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Another week flew by. I was busy throughout, but not as busy as I wished, I did not read enough of my friend’s text. I saw some doctors’ offices this week – thankfully results are good so far – there will be one or two additional visits, but I think it will be enough then for some time. There was a lot of administration work to do, writing letters and, especially, doing taxes. I am not good at this and it gives me some stress, mainly because it makes me look like an idiot I guess. What works very well is the software of the fiscal authority ; at the very start of it I was a bit reserved, but meanwhile I am a fan of it : one can really work through all of it from the own desk, does not need to carry files in bulk towards the administration building etc. ; btw I found the people of the fiscal authority always helpful and friendly, not malicious or overly correct – in contrary to (some) people at the health insurance, who gave me the feeling I’d try to rob themselves of their last pennies.
The tax people may get really angry when they suspect that one tries some silly tricks on them, but I do not, and would not, even if I’d had a ton of money. That’ just not done. At the moment one can watch some public figures loosing their moral capital over such a stupid thing like “taxes saved” via accounts in Switzerland, the Bahamas or other tax-heavens. The crassest case is Alice SCHWARZER (Ger., Eng.), an old battle-axe of a journalist, who singlehandedly started modern women’s liberation in the late 60s and early 70s in Germany – what is not quite correct that she was alone, Peggy PARNASS (Ger.), Esther VILAR (Ger., Eng.) and a lot of women who actually worked and changed things, played a role ; but SCHWARZER founded the magazine Emma, and occupied the moral top position : Emanzipation in Deutschland means SCHWARZER.
She accumulated a ton of moral capital, and over the last years she hung around any late night talk-show and made clear that she has an opinion on things. It came out that she tricked the fiscal authority and had an account in Switzerland ; after her voluntary disclosure she paid back and thought that would be that, and became pretty furious when it was made public. To add further damage to the public relations crisis she announced in the middle of the heated debate that she would constitute a charitable foundation (with a whopping capital btw) – nach Gutsherrenart.
Not even so pompous stuffed shirts like HOENESS (Ger., Eng.), another tax fraudster, made such stupid mistakes. In the case of HOENESS I find it not surprising that he betrayed the state – what do you expect a Bavarian Würschtelfabrikant to do ? – really disgusting was how he cried when the dullards of the FC Bayern, where he acts as head honcho, celebrated him and expressed their trust in this fabulous man, a real role model for all of us : This is perversion.
He may keep his sausage(s) to himself, I won’t buy.

So I scrape together my Euros, ask for bearable monthly instalments, and dream of the lottery win. And until then I read my friend’s text and listen to some music. This Sunday Music is from Claude DEBUSSY (Ger., Eng.), out of his Livre des Preludes (Ger., Eng.) II, number 8 “Undine”, performed by Jorge BOLET (Ger., Eng.) (1914-1990 ). I am not sure, but it is seems that excerpts from DEBUSSY’s Preludes were BOLET’s last recordings ; I found the difference to other performers striking, notably to MICHELANGELI’s interpretation.

I hope you enjoy the music ; may the week bring only good things !



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  1. Firstly, I’m glad that your thorax x-ray last week produced nothing untoward. I was left wondering about the protective lead underpants or hip protectors :)

    Seems to be quite a week for tax avoiders and money launderers: that Spanish princess is in court at the moment (well, not on a Sunday), charged with similar forms of greed.

  2. The first thing he snapped on my hips, pretty heavy. Nearly thirty years of heavy smoking, I hope this cup passes me Looby.
    I saw a picture of this Spanish princess, but I’m not familiar with what goes on there. Maybe it’s time for the old king to retire. Juan Carlos has played his role, especially in the tense times after the end of Franco’s reign.
    Greed is endless ; and those who have enough seem to very prone to it – there is always the “more”.

  3. I think that sums it up, Geldautomat LX. I am glad when I can pay the necessary, a few Kröten more are not bad, and that’s it pretty much. If one had a million or more, why should one become criminal for another million ? Money being what it is, from a certain amount onwards it simply grows and grows, without the necessity to trick, fraud and crook.

    BTW Looby, according to this article observers are not sure what to make from her appearance : Opinions vary from “she’s naive and thick as a brick / dumm wie Bohnenstroh” to “she’s clever and has criminal energy”.

  4. I come along with the form, in fact I like those dotted lines ; but it’s the numbers that derail me regularly, dear MsScarlet. And they say these numbers would be so important, ta !

