Sunday Music

I wanted to bring some photographs; yesterday I was walking “the high way” (YES! For you, XL.) and saw some things that looked very nice (mostly leaves, and branches, some views), but I did not carry an apparatus. Today I trullered too long in the morning – and what a gorgeous morning it was: Clear sky, marvellous colours, well some wind, still warm – and around midday large dark clouds started to roll in. It seemed to be the better choice to take “the short way” to avoid rain, and yes, the way back home in the early afternoon (by car) was rain-swept all in all.
Later in the afternoon I all of a sudden felt the need to re-organise my  bookmarks. I found it frustrating when I went to some sites (not only blogs) and found no new posts – could not a kind of automated thingy take care of this? I never used the much hyped google thing that was abandoned lately; in fact I always used a list, either on my blog (on my blogger blog it was published until some mean person started to work down that list and  make harmful comments) or in my browser, but it grows. So a “reader” or something would be nice. I found the “goodnoows“-reader by ZN working nicely, it accepts my blogs too – originally, as the name implies, it’s made for news sites. I find it works fast.
So I started to organise this, takes still a little time, but I guess it will be a working and comfortable solution. And I get rid of all these lists of blogs, news-sites. etcetc.pp. that fill different bars on my screen, things I would have to click on to see whether something changed or (mostly) not – now things will get delivered.
And then Lou REED (Ger., Eng., obit.) died. XL told me about it. It is a bit disenheartening … does my LP-collection slowly turn into a cemetery? A gallery of dead “heroes”? I mean Rory GALLAGHER (Ger., Eng.) is dead, J.J. CALE (Ger., Eng., obit) went this year, Wilko JOHNSON  (Eng.) is not feeling well … the fat man (Ger., Eng.) from CrosbyStills’nNash (without Young! He killed all the harmony.) survived his liver transplant very well, DYLAN (Ger., Eng.) is doing well, the Stones are seemingly alive and kicking – but, yeah, die Einschläge kommen näher. 

So the real important themes never go away –  sex and death –  and how to avoid them, HA! – and our little escapes become more and more precious. “These few Golden days”, as Lou REED sings here.
Hope you enjoy the song, and have a good week – and yeah, let’s survive it, a good aim in my actual mood. We need more Kirsche, at least tonight.



And by the way, please wish me luck, I have to write a pretty bitter email.

27 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Part of my youth’s soundtrack .

    They call it ‘aging’, Young man. Rory Gallagher died??? OMG. I guess the fat man from CSN you refer to is Stephen Stills. When he was young and not fat, he was absof*cking gorgeous. Aging. It happens to all of us. :(

    ((I cross my fingers for your bitter e-mail writing)).

    Schlaf gut, dear Mago.

  2. I’m a night owl, my friend. We’re like ships in the night *sighs*
    I’m sure your American & Aussie fellow bloggers will be here son to comment.

    Again, have sweet dreams. Though in the deep south days are very long, my bedtime’s long been past. Goodnight to you! :)

  3. I meant SOON, not SON (grrrr I hate typos… a trick of presbyopia, catarachts… in a word… aging).

    Now yes, I’m off to bed, I promise!

  4. Yer hyperactive, Hipster Yaya!

    Did you have a change of time / switch to summer- or wintertime (or whatever they may call it) in the South Sandwich Islands too?

    Aging? May be an interesting concept …somewhere else. Not here. Or so I was told by my minions. Maybe they lied …

  5. Ah, I was wondering if Lou would be your musical choice. I love this song. Lou Reed has been a favorite since ..well.. ’72 when I discovered him on my little transistor radio. May he continue to walk on the wild side.

    Bitter email? Yikes! Good luck!

  6. My comment didn’t post >:/
    Anyway, I was wondering if Lou would be your musical choice. He has been a musical hero of mine since I discovered him on my little transistor radio in ’72. I was very sad to read the news earlier today.

