Sunday Music

Sunday Music

Just some music for a remarkable short Sunday, it gets dark so early; and not much of a twilight too; just “click” and there you sit. In the dark. With a candle and a headache, because that malty sweet Doppelbock kicked in last night – they know what to produce in the monasteries, this one comes from Weltenburg (Ger., Eng.).
Without much ado here is Leo KOTTKE (Ger., Eng.), no fear he does not sing, with a little piece  called Mona Rey, hope you enjoy it.
May this week bring some good results, or at least no bad news, we had enough of that lately.




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  1. lx says:

    [off-topic. not sorry.]

    This weekend I have been reading some very delightful prose poetry…

    Birds Dreaming
    When I arrived the birds had their full morning-conversations on – what do they have to talk about early in the morning? Are they all repeating their dreams to each others?

    Thunder and Rainstorm
    It’s cold. Clouds race over the sky, which shows anything from light grey to deep blue-black with silver lightning – it is a great look.

    The human voice is the first, the primal organ: We can hum, shout, whisper, scream, speak, follow given rhythms or letting it flow free, high low and all in between.

    Silver, not round but elliptical, shrinking, clouds like ink in water. Hours ago, over the horizon it was fat and yellow. A yard around, bluish-redish-gray. Noninvolved, neutral, distant. It just is. And doesn’t care. Like death.

    Western Front October ’18
    People die, the closest are hurt, sit and watch, death comes near, the shadow is to stay, the time I will be here is shorter than the time I already was here.

    Middell Frangn
    I stood on the bridge over the “Wieseth” and tried to find out in which direction this murky brown something would “flow”. It did not even look like water and finally it made a move in the direction of the sunset. Looking up and down this “valley” there was nothing to please the eye, only naked wet cold earth.

    A round full copper moon just came up swimming in all black. No good to go out tonight, in the woods the trolls will get mad and the animals will talk and in the city fists will fly. One of the nights and skies I would like to sit on the top of a tower above me only sky.

    Tiny Storms
    Thunder rolling over, all shades of grey, to the north the landscape slowly vanishes. It comes in my direction.

  2. I only had the normal stuff at 7 %, Stoss LX, but it was strong enough. 13 % would be stronger than the average wine around here. The very strong liquids are normally called something with “-ator” at the end, like “Kulminator” (from Kulmbach, beer capital of Oberfranken), Dominator or similar. Very dangerous for regular beer drinkers, people get drunk in no time. Looks like Coca Cola in the glass, and is as sweet I guess; it’s the malt.

    I exaggerated this – it was not a fully developed hangover, but the head as a bit brittle at the edges, dear Hoppelschaum. Nothing to last for hours, in fact a good coffee cleared the mist.
    Yes – die Sonnwende ist ein Trost ! No wonder the ancients built large calendars so they can reach a firm and reliable Ordnung in the n/ever changing series of day and night. That would be an interesting post. Some exciting things were found over the last twenty years.

    Heavens, LX ! I glimpsed over it and only at “Middle Frangn” I realized that I had written this. Then I read again. It seems that I nailed together one or two acceptable sentences over the years.

  3. Indeed Herr Mago. Who could ever resist the subtle vocals of the living legend that is Leo Kottke? Funnily enough, I have just finished wrapping a gift of his double platinum CD album, entitled ‘Leo does Dallas, amongst other places’, featuring the iconic smash hit ‘I just love your malty sweet sexy Doppelbock’, and other favourites. I’m hoping that my mother-in-law enjoys every single long second of this master vocalist.

    Quite sad actually, he was never really the same after the dreadful Dolph Lundgren experience. None of us saw that little episode coming, eh?

  4. God gracious – I hope the sampler includes hits like “Pils me up”, and “Ale for Sale” !

    I think that was made in a film, “The Lundgren Incident”, starring Michael CAINE as a piece of wood.

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