For MJ

Mistress MJ of INFOMANIAC is a true treasure of Blogland. For years she entertains the crowd (Pizzas ‘n Bongos), dominates the weak and willing, keeps the flock together – the INFOMANIAC is a meeting point for a special and lovely crowd, mostly a bit squiffy – the crowd, not the hostess. Of course. You love it or you leave it; staples like Filthy Friday are not to everyone’s taste, und das ist gut so, as the Berlin Buergermeister once saied.
The Mistress has taken a break from blogging lately, maybe she’s busily saving the world, holds Nigella’s hand or something. Whatever it may be, people around the globe hope for her return, aka the second coming. As long as the vodka fountain works, there is hope in Blogland.

Here M’lady, just for You: Joe COCKER (who else, eh ?), Mad Dogs and Englishmen: She came in through the bathroom window, hope you enjoy it …




Mistress MJ as we know her and love her: Come back soon !


10 thoughts on “For MJ

  1. Mitzi says:

    MJ has been reopened! I didn’t know you was familiar with Nigella, I once saw her in John Lewis… or was it her kitchenware collection I saw, I really can’t remember.

  2. Oh shit – I did a wrong click and my comment was gone – I was blabbing about Nigella and her husband, and can’t be arsed to repeat it now, sorry Mitzi, later then.

    This bloke would not survive here, XL. Do you need some sleep ?

    This blog feels humbled and honoured by your comment, dear Mistress MJ. *mwah*

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