Bourbon vs SALVATOR

It may not be what you expect.

Bourbon (Eng.) is made from Mais (Ger., Eng.) and a part of the South of Northern America seems to have originated around Bourbon wells, namely in New Orleans. There is definitely something French about all this, but no frogs are hurt. Lästermäuler may say that a little industrial Sprit (Ger., Eng.) and some creosote (add some caramel, for heavens’ sake !) (Ger., Eng.) will lead to the same results (things on hot tin roofs, Taylor, Burton, all that) like the original hooch still produced in some areas of Kentucky. If that’s a real place.
I want to talk about manuscript 77 * of the Nassauische Landesbibliothek zu Wiesbaden (Link to the pdf of said library’s catalogue by Gottfried ZEDLER, Leipzig 1931; page 81 of the publication brings the below cited description of the manuscript, or search the pdf for “Bourbon” if you must). Or I wanted to talk. In fact I just want to do research, sit at my desk and drink beer/wine.
Seriously, who is interested in a manuscript of the conversations of two blokes in the 17th century ? Nicolas BOURBON (Fr., Eng.) was an educated man, after all he sat in the academie; his talking partner PATIN (Ger., Fr., Eng.)  was possibly something of an enfant terrible, maybe a loudmouth. They had conversations, these were recorded, the manuscript traveled through Europe in the 17th, 18th and 19th century until it somehow sometime found its resting place in Wiesbaden. A terribly boring city, at least when I can trust my memory from a short visit sometimes in the late Eighties. Pensioner’s delight, Rentnerglück.
The important thing is not the content of the manuscript – while it was dangerous for the two philosophers back in the 17th century to formulate and utter their thoughts unfiltered – the important thing, I say, is, where the manuscript traveled to, who had it in hands and used it, when, for what purpose. No worries, no details: It somehow came from Paris to Hamburg and finally landed in the mentioned library. Maybe I’ll write about it later in an educated little post with  tons of links to educated sites with forgotten texts, remote projects and historical scholars worth to be re-discovered – but not now.
SALVATOR hinders me.




Yes, the saviour is resting in the hand of God ready to pour in another one.

After all life is not a fair affaire. This German writer – I forgot his name, he killed himself some months ago, after having suffered enough from a brain tumour [will insert it here:  Wolfgang HERRNDORF (Ger., sorry no Eng. article, what a shame !)] – he wrote on his blog one of the first sentences: “Welcome to the bio-chemical lottery !”
He is right. People may drink and smoke and have unhealthy life-“styles” [Let me put one thing right, now and forever: Stil, style, is something one has to work for, to strive after; echter Stil ist harte Arbeit und erfordert einen Haufen Hirnschmalz: Hanging around and getting drunk while smoking like a chimney is not style, even CHINASKY (Ger., Eng.) (who btw was one of the most fucking stylists in writing (!) of the last century) accepted that], again: unhealthy living – whatever that means – does not automatically lead to cancer. Whether one dies from cancer or not does not depend on this “style”. Of course using drugs is not an especially healthy life-“style”, but I know people ill with cancer who never smoked and were reluctant in the use of something accepted and common like alcohol – and I buried young friends who died from something totally different from what their life-“style” “should” have caused – if one follows the all too generalizing ideas of public health services or other authorities.
It is a lottery.
And everybody whose cells do not go on a riot, find out that anarchy is a nice thing and thus develop one or another form of cancer – everybody who can keep these units in and under control: is happy.
Those of us who are confronted with it, in their own body, or in the body of their friends or relatives, deserve love, empathy, and realism.
No lies.
I can not hear the word “accept” anymore without feeling sick. There is no way to “accept” cancer. It’s fight. At least imho, and in my humble experience.

Writing a blog helps to clear thoughts.
So, after all this long blab about nothing and all, Bourbon Beer and Cancer, maybe some nice music ? Nice – eh ?
Let’s just ride on the Crest of a Wave



Stay healthy. Good luck in the lottery.

I will not make the rounds this year, no individual mails and e-cards. I beg your pardon, I am sorry. Let me just wish You All a Happy New Year:
Gesundheit, Glück und Gottes Segen !


* “Hs. 77

388 Bl. [Bl. 3—365 sind pag. als S. 1—725] Papier, 200 x 160 mm.
18. Jh.
Aus der Vorrede, in der von tous ces cahiers, que vous voyez ici, die Rede ist, geht hervor, daß es sich um eine Abschrift handelt. Unter beinahe 700 Stichwörtern sind die verschiedenartigsten Gegenstände behandelt, die, wie gleichfalls die Vorrede besagt, zum weitaus größten Teil den Unterredungen entstammen, die der Verfasser Guy Patin während mehrerer Jahre mit Nicoiao Borbonio in der Reformierten Kirche von Paris gepflogen hat. Die Vorrede macht auf die die Religion, Fürstenregierung und die Jesuiten betr. Artikel besonders aufmerksam und der Verf. warnt seinen Sohn, die Hefte an andere zu verleihen.
Bl. 365 [S. 725]: Finis Miscellariorum [!] ex adversariis Guidonis Patini exscriptorum Parisiis sub initium Anno [!] 1664. Dann folgt ein 20 Bl. umfassender Index Titulorum in Miscellaneis Guidonis Patini Medici Parisiensis obviorum 1706.

Einband 16. Jh. : Lederrücken mit dem Goldaufdr. : Borboniana Ms.


20 thoughts on “Bourbon vs SALVATOR

  1. “it was dangerous for the two philosophers back in the 17th century to formulate and utter their thoughts unfiltered.”
    I wonder what those philosophers would think about blogging.
    Alles Gute im Neuen Jahr!

