Sunday Music

The sun is already strong, the air still cold. The daily temperatures will reach at least 12° C over the coming week, and there will be no more frost: Winter is over. Time to clean windows & balcony, grab a vacuum cleaner and clear the inside of the car – and of course, time to change the music: No more WagnerBruckner, enough with pathetic grey winter Gedöhns.
So this Sunday Music comes from Mayra ANDRADE (Ger., Eng.); she’s from Cape Verde (Ger., Eng.) and lives in Paris. I had to search the islands on my globus, just west of Senegal in the Atlantic, I think it is my new Sehnsuchtsort. Now I only hope Mayra sings about nice things here.
Enjoy the music, and have a relaxed and peaceful week.




11 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I like the gentle swing, LX.
    Hey – that is a very interesting site. New pedelecs are terribly expensive, I looked at some here and there. Fitzbike uses one of the most sophisticated gearbox and transmission systems one can get these days, and the Italians simply built wonderful bikes – bella macchina !

    I bet you sat in the sunshine, MsScarlet, and enjoyed it. I hope your island has a chance to dry up a little after all this rain.

  2. we’re still in the + 30’s here and still no rainfall. Lovely bit of music Mr Mags… I went and found an old bit of shelving fitting from the shed, grabbed a dinner knife from the draw and joined in! Have a good week!

  3. I listened to this right first thing this Morning. It was a lovely way to help me wake up. I hope you have a productive and positive week, Mago!

  4. HA – music by a Cape Verdian from Paris brought to Australia by a Franconian – at least the interwebs can make one swing ! Thank you Princess, I hope your work schedule will not overwhelm you this week.

    Who would have thought that this humble blog is part of anyone’s morning routine ? Thank you Foam – productive is the word : I hope to finish a large part of my friend’s text this week.

    Thank you LGS – I am sure that winter has come to an end around here. I am not sure whether she sings in Portuguese or the local Capeverdian – which btw should be a very interesting mix from African and European languages

  5. We are hitting 18ºC here during the day but going down to 4ºC at night (isn’t it crazy?). Everything is blossoming, terraces are open, coats went back to their cabinets… so spring is almost here.
    I’m already done with my last book, hence my short absence. Did you miss me, oh ye of little faith? I’m like a boomerang… I always come back to you. ;)
    PS.- Lovely music, btw.

  6. Very nice soothing sounds. Great pick! I totally agree with Foam that this music is a great way to start the day, feeling upbeat and happy and hopeful. I hope your days get warmer and drier and much more enjoyable with Spring near and with lots of cheer.

  7. Great to see you again Leni – I hope the work on your book goes well and smooth. A text now and then can become a bit demanding, störrisch

    Eros – how nice to see you here ! And btw – I belong to the Precariat :
    – Tend to mix socially with people like themselves
    – Come from a working class background
    – Rent their home – over 80%
    So beware !

    I have to look for Goa music then, Austere – maybe there is a goan bossa nova.

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