Sunday Music

A bit late, sorry. Am tired to death. So without further fuss John COLTRANE (Ger., Eng.), While MY Lady Sleeps, possibly 1957.
Have a good week.




11 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Es knallt, LX. On the other hand, maybe I’m just spoiled and lazy, and what looks like an outburst of energy to me is just regular useful activity to others.

    Thank you Austere – I am glad that you come still here between all those major book deals ! :))
    Congratulations !
    And for all who have no idea what I am talking about – please go here and have a look.

    Thank you, this humble blog is graced by your apparition, Mistress MJ.

    Holy Goat … will you play this, Ziege LX ?

    A second coming – I hope it slowly but steadily dries out where you are, dear MsScarlet.

    Hello Mr. Ariel, thank you for your first comment here. I try to keep up …

    Finally some real sleep, Foam, long enough and refreshing. Thank you for the moma-link, it works. I do not understand why the wiki-link on your site does not work for “my country” – I always thought the web would tear walls and borders down, I may be wrong.

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