Sunday Music

Sunday Music

I’ve got a feeling it’s time for a gentle fox, warm big band sound and a nice song that is actually sung, and not yelled out – I made a mistake and switched on a radio this midday, I switched it off soon afterwards.
This Sunday lives up to its name – there is sun, blue sky, and a general flair of spring. People ride their bicycles or stroll around dutifully ; the next week will become gray wet and cold, rain with snow is forecast for Friday or Saturday. I have to collect myself together, and need to take care of things : Applications must be written, proofs and certificates need to be put together ; the job hunt must be intensified, and the previously mentioned text needs to be worked on. Time to get up early and get moving.
But that starts tomorrow. Today is still a lazy Sunday afternoon, with a working heating and a cup of coffee, while The DORSEY Brothers (Eng.) play, and a very young Bob EBERLE / ~LY (Ger., Eng.) sings, recorded nearly eighty years ago in September 1935 – I hope you enjoy it.




21 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. lx says:

    It’s warm and sunny here (71f/21c) for a few days. I hope the plants don’t think it’s Spring since we could have a bit of freezing.

    I thought of The Beatles I’ve Got A Feeling but decided to skip providing a link since it’s sort of shouty.

  2. Z says:

    Lovely, just what I wanted! Thank you.
    Russell spotted a pair of bluetits exploring the nest box this morning and I just let a wasp out of the kitchen window. But I think they are over-optimistic.

  3. I saw buds on flowers and bushes lately ; people who suffer from hayfever, who are sensitive to pollen, tell me that there are already hints of birch and hazelnut in the air. And thank you very much for the thoughtfulness, LX.

    Gern geschehen, Z.
    Yes, I too think it’s too early. I saw no wasps or bees, but the very first mosquitoes. I think February and March will be really cold this year.

  4. Haha – the DORSEYS are magic : After nearly eighty years they have people dancing and feet tapping over the world ! I hope the actual trip of the MITM will be nice and successful, dear Savannah.

    Nix zu danken, Foam.

    I wanted a nice video with a bumble bee, MsScarlet, but found only “Ben the train and bumble bee in the land of the alphabeths” – it’s so brainmelting that I refuse to link it BTW I stalked you, and looked at a map (you mentioned elsewhere details of your move) and I found there a lot of villages whose names end on “~worthy”. What does this mean ? Is this a “speaking” name ?

  5. Wonders of etymology ! Around here one can find village names ending for example on “~hausen”, like “Albertshausen” – what simply means “the house(s) Albert built / founded” ; another one is anything on “~roth” what has no connection to “rot”, the colour red, but comes from “roden”, to clear land : “Mönchsroth” is the cleared area / settling the monks (Mönche) “made”. When I looked at the map these similar names simply caught my attention, and I am not familiar with English word history – so thank you very much for telling me MsScarlet. BTW what kind of tool / resource would you recommend ? I can name and use things for German names, the standard books, some stand around here ; there is no real change since my first semesters in history, possibly an electronic version exists nowadays. But I have no clue what to use for English names and words.

  6. The words “Fachidiot” and “digital divide” emerge in my head, MsScarlet. I used ixquick and found this. My first thoughts of course went into the direction of lexicon of placenames / toponyms like Meyer’s Ortslexikon or such. But to simply write it into the search engine did not surface from the strange brew within my cerebellum – Sorry, sometimes I’m just very slow-witted.

  7. EInfach unglaublich ! Thank you very much for the cosmic link LX. Maybe the ancients were right with their ideas of musica universalis, or “Sphärenmusik”.
    While I listened to it I thought that it moves a bit like a circle, or like a spiral; and it reminded me of serial music. The idea of sonification is very exciting !

  8. @lx .. ditto Mago. As a matter of fact I ‘stole’ the link and posted it on fb for my youngest son who attends a school of the arts. He concentrates in composition. He thought it was simply amazing too.

  9. I think I did not hear this version of Giant Steps before, Foam. It’s in a strange way different from what I remember what I heared
    Maybe “sonification” works the other way round too ? Perhaps Coltrane is actually the speaker of a minor cosmic vibration ? Or the source of one ?

    But wasn’t it pretty high in the plus-grades only days ago LX ? That must be a roller-coaster … Snow in Texas, who would have thought ?

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