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As much as I liked the former theme (the Spun Theme), for its typography and the not so usual design, as much did I dislike the baubles at one point and so went back to a more traditional form, called “Typo” – I hope its good readable (glaring at XL – ?).
I toyed around with another chromium-based browser called epic from India: Very nice, very fast, inbuilt ad-blocker and anti-tracker; the only downside is that as a WordPress user I am not allowed to comment on some – not all ! – google blogs. I did not find out how that works. Maybe there is something somewhere in the settings.
They could improve a bit the whole setting thing – for example it says that bookmarks would be imported from Internet Explorer only, but when you click it finds others too. But that is minor criticism I think, it works fast and reliable and keeps out a lot of nonsense. Looking at the impressive count of blocked trackers (over an afternoon of reading newspapers, looking at blogs, nothing exciting or special, it clocked up nearly 1.800 blocked trackers and some 300 third-party cookies) I thought that there surely will be an extension for what I use, chromium based IRON – and yes, it exists, is called DoNotTrackMe and is freely available in the store or via the producer’s website.
A very nice side effect of all this poking around was that the new browser came up with tons of bookmarks I had mislaid. I went through them and found a lot of blogging links I had forgotten and other stuff I once found interesting. I sorted and listed these links, and will slowly but steadily worm my way through them. At the moment there is not much else to do for me, and here is nothing like festive mood or such a thing in sight.

26 thoughts on “Hanging around

  1. I was confounded when a computer went pfft a few years ago and I lost all my bookmarks. That’s why I use a feedreader now, though I’m sure bookmarks are saved via my phone now. I rather hope the festive mood kicks in soon, not that I’m too woo-hoo myself, but that seeing everyone else celebrate when I just don’t feel it can be a bit dismal. It doesn’t have to be, of course.

    Whoops, I’m rambling. Perhaps I should start again and make more sense…

  2. I have been using Ghostery (Firefox plug-in) as a tracker blocker with good results. One specifies which to allow/block and it remembers thereafter. Some must be allowed for stat counters, to comment on some pages, etc.

    Firefox allows one to backup/restore bookmarks. Bookmarks > Import and Backup > Backup | Restore. Just saying.

    “Typo?” My eyes! My eyes!

  3. I lost track of the bookmarks once, Z; then I switched to another browser – I even had Opera once – but I think I’ll stay with the one I have. The bookmark list always changed, but what I have found now is pretty good, and shows me some interesting things I had totally forgotten.
    The festive mood will not be here, I wonder whether I will be here then.

    Yes, Ghostery works, Grau auf Grau LX. I will use the extension mentioned above, let’s see what it does.
    I only hope the contrast is strong enough, so that reading does not get unnecessarily strenuous. And thank you for the compliment.

  4. I don’t know what to say…. I wish I’d bookmarked all my packing boxes. I up back… nearly up, and might be running normally by February…. what festive period?

  5. You will remember next Tuesday when you’ll sit amongst all that boxes with a candle, a bottle of wine and Mr. Blue doing the best Rue Dolph ever, MsScarlet ! Promised !

    Thank You Foam – the clear white is a always too stechend, it hurts. The grades of grey here come with the template, on my screen the differences are not too big, too sharp, but recognisable. And all that helps to read is good.

    Dear JOYCE – what a joy to see you – You drop by far too rarely here !
    A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to YOu – and hopefully we will read you more often in the coming year !

  6. Danke Foam. Dir auch. “Ab jezz ged’s ‘nauswärts”, wie die Alten sagten. “Ab jetzt geht’s hinaus” – it was the longest night and the shortest day, the pendulum swings back.

  7. Sir, Suchmaschinen oder Dampfmaschinen, hat man wenig Interesse von einem anderen, als die Aufdeckung von solch seltenen Edelstein als Blogging-Geist schätzen Winkel. Also, mit diesem eher unhöflich, und eine sehr arme greifen auf das Schreiben mit der Glasgower Verständnis der deutschen Sprache, es bleibt nur für mich, um Sie für so viel qualitativ hochwertige Unterhaltung in den letzten zwölf Monaten zu danken. Bitte akzeptieren Sie meine Gabe der Jahreszeiten Grüße. Ich Ihnen Lebewohl.

  8. I was tempted to link something by The Frogs, those old Psychobillies, but in the end felt not up to – maybe it’s the Christmas Spirit, dear Foam and LX.

    Dear Chef – Caramba – are you sure that you are on the right blog ? “Ein Edelstein”, sometimes it’s a bit more Schaumgold …[that is Messing, made to look like gold, used for Christmas decorations; it’s out of use since, oh WWI I think; and I find no English word for it]. I thank you for the greetings, and feel flattered that you like the quality entertainment: That is exactly what the ancients meant by prodesse et delectare, being of use and giving some pleasure. So it can’t be too bad what I do here.
    Take care Chef.

    But I got no roses, MsScarlet !

    Thank You very much Austere ! I’ll follow your order strictly.
    And hey: Ten published texts a year is not bad :) I hope it will continue.

  9. Thank You XL, Dir auch !

    Merry Christmas to you as well Mistress MJ !

    Frohe Weihnachten Foam, es ist schön Dein blog gefunden zu haben !

    You said: “You see Mr Flies, you CAN be nice if you want !” It’s astounding, isn’t it ?!
    Happy Christmas, dear MsScarlet, I hope you sit in a warm house with electric power, and with all your boxes in the dry.

    Thank you Hipster Yaya ! And I was beginning to wonder what that kind of greenery actually is …mbmmbbllLeni…eihnachtenschmatz ! Kind of mistletoe-Überfall !

    Thank you Mitzi, happy Christmas to you (and Carmen) as well. No worries about my sausage, it’s all right.

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