Verzärteltes Pflänzchen

I declare this week closed. Could have done without it anyway. Tuesday afternoon saw an intense discussion in the headquarters of mago inc., I think the result was acceptable for all parties involved. Afterwards I needed a glass of wine and a cigarette.
The special customer (“Pay ? Why pay ?”) shall be cursed – it’s filed under learning costs & is a good lesson – this will not happen again. One should always listen to that small inner voice.
On Wednesday I felt pretty run down, I slept and slept, on Thursday too ; my brain had turned into some mush. It’s only today that I start to feel better, the joints do not hurt no longer, and, most importantly, my eyes are not swollen any more & I can open them: Last night I had difficulties to recognize myself in the bathroom mirror ; and what I saw looked like a B-movie-alien-zombie.
Most time, when not sleeping, I hung around the web playing silly games (gorilla) or scrolling through Amusing Planet or such sites. But due to brain shut down I mostly gazed at pictures and was happy with understanding bold headlines. Today is the first time I went outside, and while the wind is not that cold as it was at the start of the week it bites me – I may have looked very odd with hat, scarf & jacket while others run around in t-shirts & shorts.
So it’s time to try to go through the emails of the last days & generally “to happen” again not on the vegetable-level only. I remember vaguely that things were noted in my calendar, I will at least write it into next week, before I crawl in my bed again.

16 thoughts on “Verzärteltes Pflänzchen

  1. You are not a verzärteltes Pflänzchen. I hope you do feel better soon though! Anyway, if you want, I’ll stick a few pins into my pincushion and while pretending the pincushion is your non paying customer.

  2. This week sucked. It suck big, hairy gorilla balls. And the gorilla had a tummy upset. That’s how much it sucked.

    This weekend, I’m not sure if I want to get dressed.

    I hope you’re feeling better.

    Can we have a group hug?

  3. Oh – die Damrau ! Thank you very much for this Zauberflöte LX – and isn’t it amazing to see how much work it is to bring something on the stage ? This “go” was nearly perfect, powerful – and singular. Now they know that it is possible and next evening they know what they have to reach …

    Next week will be better, dear MsScarlet. We can not allow such things to upset us.

    QUIIECK ! Sei’ vorsichtig ! Our no-payer is an idiot, damit ist er gestraft genug, dear Foam, no need for additional voodoo : But thank you for the offer, maybe at another occasion. MsScarlet is obviously happy with some needleworks.

    Verzärteltes Pflänzchen – the simple part is the Pflänzchen : It’s a small plant, the “~chen” being the diminutive form of “Pflanze” ; like “Stadt / Städtchen” (town / small town) or “Rad / Rädchen” (wheel / small wheel).
    “Zart” is as much as “tender”, “gentle” or “sensitive”; I think there is no direct German word for the English “tenderise” “etwas zart machen”. The verb verzärteln is a bit un-usual and means as much as treat someone or ~thing overly tender, gentle ; make someone used to an overly tender or sensitive behaviour or environment, implying that it is not according to someone’s or ~thing’s nature. For example being too lenient to a child, to an animal (Deutscher “Schäferhund” versus “verzärtelter Pudel”) – I think you get the idea.
    Of course this word intends that the user “knows” what is right and it includes a judgement. So the “verzärtelte Pflänzchen” is used to the warmth of the greenhouse and could not survive out in the rough – and oh so natural – green meadows, woods or wherever.
    No wonder Babelfish or google-translator have difficulties with it LGS & MsScarlet – but I think the “pampered” points in the right direction.

    Roses my love – where have you been, its ages since you gave a sign that you are alive ! I saw you vanish in the gym, jump on your bike, and finally run to the horizon – sounds like “Ironwoman” tri-athlon : You have a lake in Norfolk – or do you have to swim in the Northern Sea ?
    Group hug is a good idea !

    Quiieeck – group hug, dearest Mistress, not group grope …and naturally: Pfannekuchen für Alle ! Excellent idea Zauberflöte LX !

  4. I don’t know how to contact you or even how to use this site. But I am definitely interested in your comment about the Gotty’s (Goethe) I am a direct descendant of the man in question John Gotty he is my 4 x great grandfather. I read your comments and it would be great to have any help. Its as much of a mystery to our family as it is to the world.

  5. Hello and welcome, Pongawhakatihi – thank you for your first comment here.
    It is a sad fact that from all the Goethe scholars not a single one did any research, that the connection of Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Anton and his son (or are there more children ?), your ancestor, was totally ignored. You can reach me via email:
    63mago @
    I wonder if I could be of any help.

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