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Mathematicians (lists, Liste) are strange people. Some do not go out of the house without their spider brooch like VILLANI (Ger., Eng.), do not go out at all like PERELMAN (Ger., Eng.), or have been out, but turned around & went back in, like GROTHENDIECK (Ger., Eng.). Others, like HAMILTON (Ger., Eng.), feel the need to write formulae on innocent bridges (Eng.), or built mathematical bridges (Ger., Eng.).
I am glad that I am not a mathematician.
Today is election day in Bavaria, the local mayors, members of the village council, members of the Kreistag, the county concil, and the Landrat, the head of the district authority, will be chosen from the hand-picked elite of the crème de la crème of party members by the sovereign – me for example. The all so democratic parties made sure that no independents may have a chance and the oh so well balanced lists make sure that the usual Großkopferte will reach their positions, no surprises there, no worries.
The Bavarian electoral procedure allows the single voter to give more than one vote to a person, up to three. I will step out now and brave the cold winds on my way to the poll site, and throw my votes on those worth to be elected, jawoll : I can count to three, yes I can.

And until told the result of that exciting local elections, one can have a cup of Black Coffee, served by Carroll GIBBONS (Eng.; videos) and Marjorie STEDEFORD (Eng.) – I’d really like to hear more of her interesting voice.
I hope you enjoy the music & have a good week.




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  1. Me and numbers don’t mix… I am absolutely terrible at math! Of any kind. I can, however, remember numbers like phone, license and account numbers with great ease. Makes no sense to me. ;-)

    Great tune! Very catchy. :-) Enjoy your Sunday AND your coffee, Mago.

  2. I once bought a biography of a mathematician because he sounded so bonkers, must get round to reading it! Hope the person you vote for gets in.

  3. I forget more and more umbers I once could repeat easily, Ponita. And for me it’s the basic four operations – everything else is too complicated, abstract. In fact, like chemistry, it was never explained to me. And I did not ask.

    No day without lippy, Norma !

    The new Buergermeister is the old Buergermeister, all is well dear Eryl. Whose biography btw ?

    It was terrible. I had to do some “Wirtschaftsgeschichte” at the university, Klammeraffe LX :I think it took me three attempts to finally reach a successful test, because it always involved some maths and it always went down the drains.

  4. No need to say sorry, Klammeraffe LX.
    This is a very interesting article (and you should know one or two things about the hardware !). Reminds me of images I once saw of bunkers in the Golf of Biscaya (Spanish side) where they had mechanical computers for their guns (“Feuerleitstand”) and typically there were large tables left, made from concrete, even when all the other machines were demolished. Sadly the photoblog does not exist anymore.

    Shock in the morning: While having a phone conversation the line died, internet connection went down, the box started blinking first with only two lights then with all lights. And all of a sudden nothing works ! I disconnected and reconnected everything and after 30 minutes it came back. Doof !

  5. Mago, why 3 votes?
    btw for the first time Indian elections will have a “None of the above” option.

    I am maths challenged- physics challenged too. Just stare at the pretty patterns ….

  6. I do not know why exactly three votes, Austere, we should ask a mathematician.
    But what is behind it is understandable: The council of my village consists of twenty people, so I have twenty votes ; a party produces a list with twenty people – and I can simply check this list.
    Another party or group has only ten people – if I vote for their list only my other ten votes would be lost – especially if I do not want a member of another party be elected into the council.
    So I am allowed to give up to three votes to one person: It is important that every single voter gives all in all 20 votes, and it is her or his decision whether these votes are given to a list or to single persons. I also can pick from all the lists of candidates those who I know and who I want to become members of the council – that is what I did. And I find the “None of them !” very intriguing !

    Oh dear – stay in bed, Foam. Tea ! Zwieback ! Schnaps !

  7. Yes, it is very tempting to mark this “None of you bas**** !”

    Well there IS a white elephant in the room !
    This elephant is great – thank you for the link Klammeraffe LX. I can do two different paper flyers (three if one of them is with a tail) and two different boats, and that it is. I have somewhere a book with different paper flyers, some of them should be flying very well and sail real long distance, one or two are designed to stay up long – but I never had the courage to actually fold them and destroy the book.
    I also have something with ESCHER’s objects – it’s possible that I have two of these. I always wanted to do one – maybe that could become a mobile ? I also enjoy(ed) “pop-up-books”, you know where you turn a page and things come up. Actually I learned the basics of a computer from such a book – I will look for it and post pics in the next days. I think Jethro Tull used something like that, a simple variant, on their album “Stand Up”. On “Thick as a Brick” the album was a newspaper.

  8. What a unique and entertaining singing voice. I don’t drink black coffee–I like mine with a lot of cream and sugar; but for this song, I might give black coffee a sip.

    I am very proud of you for exercising your right to vote! And I am glad to hear that you vote for individuals, not parties. I hope you have a wonderful week with Spring on the way!

  9. Hey – illustrations and Italian food – very tempting Austere.
    I did not know that there are elections in India this year, I just had a look at this article: More than 800 Million voters ! Nine days of voting all together ! This is all very impressing.

    Yes, cream please. Or if no cream available black coffee with a lot of sugar. I did not know Ms STEDEFORD, an Australian. Dark(er) female singing voices seem to have been a la mode in the thirties, in Germany especially Zarah LEANDER (nicknamed Clara Zylinder) from Sweden.
    I think it is absolutely necessary to go and vote, Eroswings: Only if I do vote I am allowed to critisise. And the best thing is not to vote someone into power, but to have the possibility to remove someone from power, without the use of a gun. And here, where you know people because they live in the same village or at least near and around, the party lists simply do not work.
    When the national election takes place lists may be appropriate – but I have to inform myself first, there was some change lately regarding the national elections. At least all four years the Messrs politicians should be reminded that its is not a god given gift, but a job they are given by the people – and it can be taken away by the people too. Some tend to be forgetful .

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