Sunday Music

*shnirf* … rains. Grey. Nose is running and I have breathing trouble. I love the Romans for having brought the bath in Germaniam, next to wine (Ger., Eng., Lit.) and cherries, nice people. But the Romans never made it to Finland (Ger., Eng.), so they had no chance to meet the tango of Finland (Ger., Eng., history, festival). That’s sad. It would have made the loss and deep fall of the Roman Empire (Ger., Eng.) undoubtedly more bearable for the average Roman if he had known the Finnish tango. Panem et circenses (Ger., Eng. Fi.) must be a bit boring over time – always the same white bread, always wild animals munching on criminals and christians in the circus, gah – these innards do look all the same, don’t they!? So let’s gently swing and dance away over the blood drenched sands of this beautiful world and its terrible inhabitants.
The tango orchestra Unto performed the following song Miksi juuri hän on the 11th of August 2008 in the Finnish National Theatre (Ger., Eng.). SInger Pirjo AITTOMÄKI  – and all other members of the orchestra too – have their merits earned before they came together fifteen years ago and formed this “dream team of the Finnish tango”. Especially accordionist Johanna JUHOLA (channel, Fi.) did a lot for the new Finnish tango.
I hope you enjoy it – may we all have a good and peaceful week, and be spared to meet monsters, on how many feet soever.



14 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. A Finnish tango is very similar to a decent bottle of Malaysian red wine. It’s out there, but so far out there it just doesn’t comprehend.

    Hmmm… Christians and circuses, yep, it takes me right back to where we came in on the Malaysian wine. The world would be much better off without the both of them.

  2. A real surprise to hear that such a style exists! It must be the mysterious path of evolution. It is indeed a beautiful piece of music, Herr Mago.

    Nevertheless, I miss some je-ne-sais-quoi… perhaps passion?

    Schlaf gut, Young man. And take care.

  3. I had no notion that the Finnish liked to Tango, and am quite heartened by it.

    Sorry to hear you have a cold. Hope you are having a good wallow, and it won’t last too long.

  4. Beautiful.

    I’m not as surprised as most of your faithful followers my dear Friend. We live in an era of amazing cultural mixing. Think of Greek singer and composer Angelica Ionatos who wrote an entire CD of songs based on poems by Mexican artist and poet Frida Kahlo which she sings in Spanish. (Ionatos, not Kahlo!)

    And also Bardic, German-Irish band singing traditional celtic music!!! Listen here I’ve been a big fan of them for almost fifteen years.

    I dare you, dear Mago, to find us some Japanese Kabuki in Haïti! :)

    My Native great-grandmother had an homemade remedy that taste like shit but that could cure the worst flu in less than an hour! It involved some honey, lemon juice, glycerine and brandy. It was known later on that the reason why it tasted so horrible is that she also added a bit of cow poop in the mixture….

    ‘nuf said! ;)

  5. Finnish Tango I say, Roses.

    Given the circumstances Hipster Yaya

    Thank You Palimpsest, it’s already better. I should go for some wine perhaps … Finns are damn intellectual too.

    Thank you dear Jon – very interesting links!
    I’d purify the trusted remedy of your grandmother and reduce it to Brandy, that should help!

    Carissima YAya, it’s not intentionally, just keeping the flu …

    Rrrembethiko I say! Pour me anotheronemyfriendJon

    Better? HA! Right now I am the snirfling world champignon! Next is coughing. Thank you, dear LX, all is well – and I hope the same goes for you!

    Now I have to go and prepare randomness in a pot. No idea what I will find …

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