    Ein bißchen rumtrullern schadet nichts. :-). Oh, after trying different readers, I settled on aolreader. They are quick.
    A bitter email? Good luck with that!

  7. Twice now my comment hasn’t posted. Grr.. Anyway.. I was wondering if you would post about Lou. He’s been a musical hero of mine since ’72 when I discovered him on my little transistor radio. Good luck with that bitter email! How depressing! Hey, isch bin auch den ganzen Sonntag rumgetrullert.. Nichts geleistet .. null bock, gell..

  8. Schaumlöffel dearest – it’s a kismet! Akismet is the name of the in-built wordpress spamfilter – and it deceided to categorize your comments as “spam” – unverzeihlich! I have no clue why. I know that comments with more than two links in it go to the spam folder automatically, but I have no idea what caused the pseudo-intelligent bodyguard to attack your link-free comments. Maybe – but that’s just a suspicion – the difference between “Schaumlöffel” and something “foam” was too much: “Foam orama” wnt through unharmed. LX changes names like shirts but he always keeps the “LX”-part.
    Anyway I confronted the culprit and made clear that you go unmolested from now on – HA!
    Welcome fellow Trullerer!

    I have not yet looked into the news, MsScarlet. I hope your house still stands – maybe it was translocated by angels like St. Mary’s? – and that Mr. Blue’s camping trip (!) into the woods (!!!) did not end in drama and too much chainsaw action. Living on an island may lead to some strange results sometimes, the downside of splendid isolation I guess.

    But it’s a fine art, dear Norma.

  9. Liebste Mago,

    I haven’t changed time/switched season but I can fall asleep anytime -like most venerable old yayas do-. Zzzzz… *wakes up again*

    As you probably know, the South Sandwich Islands -my country, surely registered by your sitemeter- are in the southern hemisphere, not too far from Oz and near US latitude, hence my remark.

    I am gladly surprised at your remark. Have you ever visited the SS-Islands?
    If not… I would recommend you take a walk on the wild side, in the most genuine Lou Reed-ish style.

    Be well, Young man.

    PS.- You’re right, I’m hyperactive. It runs in the family…

  10. I do not blame you Foam Test LX – WARHOLA is kind of unavoidable on pictures of a certain aera!

    Ah yes, your lovely granddaughter, :) Hipster Yaya!

    … do you like cake, Chef?

    You never have been, nor shall you ever be spam, Schaumlöffel! I wrestle kismet (Ger., Eng.) over you!

  11. Cake is fine, but just not for breakfast, thanks. Just up the beach from me in Alcudia is Pollensa, the German quarter, which is where I normally take my early morning stroll to buy a Spanish newspaper that I am yet to comprehend. I have noted that many of the beach front cafes and eateries serve gateau and great big buckets of lager to the German residents for their first meal of the day. Me, I prefer bacon and a fried slice, but each to their own, eh?

    Is it tradition in Germany to indulge in cake in this way?

  12. No, Chef, to my best knowledge, Kuchen and beer is not the traditional German breakfast. And surely not Torte – this is something for special occasions.
    Usually German breakfast contains bread (white or “black” (“Schwarzbrot”), butter, cheese, possibly some Wurst for those who like it, and jam. Coffee or tea. It is generally not the largest meal of the day. And it’s not warm – not as the famous English breakfast that is a whole meal.
    And whoever would start the day with a bucket of beer … good luck with the liver transplant.
    Cake, Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte or other traditionals, are something for the Sunday afternoon coffee table, birthday parties etcetc, you get the idea. But the traditional separation between “Werktag” / normal working day, and “Sonn- und Festtag” / Sunday and extra-ordinary day is blurred. Maybe for some people on vacancy everyday is Sunday.

  13. First to church, then into the Wirtschaft, then home. The traditional rural sort of Sunday for men. Sonntagsessen, then playing cards through the afternoon, again in the Wirtschaft; crawling home: Montag Früh’ ist die Nacht rum.

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