Weihnachten 13

Merry Christmas to all !

It was a relaxed evening spent in good company. We prepared goose, or better some parts of it, not a whole bird, a traditional seasonal food. I helped, a good friend was in command, he knows what to do with birds and fish in the kitchen. To my amazement he started with the juice or sauce, and in the pan went sugar, concentrated tomato, red wine (we used a healthy Regent (Ger., Eng.), a strong willed wine), and a whole bunch of nice things including orange peel and dates; and to the end one or two large spoons of goose fat, after the whole content of the pot had went through a colander or strainer.
The bird’s parts themselves went into the oven and were left sizzeling, Rotkraut and Klöße are the easiest part.
We spent the evening drinking wine and talking about “Gott und die Welt”, listening to some Beethoven, later a bit of Mozart and Clapton. When I went into my rooms I carried a glass of red, spilled a bit, so my kitchen looked like a crime scene this morning, I had to do the dishes anyway.
The day is grey and rainy, windy too, but its nothing compared to the heavy storms in the UK and France, or the ice storm over Canada – I only hope my revered readers have still a roof over their heads.
That’s how it looked here yesterday:


Weihnachten 13


I did not put up the usual Sunday Music, I felt not up to it. But today the outlook is better, we all feel better. So here comes a lively bourée (Ger., Eng.) by Michael PRAETORIUS (1571-1621) (Ger., Eng.), from his collection of dances Terpsichore (1612), named after the muse of dance. He may be still known for his harmonization of Es ist ein Ros’ entsprungen (Ger., Eng., video).
I hope you like it. And that you can spend the coming days in good company, doing what you like, and enjoy the time zwischen den Jahren (Ger.); take care of your dreams in these nights.



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  1. Merry Christmas Herr Mago. I love the part of your post about going to your rooms. It sounds like you’re retiring to some wing of some old grand house. I suppose it’s something more modest.

    I also assume you celebrate Christmas on 24th? It’s 25th here so we’re still halfway through. We have just set off some wind-up penguins which came out of the Christmas crackers on a race across the dinner table.

    Thank you for your blogging this year: I’ve made some nice connections here.

  2. Froher erster Weihnachtstag! :-) Eine Gans! That sounds nice. Glad you enjoyed good company and wine too. I like Praetorius. I actually posted his Es ist ein Ros entsprungen.

  3. I played the music to my granddaughter Melissa and she enjoyed it. I’m glad you had a good time. I cooked a goose the first year I was married – the whole thing though, even in those days I didn’t do anything by halves (I don’t know if that’s an English colloquialism too far!).

  4. Merry Christmas to you as well, Looby ! Penguin races – yeah !
    Correctly it is “Heiliger Abend”, the evening before Christmas Day. In older times one would go and visit the midnight mass, “Bescherung” would be in the morning. It just developed and changed and since the 20th century it’s the afternoon and evening of the 24th when families come together and gifts are exchanged.
    Yes, it’s about connecting, exploring – curiosity !

    Yes, I saw it Foam. His version is still sung today, and in some “Liederbücher” of the protestant churches his hymns are still printed and used. It’s crazy that he died on his fiftieth birthday, in Wolfenbüttel of all places, the place with the large library.

    Thank you very much, Ponita – I hope you have no ice storm on top of the snow !

    That is nice, Z ! Good that she liked it. It’s dancing music.
    We decided against the whole bird simply because it would have taken too long.
    I translate it with “keine halben Sachen machen” – and I am very sure that you follow the “Ganz/s oder gar nicht”-school of thought, and action. AND: if I would partout not understand what you’d be speaking of, I would ask.

    Oh its ages since I ate a piece of duck. I think the last time in a Chinese restaurant. I think goose is a different taste, characteristic in its own, LX. It is a bit difficult to prepare and to avoid that it becomes too dry. An old goose is “zäh”, chewy. They are remarkably strong birds, so Gänsebein and Gänsebrust are good meat; they carry a lot of fat so we did “vorbraten” or “ausbraten”, in a first step we put the parts in a pan and let the fat melt and collected it, and in a second step we put the parts into the oven and prepared them. I think duck is darker, smaller birds with less meat; I think the texture is similar, but the taste is different, can’t help, it’s goose. If you do not want to prepare a whole bird, perhaps you can have a Gänsebrust; in earlier days Gänsefett or Gänseschmalz was used throughout the kitchen, to add fat and taste to vegetables of different kind, or like butter.

