Sunday Music

A good thing on Sunday is that I do not have to think about a title for the blog post.
It was a nice day for a walk through the city. The Alte Mainbrücke (Ger.) was full of life, a small exhibition in the Spitäle (the old Hofspitalkirche) was not bad ; strolling through the old fisher neighbourhood I realised that there are some lions on the houses.
Like this one:


Lion RIng


He sits pretty high up in the façade of the old women’s prison, an unusual building by Peter SPEETH (Ger., Eng.), a forgotten architect. Today it’s a kind of youth hostel.
Some steps further this toothy one can be found on a lamp post:


Lamp Lion


One has to go through a tunnel and I saw a strange person there. I did not ask what she was doing, crossed my path several times.


Sinister Person


And finally we reach the “lion bridge” – everybody calls it so, and not by its proper name Ludwigsbrücke (Ger.) – where official and distinguished lions reside …


Noble Lion Front


… sitting on their backsides :


Noble Lion Back


Here is Walk Down by Julie DRISCOLL, an old favourite of mine, from her album 1969. (Sadly it cuts out abruptly, a bit of fade would have been nice.)
I hope you enjoy the music ; lets hope for new roads, lets hold the head high !



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  1. During my first visit, I remember encountering two French tourists who had driven their car to the far end of the Alte Mainbrücke, encountered the auto barrier, and were desperately trying to turn around!

    PS: Nice photos btw.

  2. Thank you LX.
    Back in stone age it was still allowed to drive over the bridge, but only into the city, towards the Dom.
    I read in a newspaper that some bicycle organisation wants the selling of wine on the bridge cancelled – too many people, and now and than broken glass, that’s too bad for the cyclists. I still wonder whether it’s a joke or some desperate grab for attention. But before there’s no more wine on the bridge hell is frozen.

  3. Well, I say that Julie Driscoll is pretty awesome.
    On the other hand, that person under the bridge is creepy.
    Thanks for taking us on your walk. I enjoyed it.

  4. I love the “official and distinguished” lion from the Ludwigsbrücke. The haughty and indifferent expression of such a majestic beast has been captured beautifully. Thank you for sharing it.

  5. When I cam to the location where the person stands I had to look at the wall. On the right side are historical window openings, they do not go through the wall horizontally in ninety degrees, but “quer” – it’s hard to describe even in German. I do not know whether the person collected something, or simply had to search for something in a bag ? In the end it surely was all innocent, dear Foam.

    IDV ! What a surprise to see you again : Happy Easter, old witch !

  6. The pictures are great! Thanks for sharing them! I like the weathered bronze look of the lion statues and the ones on the walls and lamp post. Such fine craftsmanship and great quality to have lasted this long and still look magnificent. Artistry like that definitely turn a walk into a pleasant and enjoyable stroll.
    So you met a bridge troll in the tunnel. She was probably hiding from the sunlight–The Hobbit clearly states that trolls turn into stone if the sunlight touches their skin.

  7. Rrroar, dear Austere?

    Glad that you like it dear Z.

    Franconia may be in the deepest South of your mindmap of Europe, dear Mitzi, but these lovely roadside grottoes are found South of the Alps. We have Bildstöcke, Steinkreuze, Kreuzsteine and Denksteine littering the landscape. Bildstöcke play an important role in the religious landscape. Those grottoes, mainly dedicated to the apparition St. Mary in Lourdes, are a new phaenomenon (Mary showed up only 1858), while Bildstöcke stand since the middle ages, Steinkreuze and Sühnekreuze since the high middle ages. I think the lady in the picture either handled a dead letter box, or she took a quick swig of Gin.

    “Bridge troll” is a nice formulation, dear Eroswings, many thanks for this ! Maybe she searched for sun protective lotion or something.

    Vodka fuelled, no doubt LX. Must be the second try, because the gunner’s right hand is already bandaged, but not too many fingers seem to miss. Wonder what they shot & hit, the recoil seems genuine, but he keeps his arm.
    But you see they are weakened by Western civilization, true Russians would produce a nice smoldering crater. Screw Mentos & Pepsi : Vodka & a garbage can do it for me ! Hell yeah – welcome to Lviv !

  8. Wonderful lions, Mr Mags. I should like to pose with one. This is possibly a childish whim as lions remind me of Aslan and I fancy myself as Lucy.
    I too am concerned about the lady in the tunnel, hopefully she will find this blog post and explain herself.

  9. Aslan, Lucy – ? Sorry MsScarlet, I can’t follow you. The distinguished official ones are sitting on large piedestals, so you’d have to climb up there.

    You mean outside “Twilight Groves”, the one-way geriatric retirement home ?
    Speeth’s building was originally a Frauenzuchthaus. Plans date back to 1810, but the construction was stopped 1814, only 1826 the house was completed. I think it served as prison from the 1840s until 1935 when it was turned into a youthhostel (“Jugendherberge”). It’s one of the few buildings that survived the bombing 1945.
    Today its Cafe Cairo.

  10. Indeed she is! I have been reading her books since the eighties as well… used to read them on the train. She is a very absorbing writer… and all her work is well researched.

  11. I too have a stack of floppies somewhere, maybe the very first “paint” painting is documented. They used “reverse engineering”, oh dear, all this effort to recover Warhola’s jokes …

  12. “Everyone’s a genius”, dear MsScarlet.

    I can’t see that this would be bad or unacceptable, dear Z.

    An armadillo ?! WHow. No I have not been on this mountain, LX – too lazy :)

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