Clock It Up

Time, timetimetime … it all takes so much time. Reading, writing, reading again, correcting. I went to the library today to have a look in some books I am not allowed to take home, used the free scanning thing (with an unfamiliar interface) and – bamm – three hours gone.
Went home & this and that, finally I used a “free” converter (pdf to jpg) and despite the fact that it was “certified”, or better recommended, by a trusted software site, and despite the fact that I read all the little boxes all by one to avoid unwanted installations, it brought me some super games connection and some “mark-it”-update thingy and other stuff I had to scrap out of the central database. Of course I uninstalled everything after that conversion and my registry is clean as fallen snow now, but again time was consumed.
Do I read slower ? Actually no. Do I need more time to process information – I think no. I do draw more connections while I read and prepare a text, simply because over some time I collected more information, I do not dare to say “knowledge”. In this special case it’s about the history of the city I live in for how-many-years-now-? And again it’s 02:00, two in the morning, and it should not be that late.
All I know is that I feel small now. The time fiddling is not the only reason, but it adds.
When one has to explain relativity to a pupil one can put a mouse on a mouse pad, and move the whole pad. “Did I move the mouse ?”
Did the coursor move ?
Move the mouse on the pad.
Did the coursor move ?
Of course.
So it only moves in the related system. And I do not like the idea to be a splot on a mouse pad that is moved within other people’s time frames. The example limps and hobbles as all examples do, but I hope it is understandable, and not too far off the mark. Maybe the dreaded Frühjahrsmüdigkeit takes its toll too.
This year is moving so fast – a quarter gone and I have no idea what happened. It only can be better than the last rotten twelve months, and I still wonder how I survived all this. I am still living in my appartement, and astoundingly even have the nerve to develop some plans – their realisation is another problem, we’ll face all and everything gradually, as usual.
The best thing so far is my new duvet. It’s very large and warm. And my new pillow is so bolstered that I need to fight it into form when going to bed – this one will stay for some time.
Enough of the whining, it’s 02:30 through ; tomorrow I need to do important things – yoh ! – like get up in the damndarkmorning (Thank You Savannah, a very good word !), finally write something, and meet a lady in the afternoon, who is in real trouble.
All this is just a blog post. Ah my bed …

21 thoughts on “Clock It Up

  1. Do the new duvet and pillow need fluffing?

    PS: I am having Sommermüdigkeit. It was only 82f/28c today but felt much hotter to me. I am dreading the Hellish Summer heat here already.

  2. There’s something about the after midnight hours that makes one very contemplative and think of different things.
    A new pillow and a warm comforter make sleeping in the cold weather much more comfortable!
    I share LX’s dread of the coming summer. Hell is coming!

  3. We know we’re all helpless in the face of time and that so many events are out of our control, but we still keep trying to retain some order and to lead the way. I suppose that’s why sometimes I labour the small stuff – I can make that happen as I wish. Or I think I can.
    About the only genuine time-saving benefit that technology has brought me of late is that every clock in the house except that on the microwave resets automatically after a power cut or when the clocks change. I do have proper wind-up grandfather clocks, but I never wind them, so I’m happy for them to show the correct time twice a day.

  4. Many years ago, when I had more money than I have now, I bought two large duck feather quilts, and they are one of the best things I have ever spent money on. I still sleep under them every night and together with my new futon which I bought in January, I have the most comfortable nights I’ve ever had. Once I turn off the computer of course. Apparently it disrupts sleep to use a computer just before going to bed (but I always do that).

  5. The quarter has raced by, that is true. We moved from mini -spring to full hot summer. Though the night breezes from the sea are refreshing.

  6. I think not yet LX, it’s not clumpy yet.
    28°C does count as Hochsommer here !

    Just after midnight I need my daily qbz-fix, have a look into the news and then finally can visit my lovely bed. Astoundingly I am pretty awake around midnight, the contemplative part would come around three in the morning Eros, but then I’m sound asleep.

    Yes dear Z – these remote controlled clocks are an advantage. Now and then I wear a mechanical wrist watch – just to show. Pure vanity.

    I remember the handmade pillows and duvets of one of my grandmothers, filled with feathers. But they needed these things because winters near the Thuringian forest were pretty cold. I always toyed with the idea of a futon Looby, but the mattress I have does the trick too.

    Thank You LGS. I think the sun rose in my soul – at least it’s not that foggy as it was.

    Oh dear MsScarlet what have you done ? Get rest and all – we are not 38 anymore …

  7. And I thought you had your bush removed in 2010, dear MsScarlet ?

    There is no sandstorm here, XL – ? Should there be one, or is one in the neighbourhood ?
    I once saw one in Cyprus, it was a very impressing and a bit frightening experience. The light today is a bit stingy, and I am glad that I am at home now. I felt pretty shaky through the whole day, always a light headache. I think it is a kind of allergy, everything is blooming now, and especially birchs / Birken throw their pollen around.

  8. I saw on the news yesterday that there was a huge African sandstorm reaching across central Europe and into the UK. Maybe that contributes to the bad air in Franconia?

    Mold and cedar pollen are problems here.

  9. I’m pleased to hear about your more comfy bed. Bed is the best place ever. It is to be enjoyed.

    Yeah, this year is disappearing fast. I can’t believe that it was still light at 8 o’clock this evening. Where’s the time going? Mind you, I’m very pleased I’m not staying at the beginning of 2014. It sucked.

    I really hope Spring brings the shoots of growth of your World Domination Plans.

  10. The sand came here a bit later, Wetter LX, on Saturday. My windows do look grimier than usual now.

    My mouse is not off the wire, but well chained to the blue Angel; and has no balls; it’s black and lives in front of me, because I have to use mousy with both hands – not at the same time.

    Next week some of those world domination plans will be developed, dear Roses. The action over the last days in a way belongs to them too. And yes – I’m going to the best place immedeately !

    Well you know Pinball Lizzard – there is only one answer possible: The live version from the Isle of Wight.

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