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If you are interested in gear & clobber, and by chance are near London town, why not pay a visit to Somerset House (Ger., Eng.) and have a look at the works of the incredible Ms BLOW (Eng.) ?


Ms CHENG does bees.


If you can not built your own new Frank Lloyd WRIGHT (Ger., Eng.)  house, transport containers may be a solution: From organic architecture to the reign of the rectangular prefab metal box.


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  1. I think Miss Scarlet would look rather jaunty in one of Ms Blow’s hats.

    I have always liked the horizontal lines of Wright’s “Prairie School” style, especially the Martin House.

    My former co-worker Rambo is now living in three container boxes that he has joined to make a home!

  2. Multiposting today, Mago? That’s great!!! Glad to see that your brain cells never stop working. Thank you for sharing Isabella Blow’s link -amazing and daring designs- that I’m gonna share immediately with a good friend of mine that works at the fashion sector and owns of small company called Satori Woman .

    When I win the lottery and my budget allows, I’ll be more than glad to move to Frank Lloyd Wright’s falling water house in Pensilvania. In the meantime, I’ll stay in my small flat in the center of Grytviken (it’s warm, cosy and has a nice smimming pool).

    XXX from Leni.

  3. London is currently closed whilst they hose down the streets and rid the rats from the dire capital of England. May I suggest that you re-route yourselves to nearby Wales, where upon arrival in Cardiff they gift you with a set of Ford Cortina hubcaps and a 4″ facial scar. Tell them ‘Taffy’ sent you.

  4. *looks up and waves hello to Chef*

    My West Country lovely exbf took me once to Cardiff. Welsh people were very nice but they were prolly out of Ford Cortina hubcaps when we arrived -never heard of 4″ facial scars you mention but I’m pretty sure I would have politely declined the offer, had the situation presented itself…

  5. I translate “jaunty” with “fesch” or “leiwand” – that’s Austrian for something like “yeah !” She surely could wear such a piece, LX.
    Wright’s houses are leiwand f.e. It’s great to see his care for details. I spent some time following the building of the Usonian House.
    Rambo the hanky man ! I think the problem with those containers is not to store them and such, building high up – for that they are constructed – but the width. It always ends in some kind of tube-like room. I saw a design lately where containers were put on a platform and formed a kind of Innenhof, overwhelmed with a light superstructure.
    I know some areas around here in the middle of nowhere that were former used by the military, mostly for storage purposes. These areas are “erschlossen”, what means that power, water, and “Abwasser” lines are there. The communities now in possession of these shares of land have no clue what to do with it: It’s far out in the woods, often no real roads are leading to it. On such a ground one could built what one wants to built. Within the communities / villages exist a lot of regulations regarding height, roofs, distances etc., outside in the woods these uber-regulations would simply not be useful. And if someone would relieve a community from the burden of such an un-usuable land, they’d sure be accessible: After all one would built where it is not to be seen. Ach ja, die Lotterie

    “Beatriz-Libertad Sanchez-Pescador” – what a name ! The brain works, mostly at least, dear Leni Qinan. The falling water house was restored with big effort over the last years, I think they had to saw out some parts of the concrete construction. Water is dangerous for a house, for any construction. But this house is simply a dream !
    You have a swimming pool ? Whow ! Without my bathtub I would have already died an untimely death …

    Thank you Hipster Yaya – what a touching and mellow piece of music. If I come up with a Sunday Music Late Edition it will not be so tender i fear …

    I will present your compliments to my new friends in Cardiff, Taffy. I think Elton John somewhere sung about something “as English as a blue Cortina”. And regarding face scars – heck, in other places people PAY for something like this, but I think this comes close to self-mutilation …

  6. Yes, I live in a housing development with a common swimming pool, Mago. I share it with my 210 neighbors. It opens from June 15th – September 15th. If you ever fly to Sandwich, please bring your bathsuit and have a swim!

    Beatriz is a very beautiful and creative lady with an amazing good taste for clothes. She’s now struggling to start her own business. Her second name (Libertad) means “freedom” (her dad was a prominent Spanish unionist) and her composed family name has a nice history: her ancestor José Sánchez-Pescador was a famous painter of the 18th century (2 of his works are exhibited at the Museo del Prado). I am very honored to be her friend.

  7. Guys, have a look at the best worn facial scars in California: Chibs Telford (Scottish VP of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original, better known as SAMCRO). Actor, Tommy Flanagan received the scars in a mugging. I presume he went to Wales looking for a set of Ford Cortina hubcaps and a 4″ facial scar on Taffy’s behalf. Enjoy the music (The Pogues, I think).

  8. Just popped in to find a room full of wonderful costumes. Thanks Mr Mags. I’m returning to fit out the rest of the cast for Beauty and the Beast. The show is on at the end of next week and i’m running out of time!

  9. I look jaunty in most things; even my scars are a glowing feature AND I have been known to be especially jaunty in Wales… there was that time up Snowden… less said.
    I love the hats. I want one.

  10. No fly in, maybe ship, dear Leni. There should be an old rusty whaler ploughing through the waves … Starting a business right now – all good luck for your friend Beatriz-Libertad !

    This man seems to have some anger issues, dear Hipster Yaya. Maybe some relaxing techniques might be helpful, like meditation, Yoga, simple knitting.
    You have a knack for taffies, eh?

    End of next week – hey that’s an eternity, dear Princess ! Oh dear I see it coming, you’ll be whacked and wasted, without sleep, barely able to hold the cigarette … as you theatre people like it !

    Of course you would, Hoppelschaum ! We’ll find a Batschkapp’ for you …

    I don’t know why, but I’d recognize your picture everywhere, MsScarlet.

    More HATS !

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