Sunday Music

Ah ja, this new year put the foot down from the start.
Papers needed sorting, letters written, folks calmed, now let’s hope that the different things lead to some success, each in its own right and preferably all together.
Winter is finally here with white frost and freezing roads ; last night a fully occupied bus slipped into a trench, but nobody was seriously hurt. The afternoon sun produced a very nice light, people went for a walk ; also did some Rehe (deer ?) (Ger., Eng.) ; they crossed the small road very close to us, ran over open fields towards some woods ; in that general direction lies a very large field especially for them, where all the nice spices grow the animals like, to keep them off the vineyards ; it’s a bribe. Actually no grapes are left out, there is no chance to produce Eiswein (Ger., Eng.) this year ; but on that large field still a lot of green stuff lingers around, maybe they find something delicious.

That’s how it looked today :


Januar 14


Sunday Music is a number by the indestructible Bonnie RAITT (Ger., Eng.), performed in September 2012 in Austin (Ger., Eng., as it was), Texas (Ger., Eng.), on Austin City Limits.
I hope you like it.
May this week bring only good things to all of us.



Now it’s time to go into the kitchen and produce a very nice soup, with any green leftover that can not run away: These deer are inspiring !

14 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. The photograph has this blank, austere beauty, which reminds me of southern Scotland–the bits that tourists never visit. Before I get too romantic though, I suspect the landcape is formed from industrial agriculture.

  2. We still wait for winter in Norfolk – a few morning frosts, but not enough to stop things growing. I had to do some weeding yesterday.
    How frightening for the people on the bus. A few weeks ago, when we had strong winds, a bus was lifted in the air and blown over in the town where Mike and Ann live. A bit sensational for East Angular!

  3. This area’s character is not playful, dainty , verspielt – that’s to be found f.e. in Tauber-valley or in some areas in the Hohenlohe [which I like very much btw]. We look from a small hill downwards to the North directly on the oldest part of Gut Gieshügel. Around Wuerzburg some pretty large farms (large for our situation here) were found ; some were so close to the medieval city that they became parts of the city area when the city grew over it’s old boundaries in the (late) 19th century. This one here belonged to the university – it may still today be the case, I am not entirely sure. As you say, Looby, the land itself around is formed by modern agricultural technique.
    The heaviest impact had the so called Flurbereinigung from the 1970s onwards. Today some of the worst mistakes are corrected, like creeks are allowed to meander again, hedges and small woods are planted and taken care for. But it will not get the old character back as a whole.

    Oh dear MsScarlet … I fear there is snow and ice first. Couldn’t you join Mitzi on a trip to Spain ?

    I saw a Magnolia with buds only yesterday, dear Z. The weather people say the low temperatures will linger around 0° C for the coming week with some precipitations, so it will be damn slippery in the early mornings.
    The bus was filled with young people who came from some kind of party event, they all escaped happily.
    But a bus blown over by the sheer force of wind – that’s peculiar !

  4. Bonnie Raitt is always a good choice! I love the photo. It reminds me of the area around here, except for the buildings. They are too Deutsch .. :-). Be careful on the ice now!

  5. Thank you LGS !

    XL # 1 The Canadians seemingly do produce the major part. I think we had none for some years now. And I must admit that I never tasted this stuff.

    Stone houses, mostly sandstone, roofs could be better : The one in front is the oldest part of the whole site. Before the university took over the Gut belonged to the church, and they had a small chappel on the first floor of this house at this end ; a St.Sebastian is still in front of it. The whole thing needs a bit of renovation. A bit offside is a small crumbling house that I like very much, but it’s perhaps beyond repair. Stands under large trees, with a former garden.

    XL # 2 The man with the hat is suspicious – and the lady with the coat that’s close to cheating. The redhead peps it up : Garter belts and cystitis – maybe the day was invented by internists ?

  6. Love Bonnie Raiit! Such a wonderfully bluesy woman. :-)

    Winter? You call that winter??? I think we’ve been even colder than Minnesota up here in the Great White North. We spent 5 weeks under that polar vortex with unseasonably frigid temps, winds and snow. (Numerous days when it felt like -45C or colder…) It has thankfully moved off but we still have ups and downs, with some days near the freezing mark interspersing the -20C ones. Winter will be with us for several more months. As Normadesmond said, “I’ll hear no complaints!”

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