  5. If one is a normal average employee taxes and other duties, social securities included, ad up to 32 %. If one earns tons of cash this can reach a maximum tax rate somewhere in the forties. For freelancers things are a bit different. Dividends from shares are not taxfree, I think 25 % are normal for a private person, Austere. There are a few exceptions like Dt. Telekom and Dt. Post AG – if my information is still correct ; the last time I cared about such a thing was 2008 – ?

    Does that mean that the copper emanates something like an anti-magnetic-force XL ?

  6. Thanks for that information, Mago.
    Here, upto 2 lacs is tax free. After that one has to pay, slabwise. Dividends are taxed at the company level, so not on the shareholder.
    Your advantage is that you get the services you pay for. We don’t.

  7. Oh, no income, no taxes, Foam
    And I am damn happy about those news, really.

    Tax free is only a very minimal income, Austere, then it goes up in a kind of curve. The health and other insurances do work, they have cut and nibbled on it, but basically it works.
    When one has an income from capital and / or dividends there are possibilities to minimize taxes, but for this one needs a professional. There are enough legal ways, it is not necessary to become criminal for some Euro.

  8. I can not believe that I sat through the whole song. I even tried to find out which drive made what sound.
    It’s … undescribable, Strom LX.
    Whether he could do something with Iomega Zips ?

  9. The Spanish Infanta has been sued for tax-evasion and money-laundering through the business dealings of her husband, who has been accused previously. Invoices analized by the judge include birthday celebrations, communions and dance classes that she paid for through her and her husband’s company’s accounts. Last saturday at the court hearing, she avoided answering most of the judge’s questions by responding: “I don’t know,” or “I have no knowledge about that.” Her lawyer’s strategy is to “prove” that “she didn’t know about her husband’s business and that she agreed to everything because she trusted him”. EL PAIS English edition tells everything about it.

    This is just one the umpteenth corruption scandal in Spain, where those who can keep their jobs have suffered significant salary reductions (20% for me since 2008 but I am privileged!) and are progressively losing our civil/labour rights at a scary high speed. They tell us that we’re doing fine but 6 million are unemployed and too many in risk of social exclusion have been abandoned by this shitty State.

    Sorry for the vocabulary, but this is a sensitive point. It’s not nice to be asked for sacrifices when you see how royals, plutocrats, politicians, bankers and smarty pants get richer every day in this country. :(

  10. Ah that’s terrible Leni – on top of the high un-employment rates, the social erosion and ongoing devastation of the Mittelklasse, on top of all this the failure of the elites, be it royality, nobility or Funktionselite im weitesten Sinn. The Weber brothers wrote about elites, their formation, function and failure.

    Is there a perspective ? Even hard-boiled plutocrats can understand that a development that makes the rich richer and the poor poorer, and that crumbles away all in the middle, will lead into unrest, sooner or later. And there were already powerful demonstrations – what happened to the people ? Where did the energy go to ?

    And btw – glad to see you here again.

  11. The same thing is happening in the U.S. with the middle class being slowly destroyed by stagnating wages, income disparity, and a flood of illegal aliens receiving benefits. The most advanced example is the state of California, which is on the brink of bankruptcy.

  12. Perspectives? Perhaps the EU elections in may just to show them what wll happen in the next general elections, dear. But not sure about it (abstention rate will be high). As for people (demonstrations, etc) yes, they keep protesting and demonstrating. A small victory: the medical sector workers have stopped the privatisation of 7 hospitals. Only the judges dare challenge politicians.

    The results are not good: some judges are being removed from their positions and a new “security” law will be son enforce to limit substantially the right to demonstrate, with administrative punishments (basically high fines). The purpose is to prevent the Justice Department to absolve “annoying” organised groups from “crimes” like demonstrations in the surroundings of the National Congress.

    It’s a David-vs-Goliath fight.

  13. No need to be sorry Leni, we are not writing a book. “only the judges” – over the last years a lot of things were brought in front of the Verfassungsgericht, the highest German court, simply because there was no political solution reachable. And in some cases one could come to the conclusion that the politicians avoided this and pushed the responsibility towards the court. But the Verfassungsgericht (BVG) and the Bundesgerichtshof (BGH) also annulled laws our super-politicos wanted to come into effect. I think it’s a bad sign for a society and for a parliament when this happens; it indicates that the ability to come to compromise settlements becomes smaller and that parts of the parliament are ready to breach basical laws and leave the democratic consensus. It seemingly happens all over Europe.

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