Sunday Music

It was a quiet weekend, no places to go to, no visits, just reading and sleeping. The attempted walk around a hill was stopped – the wind was too strong over the open fields. It was only bearable in the shadow of a large hedge, these windbreakers are planted again between fields nowadays ; slowly some parts of the Franconian landscape begin to look again like before the so called Flurbereinigung. This was a major planning act and it is in no way bad in every respect, but a lot of the “ownness” of the land vanished, areas looked the same ; now with the re-planting of hedges and other Renaturierungsmaßnahmen it becomes more colourful again, and it is good for all kinds of animals.
This Sunday Music has nothing in common with windbreakers – it’s a simple song composed by the band leader & guitarist Cosimo Di CEGLIE (1913-1980) and PINCHI, the showbiz name of Giuseppe PEROTTI (1900-1971) (It.), sung by Luciano BONFIGLIOLI (1922-1995) (It.). Di CEGLIE is one of the earliest Italian jazzmen and playes electric guitar. In 1963 he published jazzy versions of operetta standards, this may be interesting.
I hope you too used the weekend for renaturation, restoring your usual wonderful self – now let’s face the new week Sorridendo – with a smile.



13 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Oh, who thought that you waxed in the fifties, dear Wachs LX ?

    It will make me dapper, Norma.

    Good to learn that you did wear your clothes outside, dear Roses, it must have been rainy and cold there !

    Great ! The family tradition is alive ! I doubt that Peggy G. would have something against that the site of her grave is used for cocktail parties, LX. But I think she would not have liked that that the park is renamed ; and the names of other people on the outside of the palazzo also would be not to her taste. I wonder if it is correct what the family says, that the collection is turned into a cash-machine for the foundation. Ah, the drama continues …

  2. [off-topic. sorry.]

    Just watched a very interesting TV travel show about Die Romantische Straße. It featured the sights of Würzburg, Bad Mergentheim, Dinkelsbühl, and Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Art, history, and wine, oh my!

  3. For Mother’s day all I wanted was some time to myself, to which I promptly deep cleaned the bathroom and mowed the lawn. Sigh, I am incapable of “just relaxing”.

    In other news, I am reviving my blog. I intend to post a minimum of once a week. My novel had to take a significant, but necessary detour from third-person subjective to first-person point of view, but now I am almost back on track.

  4. The sample chapter of the tx I am/ was doing were rejected after doing the whole book– so I had free time after long and I sat and read…
    Melanie, look forward to reading you again, that burst of positive energy.

  5. Nice smile, Foam !

    Einmal quer durch die Hohenlohe, LX. Did they mention Wibele ?

    Ah yes, the joys of writing …
    Cleaning the bathroom, mowing the lawn – and what did you in the afternoon, Melanie ? Good to learn that you’ll be around a bit more often.

    *gasp* – they could have come up with this a bit earlier, couldn’t they, dear Austere !?
    I wish you all the best in these strange times.

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