Things Found

Women – write short stories very successfully; write about their interesting lives; and change things for the better.


Ruins – the internet is full of them !


Photographs – are forgotten in the strangest places. Whether Mad Frank ever mislaid his pics ? If you want to get an impression of what Frank and the others saw after August 1914, your research can start here.
Nice & interesting, printed & civilized, is found


Need a Porzellanfabrik ? Buy one, in Küps, with everything – Brennofen, Mischbottich, Formen, Akten – everything.


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  1. And you could start the production immediately, Kunst LX. It’s the Fabrik of Wilhelm Rittirsch; somehow the state became the heir of the whole thing ( called a “Staatserbfall” ), and it’s everything in there, you see that in the Expose, it comes with photographs. Rittirsch seems to have produced all kinds of Porcellain-Ware, from finest bisquit ala Dresden to Kitsch-as-Kitsch-can, examples on ebay. The area up there is the backyard of the oh so shiny Bavarian industrial success-story: That happens in the South, in old Bavaraia; in the North, in Franconia, the industry dies out; in towns like Küps, Arzberg, Bayreuth etc. you can buy former grand houses for an Euro, the communities are glad if someone takes one.

    Okay MsScarlet, now it does.

  2. Interesting read on the Canadian Nobel laureate. I’ll have to look into her short stories.
    We could all go into the porzellan production and live on the second floor over the garage.

  3. Have you looked on a map, Foam ? It’s wo der Hund begraben ist – the cold arse end of Bavaria. The state would give the whole thing away as a gift I am sure; it would even be possible to find a workforce – at least one should know how to start the mixing machine and the other tools; those who had worked there should be around – I read that production ended in 2003. What we seriously could do is experiment around, play, be artistic, kind of. I always liked the painting on porcellaine, especially Jugendstilarbeiten, craquelee, alles was man ausprobieren kann. In a way the circle would be closed, my mother was a learned Porzellanmalerin. I still have some of her pieces, she worked for the Entwurfswerkstatt, today we would say the design departement. And I confess that I have a weak spot for kitsch … including large porcellain figurines of leopards, exotic dancers, you get the idea … Nothing was removed. So the old forms and recipes etc – everything – should be in place. On the photos you see that even the files are still in the Bureauschrank !

  4. Sure ! The things you see in the Werkstatt, these white thingies, that must be forms – Gussformen um genau zu sein. I think that is the most worth-full part / wertvolle Teil of the whole deal: In the end one should possess the original forms of anything Rittirsch produced since 1953, when the first part of the fabrication was built. The forms of sixty years should be stored there; wonder whether they had a Planungsbureau, the designs, Entwürfe etc. should also be there. I have no clue what exactly they produced and if it’s interesting for collectors. One could use the old forms and play around with them. And of course: colour ! Sadly some of those ( Kobaltblau, Menningerot ) are a bit dangerous, as Blei etc. in Glasuren. But it looks gorgeous when done well.

  5. Well, one should be safe from kobaltblau, etc unless one has the unfortunate habit of licking porcelain exotic dancers et. al. Of course, there is safety involved when working with any kind of clay body or glaze.

  6. I knew someone who had the habit of licking on metal; saied he could distinguish the different materials by their specific taste. Don’t know whether that goes for exotic dancers too.

  7. Berlin has a pretty large fox-population nowadays, LX. WIld boar in Mecklenburg, wolves in Saxony, all together in Thuringia.

    Morsche’ ! Okay, I posted something new for your pleasure – zufrieden ? :)

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