Incredible what difference the sun makes. Clear light blue sky, sunshine ! Birds bluster and roister in bushes and leafless trees.
I woke up before the alarm clock went off – and got up voluntarily ! I even have been to the city and back, washed the dishes and made a phone call – unassisted, all by myself and before 12:00 – I do not recognize meself !
What will be next for our hero ?
I have to lie down, it’s all too much.


19 thoughts on “*gasp*

  1. I\m lost in admiration. You’re wonderful – but if this becomes part of life’s daily pattern, will you exhort us all to follow your example?

    Me, I’m drinking coffee and eating a Danish pastry at present. You’ll have a bit of work to do with me…

  2. Hauh’ wech, Bierschaum !

    I’m breaking out of the artificial shangri-la and want paradise on earth – Paradise Now !

    I definitely turned green somewhere on the road, Lone Grey Squirrel

  3. Sounds like a great day! Things are so much easier and better when the weather is nice and allows for it. Enjoy the sunshine on those sunny days; those are nice. And enjoy your naps as well; they’re nice, too.

  4. Yes. I know, Austere.

    Distelhäuser Frühlingsbock (7,5 % ) does it too, dear Bierschaum.

    I am guilty of snuggling Roses – the dressing gown made me do it yer’oner !

    I’ll enjoy any Sh-naps when I can get it, dear Eros !

    “It is unlikely that launching a space vehicle will ever be as routine an undertaking as commercial air travel—certainly not in the lifetime of anybody who reads this.”
    This Mr. What is his name, from Virgin airways or what, Brandsom ( – ? I seriously do not know) – should read this report !
    The damn thing is that it would have been possible ! Million to one, yes, but there was a chance.
    What especially moves me is the part where the author says that something from years ago all of a sudden can have an impact – talk about “long distance results”. Goes for all we call “history”, but also for the natural science.
    Sorry LX, I am dead tired ; have thought about death and dying a lot lately.
    I still do not understand why the hell we are out there. At the moment I would prefer a cave over the really large space.
    BTW have you heard from the Heidelberg physician who says that the “big bang” not necessarily happened, it may have been a big freeze – here and there.
    If I ever have the chance to travel to the US, Texas maybe, I will choose a ship, nothing with wings at it.

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