Mole Antonielliana (Ger., Eng.) [roughly: The very big thing ANTONELLI (Ger., Eng.) built] is in itself a phantastic setting (a bit foggy in Turino when I looked the last time). It houses the lauded national film museum (Ger. article), one of several in Italy.
Originally built as synagogue Mole was for a long time one of the largest brick buildings in the world, only later it was reinforced with concrete and steel. I found it because the comments by Looby and Hipster Yaya here were about films and where one can find them. I think in the first part not about theatrical motion pictures, but documentaries, news reels – source materials for any kind of topic. I turned to Wikipedia hoping there would be a list of international institutions, Filmarchive, but sadly there are only national archives and museums listed (Ger.). “Filmarchiv” in Català brings better results, as does “Cinematheque” (Eng.). And finally we have an international list of film archives (Eng.) – and there is an organisation too. Additionally there is this list.
I already mentioned the BFI and the British Pathè; there is the Spanish film archive, the French one (mit der Aussenstelle Toulouse);  the US have a handful of these institutions, I think the Moma has a film archive too. British Pathè brings us to the Wochenschau (Ger., Eng., list), the Newsreel archive and its youtube channel. There seems to be no coherent collection of the Deutsche Wochenschau or Welt im Bild. I also miss French Pathè and all the others … yes I did not really search for it, but … is it possible that some million kilometers of film are still not digitized?
Finally, while I blab about old films, here is an example: French Pathè, 1908, Moscow in snow – what else? – I hope you enjoy it.



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  1. Mole Antonelliana, my spelling appears to be slightly different from yours, perhaps my accent? Who knows… a small detail perhaps. However, I digress. Anything which has direct links to the Fibonacci numbers, the sequence and the melodrama it creates is worth investigating. I applaud you for your taste.

  2. Well done, young man! That was an excellent work of research! As per the results, one can conclude that globalisation hasn’t yet hit the world of cinema, or perhaps the little countries/regions where we live are still organising/digitalising their material.

    Moscow clad in the snow is charming and almost as old as me, hehehe. After all, les frères Lumière projected their first motion picture only 13 years before.

    In my case, I was interested in films about the former DDR -Mr LX recommended me to watch the film “Goodbye Lenin”, which I have already downloaded to my laptop and expect to see this coming weekend-. Internet offered more information about my particular question: Sonnenallee (1999), by Leander Haußmann and Kleinruppin forever (2004) by Carsten Fiebeler. (But internet is not the answer to everything, so I’ll keep the useful links your offer to Filmarchives online, The newsreel archive and Fiaf

    Now I must be going to bed with a hottie (not a beautiful girl, but a bottle of hot water, hehehe).

    Schlaf gut, Young man und süße Träume!

  3. No question of your accent, Chef, more a question of the German idea of Italian – better put in another “i”, sounds genuine.

    Maybe a look at the DDR film production itself can give interesting examples, Hipster Yaya.
    Other titles I found (but have seen none): Wir sind das Volk. Die Frau vom Checkpoint Charlie. Uwe JOHNSONs “Jahrestage” verfilmt von v.Trotta. Liebe Mauer. Boxenhuder Platz. Here’s a list with East German films. And there is Progress, a company that sits on the whole DDR-films and makes its business from this.

    HA – Very nice Schnee LX! (At 2:05 or so she looks a bit stoned, teehee …)

  4. Thank you for the reminder, Mistress MJ! A very interesting website.

    Something different: Over the last week a strange search topic showed up (usually I do not look in the statistics, but this caught my eye): “inj mago lx” – no misspelling by me, reads “inj”. I just want to let you both know.

  5. Hipster Yaya: The DVD also has a director commentary track and an actor commentary track. If your version has those, I can recommend those as well.

  6. *looks up to nice Texan gentleman*

    Dear Mr LX, I downloaded an illegal version of the film -to my shame, DVDs and movies are expensive in my country, so I had no choice but becoming a delinquent yaya-. Therefore, there were neither director nor actor’s commentaries.

    It’s indeed a very nice film. I could picture in my mind the scenario in the DDR previous to the reunification of Germany, the political isolation and lack of news from abroad. And also a very touching story. I really appreciate your recommendation.

    Thank you!

  7. Or the three apes, MJ.

    You are lawless, Hipster Yaya. And indeed, the nice Texan gentleman is a large gentleman, tall, blond, handsome.

    There are frozen fish later, MsScarlet. Arousing, eh?

    Bad news, and as H.Y says, a sad loss.
    God damn

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