Sunday Music

What a strange week it was. There were some commotions, from that ominous phone call on Monday through strange customers (“Pay ? Why pay ?”) to the possibility of a major repair of the car – each single occurrence is not world-shaking, all together makes me feel a bit rattled. Yesterday I spent basically looking out of the window or playing a silly game on the computer ; I could not scrape together enough concentration to work on a text for the business blog, tomorrow is still enough time for this.
Very fresh air, thankfully sunshine & no more rain, but it’s still a good idea to wear a shawl – Jack HYLTON (Ger., Eng.) is right: Blue Skies Are Round the Corner, hope you like it.
Let’s see what next week will bring, some good news would be a nice alternation.



20 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Yes. I too have had a problem with customers not understanding the concept of payment. Very rich customers…. no wonder they are rich if they never pay!! Grrrrrrrr…
    I will also wear a shawl… perhaps it is time to read Mr Lax’s Tarot cards again….

  2. I haven’t ventured outside yet because of the rain. There is no need today for my Peggy Guggenheim sunglasses.
    But the song perked me up a little!

  3. My father’s mother used to say “Von reichen Leuten kann man das Sparen lernen”, something like “From rich people one learns how to save money”. Nice words and praise strangely do not pay bills.
    Mr Lax’s Tarot cards ?

  4. You sneaked in MJ, while I searched MsScarlet’s for her last reading of Tarot cards, but it seemingly vanished in the mists of time …

  5. I will have a look for the readings tomorrow, Mr Mags… and will also try to catch up with blogging chums. Feeling a little sleepy at the minute.

  6. Last night I slept for nearly eleven hours MsScarlet – no wine, no smoke, just a good old cold. Now it’s too late for siesta, but too early for bedtime., so I’ll trawl the web a bit

  7. Lovely tune. I especially liked the old record player from the 50s.. 60s. I suppose your customers assume you do all you do for free for the love of it. I do assume they sign contracts? Have a nice week with hopefully less aggravation.

  8. This special one had no contract Foam. The last time that such a mistake happened.

    I take the fifth – or is it the revenge of the fifth blau himmel LX ? I am eagerly awaiting Miss Scarlet’s reading !

  9. What reading is this? Couldn’t find anything…though the blog is very beautiful.
    Is that payment thing sorted out? What a nasty man.
    Here we are at 35 deg C, the hometown is at 43… and life goes on…

  10. The payment is worked out – no payment, no more customer. Mr. X ripped us off very nicely, but it’s a learned lesson, dear Austere. As for the readings – MsScarlet now and then has “visions”, guess it depends on her tea …

    MsScarlet has a hand for old fonts. This “Musterbuch” surely is singular LX. Watercolours – I wonder whether one could wash them out … ?

  11. You are sorely missed on my calligraphy blog, Mr Mags. There was nudity today… and apart from Mr Lax there was hushed silence and an embarrassed shuffling of paper. Such is life in the world of tittles.

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