  2. Waves of good health and happiness to you in 2014, dear.

    In 1975 Rory Gallagher played in South Sandwich. A good friend of mine was cycling by the seaside when she happened to see him smoking at the breakwater. The passersby hadn’t recognised him but she did, because she was a huge fan and had bought a ticket for the gig. She approached him and asked if he was who she thought he was. And he said “Yes”. He asked her if he could have a ride on her bycicle. Of course, she accepted. Then, they had a beer and he gave her free stage tickets for the concert. Long live the Ballyshannon guitar player!

    Blogging is good for one’s health. Let’s keep doing it in 2014. ;)

  3. It’s not just about lifestyle, or pollution or what we eat, Mago. It’s in our genes. Mutations, protein synthesis… whatever. Chemistry. In some years i’m convinced it will be a minor disease. But in the meantime, as you say, those that suffer from cell anarchy and their loved ones deserve all our empathy, love and help. So let’s hope for a better 2014. More Bourbon and less cancer would be good. The lottery is expendable. :)

  4. I only ever drink bourbon in the Christmas eggnog. I find it to be too harsh for my tastes … until last weekend. Someone served me an eggnog made with Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey. OMG, it is so smooth and flavorful. I highly recommend it.

    PS: The Paulander Salvator graphic has me thinking something else entirely. I may have been exposed to too many Filthy Fridays

  5. Interesting question, Mistress MJ. Especially when you keep in mind that one can go to jail (or worse) in some regions of the world just for blogging, speaking freely. Sadly this will not change in the new year.
    BOURBON was an arrived professor of Greek, while the doctor medicinae PATIN belonged to the precarious intellectuals of the time, their discussions seem to have been small “events”, where the interested had to go to, like a talk show.

    7th of March 1975, on youtube is a one hour clip of this gig in the Teatro Monumental, Hipster Yaya. I’m sure Mr. Gallagher was more than delighted to enjoy the company of a South Sandwichian lady.
    Yes, “blogging is good for you” – let’s keep on blogging in 2014 !

    You are very optimistic about that, dear Leni – I so wish you are right !

    I have never before heard about Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey, LX. I know a small shop in the city that sells all kind of stuff, like oils, spirits – next time I am in the area I will have a look into their windows and ask them about that stuff.
    Who would have thought that The Infomaniac is an educational website too ?

    Your confidence is strengthening, Austere – thank you very much !

  6. Happy New Year, Mr Mags!
    Jack Daniels used to be my distraction of choice…. but weak livers tend to go yellow in my family, so I treat it with caution these day. Tea and cake will be my downfall.

  7. Happy New Year, dear Mago. May this year be a vast improvement over the last one for you. I myself do not drink bourbon or whiskey. While I handle alcohol well, my tastebuds much prefer something that doesn’t actually taste of the booze! So my beverage of choice is a vodka paralyzer (equal parts vodka and kalhua, then fill the remainder of the glass (a tall one) with 2/3 milk (cream is too heavy) and 1/3 cola (I prefer Coke Zero as it is sugar free ~ there’s enough of that in the other ingredients! ~ and does not make me pee like a racehorse as diet colas do). Be sure to have all ingredients cold (I keep even the alcohol in the fridge) and add the cola last. Otherwise you make get a very unpleasant curdling effect as the acid in the cola separates the milk. It is very easy to consume way too many of these! It is fairly sweet but very smooth. Tequila can be used in place of vodka, which is actually a nicer drink, but since I am now allergic to tequila, alas I can no longer drink it.

  8. I could have sworn that I left you a message here last night. I was weaned on whiskey at a very young age, my mother used to add a dash of whiskey to my hot milk at night, to ensure that I had a good nights sleep and Benylin and hot water if I had a cold. I must have been the only child in nursery school with the delirium tremens. I find Southern Comfort a huge comfort.

    Happy New Year Mago!

  9. GOd- Ponita, what a mixture … if you shake it too heavy, it explodes … I did not know Kalhua until you mentioned it; they also have a product that combines Rum and coffee, oh dear … The idea to have milk and Cola in one glass is first a bit frightening, but I think there is something that combines Gin and milk too. “Paralyzer” seems to be very fitting name – thank You for the formula (and the proof that it can be survived !), if I have a chance I’ll try this at home, not in public.

    Thank You for the good wishes – Alles Gute für Dich und deine Familie, Melanie !

    Sorry Mitzi, I can find no lost comment of you in another folder.
    Whiskey and Codeine, Hunter S. Thompson built a career around that ! Southern Comfort, breakfast of the South (“Two per customer. No Gentleman would ask for more.”) – only to mention it makes me crave for a cigarette …

    Doht’s Damn COOL, LX ! Jippieayeah – good to see that the film is finished and published. I hope it soon will be shown in an independent cinema around here.

  10. Prosit Neujahr! Paulaner was my choice when I lived in Munich. I wish you all the best in this new year, Mago!
    ..which, of course, includes good health. That one always tops my list.
    I am looking forward to reading more about the esoteric conversations, lives of the people you choose to research. It’s interesting!

  11. Prost Neujahr, FoamAlles gute zum neuen Jahr ! “Gesundheit ist nicht alles, aber ohne Gesundheit ist Alles nichts” – eine Binsenweißheit, aber trotzdem wahr. I will look for information about these strange people of the 17th and 18th century who lived in precarious situations, devoted to strange thoughts and dangerous philosophies, like Spinozism, Deism, “free thinking” – they surely all went directly to hell – a protestant Arbeitshaus run by Jesuits … where laughing is seen as the “most deadly” sin. Yep – deadly alone is not enough, must be “most deadly”.

  12. Thank You very much Savannah – let’s hope for the best for all of them !

    Oh Norma – what would I do without you ?! It feels so good to be told by you !
    All the best for you and the boys.

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