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According to this article – and I’m sure your favourite geek magazine runs one too – google uses the “social” connections of a person on g+ (on other sites too?) to decide whether someone would fit into the company, is worth to be considered hire-able. Wonder whether they have to take an oath on the founders too? Do they have special, uniformed clothing? Maybe the parallel world closes itself and they’ll vanish in a wormhole (Ger., Eng.) or something.
This Sunday Music comes from the Trio JOUBRAN (Ger., Eng.), three Palestinian brothers playing oud (Ger., Eng.). Hopefully this November will not be entirely foggy and depressing.
Have a good and relaxed week!

Manners ! Sorry. Visit JON, Les Dimanches en Musique # 5.



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  1. Fascinating video, Young man. This music reminds me of flamenco, and makes me think that it’s proof of the arabic influence in many fields in Spain, among them music. The 3 Palestinian brothers have beautiful facial features (piercing eyes, sensual lips). If only they shaved… :)

    I don’t understand a word about social networking and job recruiting. I happily retired many years ago, and my social network is my dear family, my neighbours, my friends. Blogfriends too :)

  2. Dear Mago, I’ve read the article and to be honest… I think it’s intruding in one’s privacy, isn’t it? Related to this subject I knew some months ago that some companies before hiring a member of the staff, look for their Facebook/Twitter/Instagram etc accounts to get more information. Again, intruding in people’s private life. It’s kinda scary, but like at the Hotel California, this is the biggest disadvantage of the internet: you can check-out anytime you like, but you can never leave.


  3. It can be worked the other way round…. I found out a few things about a letting agent by looking her up on Facebook… decided I didn’t trust her competence or experience in relation to managing the property I was letting out.

  4. It was always my experience that the best way to get a job was to know somebody within the hiring organization. Perhaps someone could make a case for using online connections as an extension of this, but it seems really creepy to me in an Orwellian/NSA sort of way. I’m glad I am no longer in the job market.

    I was sort of expecting a rain-related musical selection today. [dodges thrown rain gauge]

  5. I agree with LX. Employers ask for more and more references about the candidates, but if they know them they already have all the information they need. That’s the case of entire teams that moved from one corporation to another, where people with very specific profesional requirements were needed.

  6. Hipster Yaya’s comment “my social network is my dear family, my neighbours, my friends” is one of the best things I’ve read for a while.

    I am on FB, mainly to share music and find out where I can go out for a bop, to music I like, with other people who like the same thing. But I’m there under a false foreign name chosen to be difficult for English people to spell . I once applied for a job at a University near here and had a strong suspicion they were investigating me on social media. I also committed several solecisms, as I forgot that people outside my intended audience could read it too.

  7. Thank you for these lovely words, Young man. I enjoy personal contact, that’s all. Leni is a lot more like you, a free soul, always curious, full of life and eager to learn. I’m old school, you know…

  8. Sorry Looby, I don’t know whether you’re a gentleman or a lady… excuse my mistake in case I assumed in error that you’re a man. I gladly accept your corrections to my politically incorrect presumptions. :)

  9. Dear Looby, I have uselessly tried to visit your blog, but unfortunately the Senior Citizens Centre of the city of Grytviken -where I’m commenting from now- has restricted internet access. It seems that your blog has been rated as a pornography site! Unbelievable. I’ll try again later in the evening.

    Take care, kids!

  10. *back from Looby’s porno site*

    Yes, yes, no doubt you’re a lad! I ask myself why the Senior Citizens Centre’s firewall wouldn’t let me stop by your blog.

    *cleans glasses properly and checks out blog again*

  11. Ah, those misbehaving grannies …

    I think that looking for an applicant for work on “social media” sites may be still acceptable, but I think google puts this on a new level, Leni.

    Of course, MsScarlet, I would not want someone to manage my property who f.e. brags on farcebook about screwing customers over.

    Exactly, Norma – abstinence!

    Yes, it’s always an advantage to know someone inside, but again, for my taste google goes a bit too far with that algorithm. And no rain – I promised JON that I would not look at his page before I post here, XL. I want variety, coincidences are fine.

    I’m a one person team, Leni, but nobody wants to hire.

    Thank you Schaum! Just make your pictures public …

    I didn’t know that you have a porno site, Looby. Something with gay Nazi sex and a lawnmower, sure, but porno? Algorithms are stupid after all.

    The admin had to check, Hipster Yaya.

  12. Hi Mago,
    Sorry for such a long absence. We’ve moved but our old house hasn’t sold and it is very stressful. We were also two weeks without any internet and I was having serious withdrawals! My Father-in-Law also passed away and I will truly miss him. When we first met, we were like old friends that had not seen eachother for ten years. After dinner my (then boyfriend) and future Mother-in-Law went off to bed while we stayed up all night drinking wine and sharing war stories.

