Sunday Music

December starts like November ends, pretty lousy to say the least. I need to reach someone who is obviously not there; I need to fix some things, and it becomes worse, not better. So tomorrow I’ll hang on the phone, see my friendly doctor, and hang on the phone again – until there is an acceptable result, or at least definiteness about dates. The next weeks, before the whole country shuts down and goes into holiday coma, must bring some results too. Ach, can’t things go smooth for a while ? It’s seemingly a law of nature that things do come in threes and that it all must come together – not one by one, but all in one.
It’s been a while since we had a piece of Eric SATIE (Ger., Eng.) – here is Gnossienne Nr. 4 (Eng.). Sadly I do not know who performs. If you like to compare, here is a version by LI Chenyin (Ger.). And do not hesitate to visit the other Sunday Musics (if there are some ?).
Let’s hope the coming week brings good things to all of us.



13 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Young man, I’d really like to send you a troke of good luck as a Christmas present. Between your lines I read struggle, frustration and hope. Never lose it. You’re often in my thoughts and I really hope this and the coming weeks bring you something really really good.


    PS.- The “holiday coma” is the most emotional time of the year for me. Sandwichians are very familiar people: I miss my three husbands (the late Mr. Yayas, all sadly gone) but I also enjoy the company of my children and grandchildren.

  2. Thank you for this beautiful Gnosienne, Mago. Satie and his melancholic-mysterious halo is an excellent choice. I hope your health is good (may I ask if the doctor is an MD or a PhD?). All the best this week!

  3. I really do not know where the year has gone to but I hope that it improves for you.
    A lovely choice of music, once again… to start my week… although it seems it too is almost over… Not to worry… the show must go on….

  4. Cara mia Yaya, I am blessed to have not lost Misses Mago. I only look forward to a silent and quiet time, especially “zwischen den Jahren”, between Christmas and Sylvester, but I can not seriously say where I’ll be then.

    The doctor is a medical one, dear Leni, – doctor medicinae – and after all the tests are run and whatevertheyhadtodo – it’s all fine with my body !

    Thank You for dropping by LGS – things will get better, I promise.

    I’ll come over to you asap, I hope the show went well, dear Princess.

    Nah, let’s avoid the coma, MsScarlet – let’s move house !

    Glühwein will come later, dear Hoppelschaum. and I think I will be adventerous and experiment a bit … there was something called Seehund back in the days – ?

    Thank You, Savannah – this humble bog is graced by your appearance. And hey ! – great to learn that you and the MITM returned from your expedition into Wineland !

    Stress, frustration, anger – all things that keep my away from writing here, Leni. But now it’s better.

  5. Exactly Hoppelschaum: With white wine, some sugar (but less, makes headaches), vanilla, and I think there was some port also in it. Making it hot evaporateds the alcohol, so a dash of white rum or something on top in the Becher. But I am not sure of the formula, it’s only what I have still in my memory.
    Another thing involves rum, hot water, coffee beans and sugar, but all I remember is that I do not want to go there again.

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