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This time I am late, while dear JON already put up another Dimanche en musique, as did the Texan trucker. It’s an interesting program.
This week brought me some very nice things, but ended with a good kick where it hurts; not literally, but it cost me a lot of nerves, and probably some money. In hindsight I realize that I was at the correct place, but with the wrong people, and possibly at the wrong time. Any way, it’s over – at least I do not any longer punch my pillow through the night, my infuriation is reduced to an angry mumble, now and then. I look ahead, and do some planning for the bookmines; with a little luck I will be there sooner than expected. They are actually very active there, this involves some construction work and I want to be sure that nothing happens to my books. There is even the possibility that I one day will be able to blog from there, hui!
But until then it’s autumn. The temperature dropped significantly, it’s wet outside, the leaves will soon be swept away by the wind. In Southern Bavaria already the first snowfalls of the year occurred. So it’s only natural to look for an autumn song – and Pjotr Iljitsch TSCHAIKOWSKI (Ger., Eng.) was so friendly to compose not just one January (Richter in 1950) for example – but a piece for every month! What is very nice of him. I choose November,  recorded by Sviatoslav RICHTER (in 1983; Ger., Eng.). It’s lively, short – if you follow Sunday Music for a while, you may have noticed that I like short pieces and small forms – and by far not so melancholic like October (great version by SOKOLOV (Ger., Eng.)).
I hope you will enjoy the ride with the troika (Ger., Eng.).
And may the next week bring only good things – it’s about time!



14 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Although I knew the existence of Tchaik’s Seasons, I have never heard it yet… that is until now! I’ve got 10 months left to listen to. ;)

    We’ve had three weeks of incedibly sunny days. And warm too (17-18C). Rain is in the programme for the next few days but the warmth will linger on. I took many walks around Montreal recently and took many pictures. I’ll post some of them during the next weeks.

    I’m not sure what the term “bookmines” implies. My search didn’t turn out anything significant and my French-English on-line dictionnary remains silent about it.

    Hoping for the best this upcomming week.

  2. Vibrant piano… I”m imagining wind squalls and rain showers while listening to this… No wait… That’s the weather I’m experiencing here today, It’s like the old fashioned Spring weather that I remember from my childhood. Patches of sunshine then in blows another squall of windy rain and then out comes the sun again…
    Have a great week Mr Maggs…

  3. Sviatoslav Richter, his singular ability to grasp the whole and at the same time miss none of the smallest details of a composition suggests a comparison with an eagle who from his great height can see as far as the horizon and yet single out the tiniest detail of the landscape. Unfortunately his common demeanor was somewhat sterquilinous to say the least.

  4. Thank you for this beautiful music choice, Herr Mago. I didn’t know tha Tchaikowsky had composed a piece of music for every month of the year!

    On a different note, my land is now under the effects of a soft autumn, still warm, as a memory of summer. My old bones are starting to ache though…

    I hope the cold Bavarian winds wash away your afflictions and bring you happiness soon. Schlaf gut, Young man!

  5. Sometimes walking around town is the best one can do. I am eagerly awaiting your photographs of Montreal. The bookmines are a mythical place, dear Jon. Old books go there to sleep and rest; now and then some of them petrify. :)

    What is connect in my memories with spring is a certain blue in the sky, clear crisp air, and puddles in meadows. I have not seen such a scenery for years, dear Princess.

    Ich bin schon lull und lall’ .., MsScarlet!

    And Neuhaus should know what he speaks about, Chef. I have not read a biography of Richter and can not say nothing about his personality. I like the idea of a youngish Richter driving with a truck through the Ukraine in summer and playing for free in a village. What a ravaged land.

    Thank you for the link, XL – there is really everything in it! It’s an impressive machine too that Mr. Hong uses. I only wish someone would have helped him with the flipping of the pages. There is nothing worse than when you are in the middle of a performance and by a small accident you do not turn the page, but manage to throw your notes to the ground … I’m speaking for “a friend”.

    This pieces for the months are seemingly a bit under the radar, dear Hipster Yaya. So it’s Altweibersommer where you are. Hold your bones and joints in the sun, my dear, it will help. Let a houseboy apply soothing unguents – and a martini. And yes – it’s better now, thank you.

  6. HA – didn’t know that he was so funky at a time. But he was thin once in his life too … Thank you for the comfort, Mistress MJ.

    Heiliger Hammer ! I had difficulties to understand some without explanation. Mr. Schott seems to be an erudite man! Thank you for the link, XL, I’ll keep an open eye for his book.

  7. Thank you very much for the Richter. I wasn’t aware of The Seasons. The poem on which it is based is beautifully compressed and stimulating to the imagination.

    In your loneliness do not look at the road,
    and do not rush out after the troika.
    Suppress at once and forever the fear of longing in your heart.

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