Sunday Music

Sunday Music

A lazy Sunday afternoon ; grey, pretty cold & wet ; the next days will be chilly, First of May will see rain, but we are promised that the temperatures rise, a little bit at least. There is not much to do ; have a late cup of coffee, curl up on the sofa, read.
And listen to a little melody, conveniently called Sunday Afternoon, composed by Cyril ORNADEL (Eng., obit) – hope you like it.
The next week is a short one, not much will happen on the 2nd of May, basically the country shuts down from Wednesday afternoon until Monday : No trouble, no bills, no unfriendly letters –  at least I do hope so – for everyone.




14 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Erster Mai – Tag der Arbeit – (sources) and because it falls on Thursday most people take off Fryday and have four free days. And because Wednesday afternoon is also a pretty lazy affaire … I think many people will go for a short travel, many will go outside and start grilling, it’s like a kind of first taste of “große Ferien” in summer, just not that hot.

  2. Z says:

    Gosh, that’s soothing! – very nice. We have the Monday after the 1st May as a holiday, so the coming week isn’t the short one. Have a good time.

    96º in April, LX? Eek!

  3. Thank you Z. Trouble came this morning in the form of a phone call. I’m still upset.

    Good to learn that there’s a man who builds them with proper v-8-engines LX. If it’s good enough for a Corvette …
    Wonder why the police singled out left wing protesters only (at least on these pictures), maybe the far right comrades did not throw things. Yes, there is a hard core. And astoundingly in the East of Europe those groups are growing out of the dirt like mushrooms after the rain. Hungary and the Baltic states come to mention. Isn’t on the RT front page actually now an article about people marching somewhere in the Balticum in honour of an ss-division ? Thank you for the link to “RT”-news, I did not know this news channel. I wonder who is running it ?

    I think there’s always a chilly breeze over the Dartmoore plains, MsScarlet : Thermovests are stylish !

  4. Z says:

    My dear, I’m so sorry. I would like to think that your resistance is low, you’ve reacted badly because of long-term stress, I hope it is nothing worse.

  5. Yes – without Wagenstandsanzeiger you are lost on the platform, Wagenreihungsplan LX. Good that you found it.
    And thank you for the link – very cool people ! I never thought that real painting would come back. Next will be hand-made posters in cinemas. Bollywood still has those craftsmen.

    In other news : It’s a sad day for German motorbiking friends, because Friedel MÜNCH died, at 87. He was a bit of a legend. Back in the sixties he took a one liter NSU-engine*, built a frame around it and put it on two wheels – the “Mammut” was born. The largest collection of his surviving machines is in Speyer Technikmuseum. Always more or less bancerott & independent he used the label “Horex” – forget the new machines (they may be good in their own right), but “Horex” stands for “Imperator” and “Regina”. They had their golden days in the early fifties ; when Benz took over the motorbike branch was scrapped. MÜNCH started with “Horex” and tuned them.

    * He took it from the “Prinz 4”, which especially in the sporty TT version, was called the “fahrende Feuerzeug”, the “rolling lighter”: The tubes of the Weber Sport careburettors were prone to fall off.
    Great little basteds – 500 kg (!) of pure fun.

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