Sunday Music

Sunday Music

A true sign of the approach of winter is when I rummage through the drawers and take out my cap. It’s a bit worn and tattered, but keeps the head warm. And it comes with ear flaps – looks terrible, but helps to prevent nasty (and very payneful) cold ears and cold induced otitis media. Yes, my head is  weak in some respects.
The last week could have been better, and I have to confess that some things came too near; but a nice day of doing nothing helped to wind down, listening to Mr. ROWOHLT (Ger., Eng.) reading poems f.e. was very enjoyable. The coming week … we’ll see, Tuesday may be interesting.
After all perception is a marvellous thing. I watched this video – if you do not already know it, and  like to watch the clip, do yourself a favour and concentrate on the given task, it works only at the first time ! – and listened to a lecture (German only here) of Prof. WATZLAWICK (Ger., Eng., obit of FISCH and WATZLAWICK), who explains how a solution may be the problem, how we are limited by our perception (Wahrnehmung, das Für-Wahr-Nehmen).

This Sunday music is the aria “Vuol d’Elisa il sen fecondo” from the opera (not so much an opera, perhaps better called a festa pastorale; critique of  a German production from 2010 here (Ger. only, sorry)) “Il nascimento dell’Aurora” by Tomaso ALBINONI (Ger., Eng., bio) (1671-1751), sung by the countertenor Terry WEY (Ger.).
I like the Baroque, and I like countertenors, but this is one of the few videos I chose not because of the music alone, but because of the pictures too: The uploader OLTRE-IL-BAROCCO (link to his youtube channel) selected pictures of the works of Isabelle de BORCHGRAVE (Eng., Fr.;  video of the exhibition in SF 2011; there’s something about her on vimeo, but I could not see it) for his video, and I quite like her works of “Pulp Fashion”.
I hope you like it too, and do not hesitate to have a look at other Sunday Musics, here and here.
Have a peaceful, and lucky, week.




30 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Princess says:

    A beautiful choice of music Mr Mags and such stunning costumes. A feast for the eyes. with richly lustrous tones and luxurious fabrics. Elaborate Sack backed gowns with panniers and long frock coats festooned with trims, braids and buttons where all the rage for the upper classes in the days when garment constructors knew their work an were mostly made by hand sewing every stitch. No machine work here! Delightful! thank you for the treat. I’m presently completing costumes for a production in Early December. Nothing as elaborate as these,,, but even so… I’d love to have a go at making some gowns and coats like these on display in the clip they are beautiful. Thank you for a stunning interlude and have yourself a good week. Stay Warm… The cap is a good and practical solution… Who cares what it looks like… I say it is much better look than frozen ear lobes!

  2. Beautiful aria, Mago! Very beautiful époque dresses and fabrics as well. It seems that winter has arrived to Franconia. I remember suffering from otitis when I was a kid, after swimming clases. It was horrible.
    Good thing you enjoyed a lazy sunday. I hope you have a nice week and a very interesting Tuesday!

  3. I can’t believe that I didn’t see the gorilla!! I played it back to check that it was really there. Not only that but I was also rubbish at counting the passes.
    Have a good week and may the gorilla be with you.

  4. Did you realize that all this is made from paper, Princess?

    Oh, I did not know it, Countersoprano LX. He gives a firm impression – don’t know whether it is the correct formulation. Er macht einen ruhigen Eindruck – sometimes younger people doing a solo are very excited or nervous, he seems to be calm. Good for the young man.
    32 ° C is hot summer temperature around here – unthinkable in November. It’s 9° C and first snow for the lowlands is forecast for Wednesday …

    Oh yes, going home after swimming with wet ears. The next day you feel a kind of power drill working through your head. For me cold air does the trick too, Hippster Yaya.

    Hahaa …welcome fellow ape ignorer ! I got the 15 right and was proud, because it gets a bit muddled in between, but my first reaction afterwards was that they wanted to kid me, MsScarlet, until I saw it again, like you did I looked again. If you look at it without counting it is so obvious, really I did not notice nothing ! We are dedicated to our tasks, MsScarlet

  5. I saw the gorilla! I saw it! (I only wanted to see if he was my good blogfriend Gorilla Bananas (the japing ape)
    But I missed one pass (only saw 14). Does that mean I have some kind of attention defficit syndrome? Or that I feel irresistible attraction for gorillas?

