Sunday Music – Early Edition

Oh what a lousy week this was. Tuesday brought no result, nor did Wednesday or Thursday, and Frayday brought nothing good. Felt a bit like a hit in the stomach first, but I’m fine now thank you. Next hit was the announcement of MsScarlet to have a longer pause from blogging – I only hope that this will not come true. This comes shortly after the announcement of blogging heroine Mistress MJ that the regular service is interrupted, pending further notice. Oh dear …
All this did not improve my mood and did not drive me to write here. Instead I hung around the web, and used StumbleUpon heavily; later I dusted some of these strange objects that surround me and read some books. Finally I had to think about how to go on from here, and at least I can see a kind of path.
I can not sit down and start to analyze and think on command; I best seek a bit of distance to the problem, soon enough I’ll be in the middle of the damn thing, I learned to trust myself in this respect over time. I think Joyce once called this “running rabbit holes” – correct me please Joyce, if I got it all wrong. Anyhow it thought in the depths of my cerebrum, and slowly some bubbles made it up into the conscious part, I only hope they made it in time and that I’ll be able to act accordingly.
It’s no wonder then that this Sunday Music is a bit melancholic: It is John CAGE‘s (Ger., Eng.) quiet In a landscape. The version I choose is by Alexei LUBIMOV (Ger., Eng., bio.), with ca. nine minutes a bit longer than the pieces you find here usually on Sunday Music. If you like, compare his version with the one by Margaret LENG TAN (Eng.) here; she’s not only one minute faster, but transforms the piece thoroughly.
I hope you enjoy the music and can dream a bit. Have a peaceful and easy week.



10 thoughts on “Sunday Music – Early Edition

  1. Thank your for sharing these wonderful 9′ of John Cale that I’m replaying for the 4th time now while reading again your post. Between the lines I can feel disappointment, hopelessness, worry and a bit of sadness in the mist of your thoughts. The rest is blurred, but it’s there. I wish I could comfort you; I’ll stay near.

    (I think Joyce meant “follow rabbits down rabbit holes”, not sure though. Your Burdish blogfellas will know much better than me).

    *Sends a kiss to you*

  2. I can feel your affliction too, Young man and it makes me worry. You’re strong enough to overcome adversity, Please, don’t let it bring you down.

    Bloggers come and go. I’m confident that Scarls and the Mistress will be back. They must have powerful reasons for leaving, just allow some time and let them know you miss them -they’ll love that more than a dozen roses-. Chef and Leni went through the same phase and they’re back again. The blogging virus is incurable.

    Wish you all the best in the future. *blows kiss*

  3. I am slightly ruffled…. but what is the blogosphere without moments of flouncing and huffiness? Hmmmmm? There hasn’t been a good blog flounce in eons and then two come along at once. I have scribbled a post in my notebook; it is a nice post… but probably won’t be ready for a while due to its unusual length (there are more than five sentences)… and sincere apologies, but I am going home, back to the old Blogspot blog… I know, I have been jumping around like a field of wallabies…. but I miss my old blog.

  4. Thank you carissima Leni, but do not read too much in my humble words. I only vaguely remember the words Joyce (the blogger Joyce, an old lady living near the Great Lakes; not this foolish Irish drunkard of the same name who pretended to be a writer – ha !) used some years ago, related to teaching if I remember it correctly.
    Edit: I just found these pictures, maybe you already know them.

    No worries, Hipster Yaya, and thank you for your empathy. Yes, bloggers start and stop, it’s only natural and the course of life – it’s the vain hope to fix, to keep in time … don’t know whether it’s the Faustische in me or simply my stomach grumbling. I think the latter.

    There is too much confusion, Norma

    Whoa, what a mean show! And I had to laugh out when the small man finally “picked” the card, Ulk LX ! Only good that no zippo is involved, Unreliable Altmetall.

    Cheerio Hoppelschaum, I raise my coffee cup in vaguely Western direction …

    I’m only glad that you stood up, dear Z. Good luck with the letter you mentioned. And thank you.

    Back to the shack where it all started with the bush that would publicly removed ? As long as you stay in blogland, I’d follow you even to more obscure places, MsScarlet. And of course, fluffy flounces and huffy puffiness is an integral part of the game of charme, something not necessarily found in a Scottish greasy spoon.

  5. I find peace and serenity and thank you for your wishes …. on this side of the sea we are all listing what we are most grateful for …. it is a time of contemplation. Wishing you a wonderful time to the end of the year and beyond.

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