Sunday Music

Here is nothing new – all the nice snow of last night is gone without a trace. Tomorrow in the ddm (© by Savannah) I’ll have to visit some office, oh yes Formulare Formulare, von der Wiege bis zur Bahre. Forms, from the cradle to the grave. I only hope it’s worth the effort. No win in the lottery, and sadly no job offer, it’s just soldering on.

Sometime over the second cup of coffee I knew what today’s Sunday Music would be, it was simply a question of what version to choose. Highly recommendable in most circumstances and contexts is the old advice “back to the sources”, ad fontes ! (Ger., Eng.) – so we see and hear Sir George SHEARING (1919-2014) (Ger., Eng.; obit.) with Lullaby of Birdland (Ger., Eng.) ; he called his 1952 composition “as accidental as could be”.
A lucky accident : I hope you enjoy the tune, and that we’ll all face an easy week.



13 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. That was a nice cheery little tune!
    I do hope you find your office trip worth the effort. Will you get to have breakfast in a cafe, I love doing that.

  2. And the way he played it … what I’d love to do is play as if I’m not playing an instrument but as if I am the instrument, or my voice is. He has got it, so had Bix Beiderbecke, Benny Goodman, Frank Sinatra, Debbie Harry, and so on.

  3. What a nice way to end my weekend! Thanks, Mago. Hope your forms are worthwhile and that things pick up for you.

    If you want more snow, I’ve got lots here you can have… cheap! ;-)

  4. Sorry, no breakfast in a cafe an this morning, dear Eryl : I was glad to be on time at eight in the morning, more or less alert, and able to manage my stuff ; I had coffee intravenous and could not eat before the appointment ; afterwards I felt like having just finished a shift in the pits and I needed to lay down. But having a breakfast in a cafe is a very nice idea : Just have what you want and forget about the dishes – Great !

    Just getting into the flow, when one is not playing the music anymore, but the music plays itself through this person – some reach it easily. And Mr. Shearing uses the theme and jumps off into something else. Did you ever try to play your clarinet this way, Z ?

    GOtt strafe gema, Princess. But I will be able to hear her version.

    This is great LX. Yes, it’s all clear ; you were meant to be here, from the beginning.

    No Kat – I did not even know that it existed : Thank You for the link I will have to look for the articles about Charles Ives.

    HA – sadly the Franconian quality-snow here is not meant to last … so a bit of Canadian snow would come in handy, dear Ponita. I mean that is stuff to stay !

    You are right, Savannah – I did not realise it before, but in a way it is indestructable : One can treat this tune as one likes, lay into it what one wants, it stays a beautiful tune and a theme that’s recognized. Truly, the genius grazed George.

    It seems that all the paper action leads to something good, Foam, now I just need a client.

  5. Hello Mago, No fireplace or wood heat for me. Just waiting for propane to be delivered. Heat is turned down and wearing many clothes. Have one little heater and the life saver is an electric blanket for the night.

  6. The best things that ever happened to me were the ones that came “accidentally”, without any plans or intentions from my part. That doesn’t mean I just sit down and wait. I work. All the time. From dusk till dawn. But I know that luck will always come in the most unexpected ways as long as I keep working and don’t pay attention to the apparent lack of results in spite of all my effforts.

    I agree with Savannah: this tune is incredibly adaptable. I wonder though how it would sound if played à la Mozart (Mozart Weise?) ;)

  7. Ah dear God Joyce – be careful with that electric thing, if some wire brakes it can set fire to the cloth. I hope you meanwhile could get a warm house ? !

    Yes, Jon, things happen – sometimes luck jumps at one like a drunken ruffian :) This “ordinary” life is full of adventure, simply because one never knows what happens next. It never gets boring, but sometimes a little bit of predictability, a little bit of safety, would be nice. Maybe my age starts to show …

  8. Maybe Wolfgang Amadeus would have used it in his Kinderszenen, right after Marcha ala Turka, high on rotgut slamming a rock version right into a Viennese salon, yippiheh …

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