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Somehow & ~where in the conversation the topic “imaginary lands” came up – frater Humbertus de Bologna wrote the travel guide.


Things are not always what they seem to be. Google will lift this on a new level: Let the bot do the job. We could learn Klingon then ?


Housing seemingly never really changed. One can use a hotel, a state run accommodation, or prefer the traditional.


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  1. No subs. But the North did have torpedo boats (Tonkin Gulf Incident). We did play chase with some of those, but they were faster and smart enough to stay out of our gun range.

    They also had MiG fighter jets for which we had no defense. We were always paired with a ship that had anti-aircraft missiles to protect us and we were there to protect them in case the torpedo boats attacked.

  2. What do you mean Bis morgen? Are you leaving now that I’ve just popped in? Oh dear, we’re like ships in the night Mago!
    As far as I’m concerned, I’d rather live in a traditional cave than in Mr Nicholson’s hotel, in spite of the cavemen. And no, I can’t learn Klingon. I’m not done with German yet!

  3. La Paloma oheee … I’m not ship in the night, dear Leni, more of a barque in the darque. The Klingon-link is originally from LX, I did not know that one could learn that. I’m sure your German is quite well, m’dear.
    I always looked with a mixture of fascination and terror at caves. One day I will see the living spaces in Kappadokia; and I think some pueblos in New mexico are also cut into Fels and use natural cavities. As a child I saw illustrations of this – astounding how such early pictures get stored and survive.

    LX Number 1: And best of it: Silence ! It looks good. I only saw the machines of Bremmo, they have around 50 hp.
    It should be possible to built a really relaxed chopper around that power train.

    LX Number 2: BWUHAHHAAA … cough … teeheee … What IS this stuff ? And where to glue MJ to ?

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