Sunday Music

Yes, it was a sun day. The sun comes out, longer, stronger … who needs the “official” start of summer in a month ? It’s now, ice cream time.
I tinkered with my bicycle – that is, I pumped up the tires. Astoundingly the wheels still turn without loud squealing, the brakes work, and I declared the rust to be patina. Unnecessary things will fall off, and I am not that fast any more as I used to be on two wheels.
Customers are in hiding, so I guess I’ll use my remaining time for a spring clean of my residence ; maybe I even can manage to sort my books a bit better, now and then it would be nice to find something. I tried to sell some books, but nobody is interested, maybe I collected the wrong items all my life.
Anyway, let’s go with Jimmy CLIFF (Ger., Eng.), I can see clearly now the rain is gone, let’s identify all the obstacles in our way, and overcome them. I hope you have a good & successful week.



9 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Your imagination runs wild LX – I’ll show some photographs soon.

    I had a bitch of a week, how about a little lamb of a week, just for the fun of it, dear Norma ?

    Hello and welcome MrPeenee, thank you for your first comment here.
    Yes – pretty much so. I hope Fred landed safely.

  2. Wishing you an easy and productive week, dear Mago. Enjoy the sun and your bike. Hopefully not quite as oddly as PeeWee Herman… I never did see the appeal of him.

  3. Yes… let’s have a lamb of a week!
    Some good news is that my non payer paid. Received a cheque this morning after a stern was sent to them about adding interest for non payment.
    Should I get a bike? You have given me ideas.

  4. Thank you very much Austere.

    I am not too familiar with Herr Hermann, I only saw some clips on youtube. But I think he is funny in his own right. Yes, easy & productive, that would be nice, Ponita !

    Congratulations, dear MsScarlet. Our non payer vanished in the woods. May the bears have a feast …
    A bike is nice to have. I am in the happy situation that I can roll down the hills to the city, and go back to the top of the hill with the bus ; it’s comfortable this way.

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