  6. Insatiable WordPress swallowed my last comment. I said something like this:

    Just for this specific ape (Gorilla Bananas, the japing ape, the world’s leading anthropological ape). In his blog he writes about human sexuality, in all its absurdity in a twisted, slightly Stiff Upper Lip sort of way. Recommended.

  7. Princess says:

    Watching the clip from the museum helped me Mr Mags, the music clip does not get close enough to see that the costumes are made from paper. I should pay more attention, I palyed the music clip another 6 times and still didn’t see a gorilla! Then i discovered the gorilla was in a totally unrelated clip to the one I’d rewatched… anyway the music and singing was still lovely… so my time wasn’t at all wasted…

  8. Thank you for the tip, Leni Qinan, I’ll have a glimpse.
    Totally unrelated, excuse my curiosity please: Will you allow comments on your blog ?

    *Channelling MJ* Pay attention ! These gowns are great arn’t they ?! It’s a joy to see them, and I’d really like to visit an exhibition of Borchgrave’s work once. Glad to learn that you finally found the gorilla, dear Princess. I think generally time is not wasted when one has the chance to look at nice things, not necessarily people in gorilla costumes. MsScarlet doing a horse pantomime on the other hand …
    I think the only large collection of textiles around here is the GNM’s Textile & Jewelry Departement in Nuremberg.

  9. Will I allow comments in my blog? What do you mean, Dear Mago? Have you tried to comment and you couldn’t ? Oh my, I’ll have a look at the settings.

    PS.- I was worried about the lack of comments and thought my post was perhaps too long, boring, whatever… I’ll try to fix it and *shouts” EVERYBODY’S WELCOME TO COMMENT IN MY BLOG!!! 😦

  10. WOW, I didn’t see that the fabrics were made of paper! Amazing!

    PS.- I’m not really a techy girl and still don’t know how I did it, but I could fix the comment problem. Now everybody is allowed and welcome to comment.

  11. No reason to get excited, dear Leni Qinan – I thought you had enough of our babble … 🙂

    My first thought, Hoppelschaum, really, when he opened his mouth: This man lives in the US for ages – and with the first sound you hear it’s undenyable that he’s an Austrian !
    He makes it look easy – and that is imho the best one can say about an expert or specialist: The ability to explain different and difficult things so – that it is understandable, – that one can follow without being a colleague, and -without making the audience feel under-rated.

    Relay, dear Hipster Yaya she just overlooked it – is this correct for etwas übersehen ?

  12. You mean the music video, Norma ? There is no gorilla. If you tried the other linked video and did miss the ape – congratulations, so did MsScarlet and me. Leni noticed it and could do the given task, but made a mistake. If you did not try the other linked video, I guess it will be spoiled for you now, what I regret seriously: I was really amazed and did not believe that I had missed the ape.

  13. When I was young I had a Swabian boyfriend that tried a zillion times to explain me the differences between the northern and the southern German accent. He was so cute and charming that I could never tell what the differences were. I was very busy sighing and smiling at him!.

    Like LX, I’m curious too and would love to hear (rather read) about it.

  14. I think there’s no second chance for Norma, Hipster Yaya

    You did hear it, Hoppelschaum – it’s another melody, LX. And it does not need to be a deep Viennese dialect, no outsider has a chance there. But have an Austrian speak Hochdeutsch, as Watzlawick does – and he marches to a different drum. A Prussian, a Rhinelander, a Suebian, forget a Saxon or a Bavarian, even a Franconian, would have another melody, other kind of accent.

    Listen to it? Küss’ die Hand, liebste Yaya

  15. I got 14, but not the gorilla.

    How considerate of German TV to allow such an esteemed translator of my country’s literature a pension in the form of playing a derelict (what a lovely, rather rare, word) in a TV soap.

  16. Ah man! I got the count right, but I missed the gorilla. You could have sent fifteen gorillas through that crowd, probably, and I would have missed it. I was so locked on the task of counting passes. Wow, lesson learned. Leave a little awareness open around the task at hand or you’ll get mauled by gorillas!!!

  17. 🙂

    Ha – another one who missed the ape. Rowohlt as Penner, yes he liked it. But rest assured, Looby, Harry needs no pension. He inherited 49 % of the Rowohlt publishing house, the whole shack was then sold to Holtzbrinck – I guess he could swim in Guinness every day and would not make a significant dent in his account.

    Yes, you are right Bobby – I only followed the ball, another ape (or fifteen) would have not made any difference ! I think the message is to watch by whom, what or how our attention is grabbed and fixed; and at least try to look at what we are missing. If the gorilla allows.

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