Sunday Music

I’m sure it’s still Sunday somewhere. The last days – Sunday too – were busy. Let’s hope that all the dedication leads to something workable.
So without any ado here is today’s Sunday Music, a version of Tenderly (Ger., Eng.) played on a resonator guitar (Ger., Eng.).
Hope you like it, and that we all have a successful week ahead.



9 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I read somewhere that they built a resonator ukulele too, LX.

    Now, imagine what a great version it would’ve been when Sarah played a ukulele, dear Norma

  2. That is a strong possibility, dear MsScarlet, there will be sound when you plug them in and switch them on. I hope you feel better love …

    No sorries, LX. Thank you for the link – I like to look at those things !
    Here are pictures from Bangladesh showing shipwreckers at work – what a job !

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