11 thoughts on “Silly Pictures

  1. TA, too easy for Steckdose LX !

    And – did you like it, dear Norma ? BTW I found a tumblr by “TheNormaDesmond” – is that you ?

    Good choice, Savannah !

    Yes, it’s Dusty ! The old world is buzzing with nonsense too, dear Melanie. In the Ukraine a nice civil war is brewing ; the German gouvernement is notably absent, they simply do not happen; the old boys rub shoulders in Davos ; business as usual. BTW I found some years ago an interesting website by a young woman from the Kiew region ; she was driving her motorbike through the Chernobyl area long before there were organised bus tours. I wonder what has happened to her. See here and there. Hope she’s still alive.

    Textured is nice ; floured would also do. It’s simply household dust, carefully gathered since … 2007 ? No, Foam, it’s, as Ingenieur LX saied, a Steckdose, eine Mehrfachsteckdose.

    Exactly Princess ! One could also call it “Burn your house down the easy way !” because it is made from plastic – I am not sure whether it’s Bakelith or not – and on one side it is glued together, after something broke out or melted away. So it’s strictly for looking, not for juggling.

    Thank you for the new word, Looby. Exactly such words make the difference !

    Yah, it’s part of my Dingsbums-collection, Foam.

  2. Now we know what it is, I want to know why you have it: did you pick it up, already past its useful life, in some back street gutter, or have you just not thrown it away?

  3. I am not quite sure where it comes from, Palimpsest, but I know that I did not buy it. I think it is from my father’s household. I can not remember to have this thing used, and I will surely not do so. I remember when I put it on the shelve when I moved into this appartement some years ago. A nice study in dust, at least.

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