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I really do not like that switching of the time of day, it’s now Sommerzeit (Ger., Eng.) again, and it feels not right. I will get used to it, I know, but – hmpf. It was introduced in Germany in 1916 in due course of optimizing the war effort – longer daylight, longer production time, less energy used for light etc. (did ever someone re-calculate this theoretical nonsense ?) – but as I heard the First World War has come to an end ?
Anyway, I enjoyed to spend the morning in bed (after having been forced to jump up by urgent telephone calls, twice ; it is amazing how one can judge by the sound of the telephone alone how important the call is and how fast one has to answer ; don’t give me this “it always sounds alike, it’s a machine”, it always sounds different ; being called in the middle of the night (the early morning for you) with the handset jumping in my face (twice !) only adds to my serious knowledge and experience about these facts ; maybe I read too much nonsense in the last days ?) – in bed I said, reading, dozing off, allowing the sun to kiss my skin, adawing from my own snoring, listening to birds, dogs and dog owners trying to hold their loverlies back from whatever, sometimes listening is enough; one or two very large bumble-bees came by, always astounding how loud they are.
Now I should seriously try to work on a small lecture I shall give next Friday. I ordered some books into the reading room of the library, they will be there tomorrow around midday, but this can only be additional decoration, the material should be here, ach ja

I want to hear some nice blues, and who could refuse the first lines of “I got a mind to give up living / and go shopping instead” ? And from all the versions that can be found on youtube, let’s hear the one by ODA, a very interesting group of the early seventies. I preferred this one over the Colwell-Winfield version (with it’s very warm and gentle sax & wind section, flute too) simply because of the singer ; I felt yelled at at one point, idiotic I know, but possibly my nerves are not the best these days, so not today Charly … And ODA, a guitar band, leaves the trodden path a bit, what I like.

So I hope you can gently rock&sway in your chair at the desk, have a relaxed and peaceful Sunday and a stress free week ahead.



10 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I’ve never heard of the band ODA, but I like them, thank you Mago.

    You’re giving a lecture on Friday and you are still working on it? Yikes! I’m giving a workshop at the end of April, and I’ve been working on it most days for weeks. By the time it comes around I will be that workshop!

  2. I’ve ranted several times about this senseless biannual clock-juggling performance. I know nobody who thinks it’s a good idea, but we continue to do it year on year anyway. Inertia is a powerful force!
    Nice guitar there, BTW.

  3. “Working on it” … well, I read the stuff I want to use, Palimpsest … hey there is always room for improvisation ! Seriously, it’s only a short “Vortrag” about the history of an institution, not comparable with running a workshop. I need three hours to write it down, select some pictures and then I’m done.

    HA ! Unhealthy too ! There is now a discussion whether this fiddling with the clock shall continue or not, Zeit LX, but I guess they will keep it. I am really wondering if there is a real measurable advantage of all this. In autumn all will come to a standstill for an hour …

  4. Hello Tim – it is nonsense after all. In Germany it was re-introduced through WWII, with the same reasoning as in WWI. I think it’s simply obsolete, but as you say: Das haben wir schon immer so gemacht / “We always did it this way” is a powerful force.
    BTW I think Mr. Oda is still in business.

  5. It is inconvenient, but it’s a small price to pay for weeks and weeks of long summer evenings. We need all the summer light we can get our hands on up here.

  6. I hate the time change myself. It took me 2 weeks to adjust.
    There are parts of ODA that remind me a bit of early Santana .. at least the guitar.

  7. But all these summer evenings would be there without clonking the clock Looby

    HAhahahhaaa – Toki Ori Ori Natsu just made a dream come true ! Thank YOU very much for this LX ! I must go and learn more about this.
    My best wishes to Ms. Stahn – but she will not change the authotities – as Tim saied: Das haben wir schon immer so gemacht. Wo kommen wir denn da hin.

    If you like to hear “frühen” Santana, Foam, listen to Mr. Green. In some of his takes you hear the black magic woman avant la lettre … The Supranatural for example, Amanda pointed this out, ah dear I’m really tired …

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