Sunday Music

Still no snow. A cup of coffee, thinking of nothing. Tomorrow is still a holiday, the last, end of the season; still enough time to clear the desk, sort all the papers into files (“falten, lochen, ablegen” / fold, punch, file); to have a look at the shrinking bank account and decide what needs to get payed and what needs to wait; to make a list, where to go to, whom to call; such things. And the new calendar; I am not writing birthdays down, but like to have a look which holidays fall on what day of the week, on what weekday is my birthday. Time to shave, stand tall, and start to think, with a little action included.
I want to hear something smooth, relaxing and comforting on this grey Sunday afternoon. Guess the best choice is ALBINONI (1671-1751) (Ger., Eng.) – an Andante from a concerto in G; sorry no further information about the performing artists are given. I hope you like it. Let’s see what the new year will bring, can only get better.



15 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Same here.. Sitting with a cup of coffee, contemplating the end of the Christmas season. Tomorrow, the epiphany, is not a holiday over here. It is bitterly cold here. Currently it is raining with a big chance of turning to ice.
    Good choice on the music. I was just rummaging through youtube looking for some Sunday music myself.

  2. Yesterday I read about something called “Arctic Vortex” that would come down and freeze the East coast of the US, sounded not too good.
    Oh, maybe you find something das passt ? See you later, die Schupfnudeln rufen … 🙂

  3. Rain, rain and yet more rain…. with a bit of wind. Totally fed up with it. I wouldn’t like the cold temperatures, but at least the snow is pretty. Here it’s just grey and the ground is muddy water.

  4. Ahem – whot ? Partridge is in the dictionary as “Rebhuhn”, Lied LX – I remember that they fly up “in a chain” and I think it is pretty loud. But I would not recognize a partridge when you hold it in my face.
    Congratulations to the freeze, eventually there will be white frost too ?
    When he came over the wood in the distance I thought he’d land on the meadows – the cameraman better kneels down to avoid a rotor blade … at 0:19 he is right under her left wing – God what a stunt ! The old workhorse seems to be in very good condition, nothing falls off; she wears invasion stripes, and “3 A” in yellow at the front; what a thunderer !

    Oh dear MsScarlet – the thermovest … If a really bad cold snap would come all would freeze, tres Canadian; terrible idea too. Stay high, please. I saw pictures in the Daily Gossip, and they say there is more to come. A bit late for an ark i guess.

  5. It’s raining here as well but it doesn’t really matter because tomorrow is Epiphany. It’s a holiday and the oficial end of the Xmas season for us. It’s a day for kids (and adults too) and especiallt for those that still dream. Tonight is a magic night and before going to bed, we all wish upon the Three Wise Men. I hope they bring you a nice job and peace of mind.

  6. Dear Hipster Yaya – I also spoke to the Three Wise Men in my nightly prayer. And it helped in as much as I really slept undisturbed – and, what is most important, started to sleep earlier than usual. Maybe I’ll reach it again, that I can get up and function to a civil accepted time. I payed some attention to my dreams in the last couple of nights, but remember nothing. Sometimes they were a bit tumultuous, but I remember no details. Maybe better so.
    Thank You for the good wishes my dear.

    Lied LX – ah yes, a kind of count down – these songs have a special name in Folklore / Musikwissenschaft / Volkskunde, but I forgot. As usual.

    For all of us, dear Z !

    I did not know this name for them, Schaumsche, Annakamaga took the word right from my mouth: Buebespitzla.

    Gesundheit, Prosit Neujahr ! @ Annakamaga.

    Damn, I knew I forgot something, Baum LX … the results would be interesting: With a bit of Technik one could surely throw a Nordmanntanne over some meters; possibly like a lance. And drive away on this custom made bike … it only needs a can holder.

  7. A Happy New Year, dear Kat ! Best of luck for You and all Yours. Glad that you like ALBINONI.
    In the 60s – that is +15° C upwards – hey, that’s springtime: I thought you were also frozen like the Canadians and the NewYorkers too !

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