Sunday Music

Cold. Sunny, but cold. To give you an idea :

Weißes Zeug Februar 14

I got a new duvet and a new bolster – I will not leave my bed for the rest of my life. Becoming hikkomori (Ger., Eng.) seems not the worst alternative to running around uselessly. I remember to have read about a family who lived in a hotel for thirty years or so, without further contact ; must have been NY.

Without further blabla : Here is the Chico Hamilton Quintet: Buddy COLETTE (Ger., Eng.) (flute), Jim HALL (Ger., Eng.) (guitar), Chico HAMILTON (Ger., Eng.) (drums), Fred KATZ (Ger., Eng.) (cello), Carson SMITH (Ger., Eng.) (bass), with Blue Sands from 1955. Here is another filtered version of the same take, just for comparison.
I hope you enjoy it, and the great indoors too – Have a good week.



10 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. it is so white here, so cold and minneapolis has run out of salt.
    mother nature is an old woman and is certainly going through the change.

  2. I woke up this morning and the weather was like the joys of Grieg’s, Peer Gynt, op. 23 no.13 then it changed to Beethoven’s sonata no. 4 and now there is a threat of Orff’s – O Fortuna mother nature is a bit of a schizo bitch if you ask me.

  3. Hm, now that you mention it Spinne LX … it gently swaied in the wind …

    Ha, Morgenstill, sharp accents (thunder & lightning ?), finally dramatic stomping … one could call it a bit imbalanced, dear Mitzi.

  4. It looked remarkable cold, Z. I forgot the name of the plant ; I think it’s living from other plants and has strangled the bushy hedge it is sitting on.

    I don’t know whether it is so much of an disorder, Austere ; some say they discovered their individual freedom in their rooms – dropouts without the going out.

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