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March already. Winter seems to have given up – it’s still pretty cold, but light and air have changed, one could be made to think that winter is broken. I will not go out today, I am feeling still a bit shaky, at least the nose stopped running.
Coming Tuesday is “Fassenacht”, followed by Aschermittwoch, Ash Wednesday (Ger., Eng.), when all is over. In historical times the carnevale (Ger., Eng.) ended in Venezia (Ger., Eng.) with the burning of a large figure wearing a Pantalone mask (Ger., Eng.) ; this happened on the piazetta, the small place before the piazza di SanMarco (Ger., Eng.), with the crowd chanting “Carnevale e finito – e’finito il nostro carnevale !”

Today’s Sunday Music comes from three gentlemen, a Mr. CROSBY (Ger., Eng.), a Mr. STILLS (Ger., Eng.) & a Mr. NASH (Ger., Eng.). They play together since 1968, published their first lp (Eng.) in 1969 ; some bands are like good Schnaps, they become even better over the years. Now let’s trust that the madness ends soon, and that we go into a peaceful week. Relax. Hope you enjoy it.



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  1. Is there a tradition of a large Karneval event in your part of the world? Here, the biggest and best one is in New Orleans.

    I saw CSN&Y in concert a few years ago. An amazingly excellent show.

  2. There are “Umzüge”, processions or parades, traditionally on next Monday, Rosenmontag; the most elaborate in the Rhineland (Köln, Dü-dorf, Mainz wie’s stinkt und kracht). The other famous parades are the Fastnachtsumzüge of the “Alemannische Fastnacht” ; they wear traditional costumes and usually have no theme-oriented coaches. Museum here.
    Traditional food is the Krapfen ; it comes in a ton of variations, the most common form today is the Berliner, filled with Konfitüre or Marmelade.
    Can’t help LX, I think Young always sounds a bit like a rusty watering can.

  3. winter has NOT given up here.
    maybe next week at this time it will be around freezing.

    i’ve grown what hair i have long-ish and with my pornstache,
    someone looked at me & said, “david crosby.”
    i cringed.

  4. Did you give an autograph ? A long way from your “Ms Cocks in Frocks”-days, dear Norma ! Crosby is as good as new, at least in some parts.

    Ah yes, those were the days, when he still had hair and his original liver, dear MsScarlet.

  5. I can’t say that I have ever been big fan of these gentlemen but I may be re-aquiring a taste for their music… they have some lovely harmonies… Now if you will excuse me… I have Ducks to dress….

  6. They made some fine music, the old hippies. And were singing in harmony before Mr. Young was allowed to join bawling. I am eagerly awaiting your duck dresses Princess !

    No sorry, just tick, LX.

    Allaaaf ! Ausgezogene Fasnachtsküchle mit Puderzucker, ach
    It’s manflu, Foam, I am doomed. This morning I went to the bank, run errands, hoovered my appartement and now I feel like the hundred-year-old after a bad day. At least my head is clearing up, was complete mush on Saturday. Yes I know, nobody felt a difference … Now it’s time for a hot bath and siesta. Very good invention. I have to read this afternoon, readreadread …

  7. I somehow knew that you’d detect the Cognac-version, dear Foam

    I’m sneezing & coughing, and my eyes are swollen ; I think its the pollen, Austere. The headache is stubborn, but I found an old Paracetamol – ha !
    Dramatic carneval ? The traditional masks and gowns may look pretty strange, impressive ; some like personified fears or natural forces ; I am sorry, I have no own pictures of this to show, dear Austere. I can’t say why, but I never went there. Strange behaviour for an ethnologist, but that it is simply the way it is. Tomorrow all will be in ashes anyway.

  8. You are welcome, Austere. Once I got wisdom from you on this place here; I never forgot and still keep it in my hart, experiencing it often as true. (comment panoti-topic, 7th/8th december 2007: “… the thrust of a sword was avoided with a needle prick.”) Grateful respectfully yours!

    Sorry Mr. Mago: off topic ;-) (how Mr. LX usually says).

  9. “sometimes a relatively minor calamity happens and takes away the punch of a much bigger disaster- this does not make sense but I believe in it- a saying goes something like this-” the thrust of a sword was avoided with a needle prick.”
    This comment is from December 2007, when mago Inc. nearly burnt down.

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