Never a Boring Day

Two or three days ago I sat at my desk and it made “ping”. Something had changed and I did not realize what it was until my left eye started to water . Taking down the glasses I noticed that they were a bit wobbly and further inspection revealed that two parts of metal gap: Nothing fell out, but it sits now a bit awkward. Where two metal parts are soldered together too much tension built up and the connection gave in. Maybe the temperatures played a role, I had come in from the cold just a short time ago.
Today I received a letter from someone to whom I owe money. I pay it back by monthly instalments. Without further address he lists that I once payed less than promised, and that on another occasion the cash was two days late on his account. Nothing else. I have no clue what that shall mean – and I dare say, I don not care. At least he wrote his name on the paper.

To put this nonsense into perspective:
A close friend waits for the results of the medical examination of her beloved mother.
Another friend I was speaking to on the phone this evening, told me that she had been close to suicide in the course of this year, seriously, because of the constant payne she has in her body. I know her for years, a petite woman bit older than me; the last time I saw her she at least could walk alone and already looked like a victim from the camps. Now it is even worse. I hope to see her tomorrow evening, if she is able to come to a pizzeria, where our old prof holds an informal meeting. We will probably have to carry her in.
Broken spectacles, a wanna-be-loan-shark to settle, and whatever comes my way – it is nothing compared to the fear through the helpless and worrying wait for possible seriously bad news, or to bodily payne that drives you on the brink of suicide.
Tomorrow evening I will know more.

13 thoughts on “Never a Boring Day

  1. Dear me, Mago. It sounds like its time for some good news!
    I wish you some joyous moments at this pizzeria. I am so sorry for your friend though. Chronic pain sucks.

  2. Oh honey. Chronic pain is diabolical. It eats away people’s ability to cope and every moment becomes a struggle, especially as sleep is no longer a refuge. I hope your friend does meet up with you. Beloved company makes such a difference.

    Bah to the loan shark and pinging glasses.

  3. I’m sure the doctors have already been through this, but I wonder why there’s any reason her pain is not being controlled? My supervisor had pancreatitis once and they gave him a steady small dose of morphine. He said the pain (before the morphine) was unbelievable and afterwards it was like a toothache.

  4. If it helps my friend, forward your details in regard to debts owed, across to me (via comment section, mark it private) and I will endeavour to advise, or indeed intercede.

  5. Hey dear,
    Listen to Mr. LX: your glasses are easy to fix!
    Listen to Looby: maybe a bit of catnip helps.
    Listen to Chef: He knows!
    Listen to all your readerships: we love you!

    *sprinkles magic powder towards you* —-> That will bring you good news this week, honey ;)

  6. The glasses will be repaired very soon for free, because the spectacles are not yet two years old, LX.

    A kind of pizza connection, Foam.

    Good to see you around dear Roses – and thank you for the good words.

    Oh she has a morphium-based medicine, and she says it works well, but with some side effects like nausea and drowsiness. It’s a kind of last refuge.

    Thank you for the kind offer, Chef, but this affaire will be ended without further trallalah in half a year. I will happily come back to your offer when things start to get out of hand, but I think it’s not to be expected.

    Thank you Leni – *cough*, Do I need to know what the magic powder contains – or better not ?

    Thank you Hipster yayaGOtt strafe Gema ! I’ll look for a version of Ms Jones’ song I am allowed to hear.

    I’ll help with the drugs, Looby

    Thank you very much for the cards Mitzi, number one was The Magician ! A very good reading indeed, let’s hope that fate does what the cards promised.

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