  5. Herr Mago, I am watching the news just in from Reuters. An interesting piece on Germanic geese being sold locally, contaminated by a lethal radioactive acid rain that unexpectedly arrived from Chelyabinsk, Russia last month. It would appear that the symptoms involve spilling wine and frequent urination via the ear gills. This would account for you mistakenly recalling yourself listening to Beethoven, when in actual fact it was Franz Berwald and Bohuslav Martinu assaulting your eardrums. Possibly your only chance of survival would be to drive a tractor, naked of course, directly through the village square of Quedlinburg, where the mayor has an unction available to reverse the effects of the radiation itself. All is not lost. I have an acquaintance in your area, who, for a small sum, will gladly loan you a smashing version of the Ford P1433 Gujarat tractor, of which will get you there without further delay.

    I do hope my message reaches you in time… Good luck!

  6. Has anyone noticed that the sauce that bathed the goose in the pan must have been really delicious? I take my hat off to your friend the cook! Excellent!
    I’m glad to know that you had a nice day in good company with good music.

    Merry Christmas to you!

  7. A very belated Merry Christmas from the deepest darkest heart of storm lashed Scotland. I keep telling myself that if the roof’s lasted this long it can withstand anything.
    There’s a metaphor in there somewhere……. but it might be too heavy for yuletide.
    Hope you’d a good Christmas!

  8. Ta – like BERWALD himself, I have never actually heard one of his pieces. And who needs a Ford when he has a LANZ ? It was cold, so it took a bit longer (02:15) than usual to start the engine ..

    Merry, happy and Jolly – thank You m’Lady – all the best for You and the boys, Norma – I hope they are well !

    Yeah, that’s something after your tastes: Me riding a tractor through Quedlinburg in search for the magic unction, what a grail … Danke, frohe Weihnachten, Hipster Yaya !

    The sauce was an absolute highlight, dear Leni – maybe I should use this as a cure … It was gently bubbling along all the time, with all the goodies in the pot, one could have spread it over straw and it would have tasted divine … Merry Christmas, Leni !

    MACY ! The Christmas miracle ! Hang on to your rock, clinch to the fjell, trust in … in whatever Scots trust – whisky ?! Spiked eggnogg ? SIngle Malt !
    I thank you very much for coming by, and hope that you will re-activate your blog, eventually ? Not that I’m curious or something … Again, it’s great to see you ! I hope you are well in any respect. And yes, when your house is still standing (it actually is ?), it will survive this storm too.

  9. “Spiked eggnog”

    Ja! Even my strict Southern Baptist grandfather, father, and uncles who normally did not drink alcohol, would have a little eggnog and whiskey at Christmas time. Me too a couple of times…

  10. I do hope it wasn’t the goose that laid the golden egg that you have eaten by mistake Mr Mags… What a relaxing evening. The Empress and I spent a lovely christmas day with my brothers family. The neices and nephews thought that it would be fun to have a waterpistol/ waterbomb fight in such heat. The kids were winning against the dad’s and uncles until Princess procured and unguarded bucket of small balloons filled with water that had been abandoned in the excitement. It was a harsh lesson to be learned. Never abandon your ammunition!
    A merry Christmas to you and here’s to a better 2014. I raise a glass in your honour!

  11. Thank You, Austere. I think your New Year already started, and therefore I may be untimely late, but let me wish all the best for You !

    Vivat Princess ! Wasserschlacht ! Keep your powder dry, mate – and a Happy New Year !

    Lovely Roses – Christmas was fine, now I only need a better new year, the old one is a bit dented and crumbles at the edges. Best wishes for You and all Yours m’dear.

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