22 thoughts on “Seasonal Greetings

  1. Halloween 2011 Berlin. Didn’t see much in the way of decorations. Did see some 20-somethings on the U-Bahn in costume, maybe going to a club or party.

    Halloween 2012 Berlin. Saw some decorations at the mall, some party shops selling costumes and accessories, some department stores selling costumes, saw some children in costume who perhaps dressed for a party at school.

  2. Und einen schönen Abend für Dich, Hipster Yaya! Sofa, tea and a bit of tv is very comfortable after a day of stress.

    Aber Hallo, MsScarlet!

    I always wanted to test this theme, LX, and for this night it’s all right.
    I was in the city some days ago, there was nothing to be observed: No exuberant decorations. Earlier this evening I saw some young kids in costumes accompanied by their parents. Nobody rung my bell this evening.

  3. Quick comment to say I like your test theme.

    Gotta go because a big wind storm just knocked out the power nearby and it’s on its way here.

  4. I hope it’s not too white on your screen, Hipster Yaya. On mine it’s shaded.
    Gott strafe gema!

    Thank you, MJ. I like the typography and that little graphic between text and comments. And that the headline or title becomes centered when you open a post. Only the possibility to have own images on the header is not as I’d like it.

    Lentils maybe, MsScarlet.

  5. Sometimes one needs Bach, dear Princess.

    Hmm … I have not heared about this before, dear Hipster Yaya. I will look a bit for it.
    As a gift in return: Do you know the “Ostseeanomalie”?

  6. OMG, underwater alien bases! Something more to worry about! As far as I know, you’re safe: there are none in Franconia, but YouTube reports about alien hatches and tunnels in several locations of Canada, the UK and the US, where most of your blogfellas como from. If they have good food, cable TV and a nice fireplace to keep my feet warm in winter, I don’t mind being abducted. :)

  7. Welcome back Leni Qinan!

    Great that you are back in blogland. I’m looking forward to new stories of the dangerous writer! I’ll come over to your place this evening with a bottle of Silvaner.

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