Gut Soweit …

The storm went through. Pretty fast, throwing water against the panes, furious lightning, but again, very fast. It’s so silent now.
The whole day cloud mountains built up. When I walked over the campus a windbloke caught me from behind and shook me a bit. The water from my eyes run around my nose and gently dripped on the jacket. I looked over the valley to the fortress, on some days in spring or autumn you think that you can grab it like a toy and see the cracks in the walls; on other days it so far away, sometimes floating over the fog like an alien battleship; today it was grey, the mist just blanked out all the colours. And tonight finally all the tension broke up in strong winds, hammering rain and some furious flashes, all too fast, heading East, must be a real good show in the North where they wait for Orkan “Xavier”.
I’m busy writing “comprehensive” applications, and if things go well I’ll survive December and January – yippiayeah.
This morning found me at the doctor’s again, nice people. What really was a good thing is that the female assistants know how to tap some blood. I am not blessed with protruding veins and over the years one or the other of these lovely leeches turned into a mad furia poking the needle again and again into my arm until I stopped the nonsense, either by standing up or by passing out. But I never threw up – hey ! The one in charge for taking blood on last Monday realised that it would not work, called her colleague and she did it well – I love you girls !
Doc L. and me get along quite good, he’s the one who told me about that minor heart condition and takes care for it. Today his machine gave in, the one where they smear cold stuff on your body and look at grainy pictures while they move a knob over different parts of your body, forgot the name. But because it’s not only the annual “check up”, but also a look for early signs of this terrible anarchy of the cells called cancer, I had to visit Doc S. too. They share the office, I had seen Doc S. sometimes before, and yes … but after today I can honestly say that I also like Doc S.
He came closer to me than any man before, looked at parts of my body I normally keep concealed, and did this without any embarrassment or awkwardness for both of us. And we had some fun. He also explained to me some of the grainy pictures while he had this knob wandering over my body. We’ll do this again next year.


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  1. Das Problem mit dem Besuch des eigenen Arztes von, Herrn Magos, besteht darin, dass bei Gelegenheit sie Dinge finden, von denen nie gefunden werden sollte. Aber, der die Gefahr ist, deren wir nehmen, um lebendig zu bleiben. Ich ziehe viel es vor, meine eigenen medizinischen Heilmittel wie ein guter starker Kognak vorzuschreiben. Einige Nebenwirkungen, abgestimmt, aber nach der zweiten Flasche werden Sie voriger sorgsamer Herr. Entschuldigen Sie mein Deutsch, man ist etwas rostig.

  2. That’s a most impressive German there Chef! But I think we should leave it to Scarlet to tell you what is funny about “He also explained to me some of the grainy pictures while he had this knob wandering over my body.”

    On a sort of medical point—grey text on a dark green background, and an almost invisible comments icon…well, your eyes are better than mine!

    The storm was fairly quick here too. A big lump of lead flashing has fallen into my garden and I’m a bit reluctant to see if it’s from my chimney. In which case—that’s a problem.

  3. Good to know that you’re safe and sound after the storm, kids. My spies in the north of Germany have reported floods, strong winds and schools closed. And yet in South Sandwich we complain when it rains, or shake our heads accepting that it must rain somtimes, even if it’s just to fill the water reservoirs!

  4. OMG, among other divine abilities and skills, Chef speaks German! I take my hat off to you, sir. I have been struggling for the last 2 years at the Goethe Institut reaching level B.2.1 and I still pray to God that Germans don’t ask me for directions in their native language. Just another of my failures at life!

  5. Nobody likes medical checkups darling, but we all have to pass them just in case. After six children, I’ve been a number of times at the obgyn (a visit every woman dislikes).

    I’ve recently added a number of …ologists to my list: trauma, ophtalm, cardio, geront… I now visit them every year, as my general practitionner recommended to. I know what I say when I say that aging gracefully is an uphill fight!

    I really hope you’re good, Young man. Life may be short but we should live it in the best way possible! Take care of that big heart of yours (don’t forget the concealed parts!) 😉

  6. Not bad, Chef. Yes exactly, das Leben ist immer lebensgefährlich But I doubt that a cognac diet is successful in the long run, splash some vodka in now and then.

    Our screens must have very different colour settings, Looby: The green was very light on mine. And because you are not the only one, who saied that the comment icon was hard to find, I turned the “meta”-bubbles on and switched to a light grey background – do you see it as battleship grey wall ?
    Maybe MsScarlet knows one or two things about double entendre.

    I just have to check the news, Hipster Yaya, yesterday they expected a flood, I wonder whether it reached Hamburg. And yes, all is well, no worries.

    Wo geht’s lang, Leni ? This is cheap I know. I do not believe that learning German was a failure in your life. Some Praxis works wonders.

  7. The first result on for that is an advert for cake decorating items. And I must say I feel a lot more confident whilst bending over a kitchen table, than struggling with incomprehensible maths/logic/computer code mash-up.

  8. So you I think find it readable, Looby?

    Teehee, good ol’ Unix. I just recognize it, but can’t read it, never really learned it, LX. If I get it right it’s a sequence, a paste invocation: Maybe one of these small thingies where one can move a slider and chance colour tones ? Should be in this gnu core thing. Free BSD I say !

    No cake wrecks here, Looby. For the code, ask Ulrich DREPPER, he should know.

    Yep, LGS, the doc made me sing and yodel and keeled over laffing – he had his fun too ! And sorry, no chance for rainbows – the sun just saied good bye for the next three months.

    Chef / Leni: Whatever you do, get a room you two !

  9. I’m “ohne Befund” from top to toe, and believe me Hoppelschaum, I am very glad about this. After all it’s a bio-chemical lottery. And given the history of illness in my family (they died either from cancer or from heart attacks), my pretty unhealthy life”style” (smoke, you bastard, and have another drink !) I only can repeat that I’m very glad to have no serious condition now.

    Selfmade Glühwein ? I always loved it when we made hot red, with Nelken, sugar, I guess my mother put in some Zimmet; put in a cup over a small Stövchen (“stove” must be the same word), put a metall thingy over the cup, stored sugar cubes on the metall thingy, poured rum over this and set it on fire: The burning rum caramelises the sugar, it drips into the hot red mixture, and after the fire show you put a healthy dash of rum into the stuff for good measure … warm, cozy, and awfully drunk at the end of the evening. Best when the blizzard tries to carry your house away.

  10. Ich beneide Dich um das Feuer.
    I had some nice Doppelbock, and played around with the settings – do you find it readable ? The background should be a kind of chamoagne, heller Riesling, I hope the contrast works. It’s late now and I need to see my bed, sorry Hoppelschaum. BTW your film(s) gave me an idea to play around with the inbuild recorder, I even found an old micro here. Perhaps I will be audible ?
    Good night m’dear, but it’s time now.

  11. One last thing: I HAD to do this – this “menue” item was driving me mad. In the right upper corner you see now – nothing ! Exactly as it should be. The former “appearances” were ugly. Unconnected white bloba in quadrangular shape.
    Solution is to create an “empty” “menue”, et voila.
    Who ever wants to look for some categories can do this at the footer, just click the “+”-bauble, and there they are.
    These white squares were really destroying the whole look of the site.

    Anyway, I need to sleep now. Servus, Hoppelbobbel 🙂

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