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It was not the easy week I had wished for on last Sunday, but more of a waiting game; waiting for decisions of other people, waiting for results, all that stuff. When finally the tension was over, there was a big sigh and the balloons of hot air shriveled, not a “puff” or a “bang”, but a kind of long “pfff …”.
For me the week started well enough, all the paper throwing, letter writing was successful, I could correct and improve some decisions, win some space to move and air to breathe. That was Monday ; from Tuesday onwards things took a kind of de route, until the big “pfff …” was reached on Saturday. I wanted to post something now and then, but in the end I was wandering around the web, or trying to read a bit, or just lying around. Tomorrow things will start to follow the usual routine again. I need to work through some economical matters, and my friend gave me some chapters of her thesis. She is grimly determined to have it finished at the start of next summer semester ; from what I saw some chapters are nearly perfect, while a few segments need a bit of work. I am only looking at the content in this stage, we still have to arrange the whole material – there is so much of it that she easily can publish a thesis and two large accompanying articles. She is in the I-can’t-see-that-crap-anymore-phase, what is in my experience not the worst, simply because it will be followed by the Now-let’s-get-that-stuff-ready-and-print-that-damn-book-phase ; my job is basically easy : I just have to make sure that whatever will be printed is readable, and I have to stop her throwing out too much text, this reduce-to-the-max-attitude is not always and everywhere a good thing. Her health became better, especially since she pops some new wonder-pill – I do not want to know what ingredients it contains.

So, for the big “pfff …” : Settle back in your comfy chair, make sure that a cup of tea or coffee or whatever you prefer is in easy reach, and enjoy the wonderful voice of Victoria de los ÁNGELES LÓPEZ GARCÍA (Ger., Eng. ; obit.) ; I choose the gently swinging habanera (Ger., Eng.) La Paloma (Ger., Eng.) by Sebastián IRADIER (Ger., Eng.)  – hope you enjoy it !



15 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Absolutely beautiful music. This is a favorite from my youth. My Tante Helga adored this song.

    I do hope you have a wonderful week. May all your paperwork bring a fruitful harvest.

  2. You are providing an invaluable service with your expertise in proofreading, editing, and publishing! One reaches a saturation point in reading one’s own writing like that. Your input will make a very positive contribution.

    Habe ein gut woche!

  3. Here’s to Helga ! Thank you for the good wishes, Foam.

    Oh, I mostly go on her nerves and say “No” if she wants to slash text again LX.. Slowly the contour of her magnum opus starts to show, and I wonder whether we’ll be able to finish that until next summer. She’s determined to go into rigorosum this year. I may have mentioned it already, her validator is not the youngest anymore … so time is important.

    Thank You MsScarlet. I only wanted to know whether the stuff is opiate-free, what she strongly affirmed : So it’s all right with me. I wouldn’t like to find me next to an unruly Cthulhu, alternatively Bobo simplex, when criticising a passage of text …
    Say MsScarlet – is the waterline still well below the hill you inhabit ? I think it rained a bit in your region.

  4. I am still dry… no need to find the snorkel yet… but the lanes are getting a bit dodgy due to the run off water from the fields. Yesterday was very bad, today has been nice… tomorrow – more rain due :-(

  5. I’m so glad you had good news and the pfft…
    Well, relief can do that to you.

    I’m also very pleased to hear your friend is doing better. Chronic pain makes fools of us all. Ease has got to be a good thing.

    You sound so enthusiastic about your PhD project. She has chosen well by allowing you to help her get it all straight. On big projects like that, it is impossible to finish without someone else going through it for you. Catching those pesky ‘,s’ and ‘;s’.

    You sound good. I hope this week is an even better one.


  6. I thought I was ready to start sending my work to Publishers, but then my Writing group, Beta Reader and Husband all agreed that the story would be better suited in the “First-Person narrative”. After doing the first chapter, I too must agree. Now I have to literally go back and rewrite the entire manuscript. Sigh.

  7. Hey Melanie– that IS great news. Good luck re the rewrite. What writing group are you on? I’m on IWW.
    Mago– pardon the comment!

  8. I’m sorry to hear that there is even more rain, MsScarlet ! As I saw in the Daily Gossip they called the military in in some regions.

    Now I only need to read, dear Roses … but I’d prefer to “pfft …” still a bit (God this sounds childish; maybe I am in a regressive phase !?).

  9. Wait until we quarrel, Austere
    Thank you for the good wishes !

    Ah critics, what do they know … ? Good luck with the re-writing, Melanie.
    I think there is a group called “beta Reader” on “goodreads”, Austere, but I am not sure where Melanie would be to find. (And why should I have to pardon you ? BTW do you realise that you, Prox and Cara are the “oldest” readers of this scribble ? Seven years next month.)

  10. Have you ever thought about working on it professionally? I mean preparing people who are writing their thesis. In the SS Islands the students who need to pass the State exams to enter the State Attorneys/Economists/etc Corps take an instructor. I think you would be great at doing that *imagines Mago cracking his whip in front of a dozen scared students*

  11. No Leni, not really. And I am totally blank in economics or juraGoaßlschnolzen, hmhm … in Lederhosen und Janker !

    She keeps me busy, Hipster Yaya ! Next days is reading reading reading …

    She now and then peeps in, Austere.

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