    It was truly heartbreaking the day my son realized he would never see his Grandpa again. I have also joined a Writing group and now I am expected to produce something for critique every two weeks. I am also starting a Freelance Writing Business. Find me on Linkedin if you want, I just joined. When we sell the other house I can get childcare and begin my own career again. I am so looking forward to it!

    Take care,

  13. Like Melanie, I don’t like Google either. Apart from the strange incident that I experienced almost 3 years ago -closed blog, disappeared comments- I think they have an abusive dominant position. Unfortunately, alternatives are scarce.

  14. Yessas Melanie – life’s never boring! I’m sorry to hear that your father in law died, my condolences. Selling a house nowadays may be hard, just take care to look after it regularily – and step by step … Writing for deadlines – oh God … but on the other hand its the only way to make a lazy sack like me deliver – good luck with all this! Semper fidelis !

    But alternatives exist, Leni Qinan. Since that incident I’m on wordpress, I’m sure there are other useful programs too. Google is not the world and it’s not the web, but they behave as if this would be true. It’s only a question of time before the empire crumbles and falls.

  15. You’re right, Mago. And in this particular matter you are more consistent than me. I have a love-hate story with FB. I opened my account a few years ago, but I deactivated it right after watching the film “The social network”. I found Mr Zuckerberg + associates a bunch of idiots. A couple of years later I activated it again with the purpose of getting in touch again with my old blogfriends and promoting my books.

    To my surprise, some of the best bloggers have stopped blogging and are now posting jokes and pics of their kids in FB. What a sad loss! It’s not a good promotion tool for me either. All I got was a few LIKES and too many friendship requests from unknown gentlemen who were more interested about my personal email and chatting for ducious purposes. I’m seriously considering to deactivate it again. I find it uninteresting and boring to tears.

  16. Hmm… couldn’t visit Looby’s blog yet. All I get is this message: “403 Forbidden. Please stop referer spam.” Damned firewall! Will try again from home.

    *puts leopard slippers on, takes her bag and leaves to the tube station*

  17. I’m glad to people for the interest in the blog and glad you got through eventually HY. There is nothing at all pornographic about it, at the moment, but the deliberately pisstaking title will ensnare a few simple-minded filters.

    Leni–I agree with your comment about bloggers sloping off to FB. Were I to write a paper about it, I’d say we are now in third-phase blogging. The first wave was brilliant–no need to set up trackers or elaborate .htaccess files, becausem like the best private clubs, people behaved out of the shared mutual pleasure to be derived from doing so. In tyhe second phase, some people developed their blogs into specialist ones, dealing with specific music, political, artistic, or other interests, or started trying to use them as a cv enhancement.

    In the third phase, a new wave of bloggers has started. I have very few people in my blogroll from the first phase. I’m glad to have discovered new people taking it up, although in my more pessimistic moments I think it’s not quite recovered.

    Blogging should be a social activity, even while it’s a record of one’s own life. That’s why Herr Mago’s blog is invaluable: as this discussion shows, he has a knack of talking specifically about his own life, then prompting a wider, collective discussion from others.

    Right, that’s all your compliments for 2011 Herr Mago. I’m English–we don’t really dish them out every ten seconds like Americans do :)

  18. Thank you Looby. In spite of all contingencies, tonight I’ve been able to stop by your blog without getting weird messages or being pushed out by prudish firewalls. I’m now leafing through the archives and I’m enjoying myself a lot. :)

  19. Thank you for your brilliant analysis on blogging, Looby. I agree when you say it’s a social activity. It’s very rewarding when people comment and discuss in the blog that you’ve built. I even love having a look at my sitemeter just to check how often the regular silent visitors have stopped by my blog.

    I like your analysis on the bloggin phases, certainly based on your experience. My best wishes to the 3rd wave, where I’m just back after a 2-year stagnation phase. :)

  20. Thank you HY and Leni. You’re very welcome to rummage in my drawers.

    Sorry about the typos in my post, and for thinking that this year is 2013. I am going Sober in November and it’s messing with my mind.

  21. My pleasure, Looby. I’ll be back.

    No worries about the typos, dear. Leni and me should apologise first for using our sandwichian language (as you surely know, a rare southerner variety of Burdish). We often sound weird and funny but wth…

  22. Oh not at all sweety. I think it’s better to stop by your blogs, kids and waste my verbal energy there during my insomnia. Unless you insist that I keep quiet…

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