There is such a fine autumn light outside, autumn colours, autumn sky; I see people walk around in short-sleeved shirts, but when I go out of the house I start to shiver from the cold. I feel the need to drink water like the proverbial cow – Muuuh! – and could sleepsleepsleep

It causes a feeling of verberation – at least for me – when all of a sudden I do not find things anymore. On Monday evening I went into a butcher’s shop and bought a small piece of meat. I chatted a bit with the lady behind the counter, paid and left. I only realised that the package was not there when I wanted to put its contents in the pan. I searched the kitchen, the car and finally (shortly after closing time) I drove over to the shop, maybe I could catch someone, too late of course. It’s not the fact that I forgot something, but the “natural” assumption that I’d have mislaid it, put it in the car’s glovebox for example, that irritates me: Do I think of myself already as age-related odd? Do I trust myself not any longer?

If you work in an office this swiss conference may be of interest. The notification is a bit late I know, but why not go to Bern (Ger., Eng.)? And while you are around, stay a bit longer and come to Berlin in November, attend a conference about the Staatliche Filmdokumentation (SFD) (Ger. only) of the DDR Filmarchiv (Ger.), today part of the DEFA-Stiftung (Ger., Eng.). From 1970 to 1986 they produced circa  300 secret films about living in the DDR (Ger., Eng.) for the purpose of self-documentation; Thomas HEISE worked there (Ger., Eng.). So they were not restricted, and these films may represent the only real non-ideological and documenting view on life in the DDR. I did not even know that they existed before I read about this conference.

I will cook some rice, with vegetables now. In garlic, ginger and curry we trust.

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  1. What a fascinating documentary that must be. If only I had the money, the time, and the German! I wonder whether our British Film Institute could work the archives into a film for English-speaking audiences.

  2. The cold is coming, dear Mago. Are you ready to hibernate?

    Fear not, walking into a room and forgetting why you entered or forgetting where you left things doesn’t mean you can’t trust yourself. It’s just age-related memory loss (wait till you’re my age and you forget where you left your dentures! That really is a SENIOR MOMENT –Great joke, Mr LX!). But I understand your irritation, young man. Take it easy, you still have an enlightened mind and you will for many years.

    I’m curious about those films about life in the DDR. Could you recommend any films about this particular subject? We have a film archive over here too, known as “the filmothèque” that keeps more than a million films, some of them treasures and excellent memories of the past history.

  3. Thank you very much for your recommendation Mr. LX!
    Featuring Daniel Brühl, I like him. I’m already downloading it. There are places and facts about Germany that have lately caught my attention, such as the islands in the North and the Baltic seas, especially Rügen. I’ll definitely watch that film! ;)

  4. Don’t think you have too much to worry about. Your mind seems to be doing well with just a few little reminders that time is going by. Now that I have hit 80 I have a few more reminders but I still function just fine.

  5. This is what happens when you dine solely on pickled herring and borscht. Oligophagous living will undoubtedly make your penis shrink prematurely and your teeth sleep in a fizzing glass aside your bed.

  6. Yeah, that’s me standing in front of a Buchregal, wo LX!

    Thankfully, dear Hipster Yaya, will there be a golden October in the coming days, at least if it’s not just wishful thinking by the weathermen. And no – I’m not ready for the cold – I wish I could afford to travel South!
    I am sorry, Yaya, I can not recommend a film – wo LX is surely right with Good Bye Lenin. I will have a look into the matter, especially regarding film archives.
    As far as I know these uncensored and secret films that are subject of the actual conference in Berlin have not been shown publicly. There are some other materials about life in the DDR, films for teaching purposes for example, also made by Eastern stately authorities, but they clearly follow ideological guidelines. Needs a bit of research.

    So let’s hope the servers don’t crash, MsScarlet!

    Joyce! Belated congratulations for your birthday: Bleib’ gesund! That is very nice to read you again – and hey! – it’s time for your annual post.
    (The last one is from October ’12.) :)

    Heck, I always have to consult the dictionary of foreign loan words when you comment here, Chef. And borscht in my humble opinion is devil’s vomit, anything prepared from Rote Beete is not for human consumption. The result is not shrinkage, but amputation.

  7. Just here to express my amazement that someone doesn’t like beetroot! And especially in its highest expression. I had borsht and Ukrainian champagne one night in Kyiv and it was unforgettably brilliant. Still, de gustibus non est disputandem.

  8. Traumatic childhood experience, Looby. I once was forced to eat this, despite I said that I do not like it and that I’d have to vomit. Nobody cared, I was stuffed with the shit and vomited it on the table. I was so angry that I threw a chair, I was four years old.
    In Kiew in good company things are totally different.

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