I’m social now!

Finally I have brought a ton of links (at least it felt so) into this “NoowsReader” I already mentioned. I realized how many links came together – despite I have lost many some moons ago by accident, when I deleted two or three folders, absolutely scatterbrained: links of blogs, obscure news sites, simply interesting things etc.
And I realised how many bloggers stopped to blog, or do it with very long pauses between their single vital signs. So I keep some in a folder in the task bar of my browser, which I visit daily – it’s like a daily walk; ritualisiertes Tun (Ger., Eng.) of course; others will be visited by the machine, and I will be notified if something changed. Similar process for some news sites, just to have a kind of overview; other collections are topic-related, architecture for example.
The only thing that remains, is to make me use the service. Starting the computer and signing in to WordPress must now be followed by signing in to GoodNoows. I hope I’ll do better with this than with the google+account I still have. That’s next – I have to re-organize and focus this; I still nurture the hope that I could find one or two customers via this thing, but I doubt it. In the end it will be nice to watch and follow how people do genealogical research, and maybe I can be helpful when someone can not read their forefather’s scrawl. So I’ll probably read something, nod my head, and explain how to do research in Franconia, but I doubt that someone will send me into the bushes to read churchbooks again.
Another problem is LinkedIn. Especially since I was invited to it by a very nice fellow blogger, who added me to her contacts. I really should get my head around it.
The line between trullern and lethargy is very fine …

12 thoughts on “I’m social now!

  1. Hmmm, something appears to be very wrong here. Everytime I click on your blog I am greeted with a very loud epincion, followed by a jovial, but disturbingly naked, image of Klaus Wowereit acting somewhat sardanapalian to say the least.

    Perhaps you might just want to recheck your settings? May I suggest that you tweak things your end, while I endeavour to cease the blepharospasm at my end?

  2. I have an extra folder for this, dear MsScarlet. It grows.

    … what? Wait a minute Chef – you click my blog, and Wowi comes up wanking? MAybe a bit uninspired, but nothing I did. I would not even know how to.

    WOuld other readers please confirm, what Chef is reporting?

  3. Herr Mago, I guess you just have to put yourself into the virtual market. Use these professional networks and don’t despair. That’s the best way to be better known and avoid being thrown into the bush to read church books again!

    Bloggers come and go. Your ritualisiertes Tun may give you unexpected surprises when you least expect them.

    Regarding your question about the nice gentleman named Chef, I did not understand anything he said, but speaks divinely!


  4. Ah yes, the oh so holy market, Hipster Yaya. Chef has it with words, but be warned, un brute galant.

    That is good news Fanofthekismetfighter!

    No way, Sozial LX: No farcebook, no twitter. I find it difficult enough to make sense of g+, and I do not get twitter.

  5. As I said, I seldom understand anything he says, but he speaks divinely! And his recipes taste even better -I do understand them-

    Un brute galant… un diamant brut peut-être? *blinks*

    Like LX, I feared you had fallen into FB’s clutches!

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