) really loved it. Now I cook it for my little ankle biters! :)))

    You’re a very nice friend, Young man! I bet your neighbour was relieved and grateful.

    Now take it easy until that pone call arrives. Relax, repeat your mantras and remember there’s a huge amount of good vibes from the blogosphere travelling to you. Schlaf gut und viel Glück!

  4. Ah, perfection – it’s never reached, Hipster Yaya … My neighbour was happy, especially when I accompagnied him the next day on a visit to the dentist, and a little shopping tour. In fact we went around half of the village, really it was a large Halbkreis!
    When I finally came home I immediately phoned the man I needed to phone. The conversation went well. I’m in, but later as planned.
    I will face some economic difficulties in the coming weeks, but later things will look better. The good vibes worked, carissima, now one more go on Frayday, and then we’ll see where we stand.

    HA – you like Mr. Hazel, Schaum! He was an extraordinary funkadelic guitarrero, really! There are tons of “classic” rock, funk, what you prefer, to be rediscovered. Babette is a very nice and old fashioned name, one does not hear it here anymore. (She was probably born in the 1920s or a bit earlier?)

  5. Nuts are definitely a must try with a crumble. We did it once with a blend of walnuts, cashews and pecans. Yummo! And of course, I prefer my crumble warm with a nice ball of vanilla ice cream!

    I will fight for the part of yours that’s slightly burned.

    I think Mr Hazel used some “herbs” in his crumble! :)

  6. And he washed it down with gasoline. I have seen nut-mixtures in the supermarket section for baking. I will definitely buy one and use it in the next crumbumble, Jon.

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